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  1. I told myself I wasn’t going to ask people about the Nieuw Amsterdam or this itinerary. I was just on the Eurodam last year, and I’ve been to all the ports. I almost made it. The roll call was my first stop, but I see posts about 2017? So here I am. Who are your favorite staff members on this ship? Cool things you’ve done on board that I might miss without your insider information? And you can use this thread to drop off any questions I can try to answer for you while I’m onboard. I’m no POA, but I do have a good team and some time for research.
  2. We all got complete sets (6) on the Eurodam at Christmas last year. They will even wash them for you! And get you the box they come in for storage. We make cordials at home when we miss the ship. We leave Sunday on the Nieuw Amsterdam, have to decide if we go for additional sets!
  3. Hi All, Deciding between two different weeks on the Eclipse and that is the difference in ports on day 3. We are two couples in our 30s who are more interested in nature than history. Opinions on which is better? What have you loved? Thanks!
  4. Hi Friends, We will be in St. John on 12/30 (through Celebrity's St. John on your own excursion) and are interested in going to a beach that would have kayaks available, as well as a great beach and amenities! We have never been and are super excited! Thanks for your help!
  5. Hi Everyone, We are a party of 5 with a ton of luggage, and would rather just pay extra to have secured airport pickup rather than take a taxi when we arrive at 3 AM. (I know they are reliable and always there). We are staying at LaConcha, and I found VIP Limo PR as an option suggested by one individual... but I wanted to reach out to others, as the last thing I want is to have a problem at 3 AM. Who do you suggest for van transportation for us and all out luggage? :D Thanks!
  6. Muster on the summit is at 7:45PM, in case that is your ship...
  7. I was able to get some from a member here from last year (if you search you will see her email address), but new ones would be fun! 22 days for us:D
  8. Hi Experts! I have a few questions after reading through everyone's posts and reviews. Thank you for those, as well as any additional info you might share! Always love to hear about anything else I might not ask as well!:cool: 1) Can our onboard credit from Celebrity be used to purchase an internet package? 2) What brands of bottled water are covered by the premium beverage package? Any amazing drinks you'd like to share? 3) Where did you spend your day time on board? Worth paying for any upgraded areas? 4) Times/cost/packages for the spin class? 5) Any nights/events that you think a 30-somthing or 40-something would LOVE? (Dancing, comedy, etc). 6) Any bartenders or other service folk that blew you away? 7) How about wine/liquor classes and tastings? Anything that was AMAZING? 8) Great or horrible menu items? We Are in a 1B cabin, so no access to the suite areas. 9) What was that thing you found on day 6/7 that you wish you found on day 1? Thanks Again!
  9. Hey Everyone-- Docked in St. Thomas from 8am-4pm with a bunch of other ships next Wednesday. I would like to visit St. John. I know there are 2 ferries from St. Thomas. Friend and I would like to spend the day at the beach. I get a little anxious at the thought of not making a ferry because it is full due to all the ships in port... Those of you with experience... 1) Where do you suggest? 2) Experience with the ferry? Thanks :)
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