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  1. Here are my 2 cents: Regal Princess is my absolute favorite ship (going on her for the 9th time in March). We have cruised many Celebrity ships, both Millennium class and Solstice class, most recently Equinox after refurb. You would be hard pressed not to have a good cruise on each of these lines, but I think you really should try a Millennium class ship at least once. They have the traditional feel to them with great layouts. We had no noise issues staying in the Aqua class staterooms and I highly recommend them for the chance to eat in Blu.
  2. Back in my day, we bit both ends off of a Twizzler and used that as a straw. 😉
  3. Thank goodness for the Elite mini bar set up.
  4. Because of everything you have written here, I am positive we would be best friends.
  5. I came specifically to this board because I am looking for the exact same experience (see my thumbnail). I was wanting some kind of catamaran excursion to Cinnamon Bay or Jost van Dyke. If only we were on the same cruise!!!
  6. I may not have seen you at Crooner's yet, but you sure are someone I want to cruise with!
  7. You got me excited thinking you heard something about a sale. Now I'm just disappointed 🙀
  8. How about trying Bellini's for cocktails? It's now in a bigger venue and I've always enjoyed their drinks. I wonder if the menu is limited like on Regal...
  9. Thank you for sharing this. I'm always looking for more cruise videos and i can't believe I missed this one.
  10. You are not alone in this. I don't even like Buffalo wings and never order them, but when I got a whiff of someone else's plate at Playmaker's, I decided to order them anyway. They were so flipping good even though I hate all things hot and spicy. I got over that real quick.
  11. Thanks for the update. Now that I've read about your experience, that is exactly what we are going to do next year!
  12. Supposed to leave on Mariner Friday. We live in the Orlando area, so we don't have the worry of extra travel, BUT we are leaving behind our teenage kids with my elderly mother. We cannot just take off when their safety is at stake. This really BLOWS!
  13. We've been sailing Princess with our boys (now 14 & 17) for many years. For them, it is a great fit. They are not into rock walls and zip lines, only the occasional sporty things. My youngest is interested in elevators and gangways (weird quirk) and he loves to film them and put them on YouTube. We have found that there is plenty to do, but if you have more active teens, it may be more of a challenge.
  14. The decision to throw away 8 grand is a classic example of biting off your nose to spite your face. This actually pains me if it is true.
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