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  1. Can we wear shorts on the dinner flight? Asking for a friend.
  2. I’ve been thinking about this since the announcement. I still have no clue! I mean I would have picked Mariner or Navigator 🤷🏻‍♀️
  3. I have come to learn that yes, we in Florida appear to be living differently than other states. Everything is open. Masks may not be mandated, but every establishment that I have been to over this whole pandemic requires a mask to enter. The only time I've seen people without masks was last weekend when I made the mistake of visiting I-drive where the tourists are in Orlando. I never go there and I was shocked at the amount of people congregating without masks.
  4. My husband said he tried to do that, but it is too early 🤷‍♀️. Also, I should not assume things because I thought the airport and the wharf were in close proximity. Yikes I hate the thought of having to secure transport.
  5. We are going to fly in the day of. I really like the late departure time.
  6. Wow that is high. I mean, I'm gonna purchase, but still!
  7. I miss cruising so much too. I'm now in crisis mode since I may have possibly run out of cruise videos and vlogs to watch. Now I'm just watching them all over and over again 😢
  8. I'm so disappointed in this news. We were going on the Sky in September.
  9. Ouch 3?! I've only had one cancel (2 days prior) so far. It really is a sad year.
  10. I just keep waiting for them to cancel our Sky Princess sailing at the end of September from NY. I am crossing my fingers, but am prepared to come up with a plan B instead.
  11. Us as well. I guess we will go with plan b and save the PTO
  12. Frankly, I am relieved. I needed someone to save me from myself. I swear I was going no matter what.
  13. Thank you for letting them know about this.
  14. I'm one of those people 🤭 BUT if they do change embarkation ports to somewhere else in FL, it's not a big deal for us since we live here. I think we are dead in the water though.
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