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  1. Welp, I registered again (3rd time,) and the email came almost immediately. Guess 3rd time's the charm.
  2. I registered for today's webinar but never received another email with a link. Did anyone else get an email? It looks as there is a link on the registration. I will try that or try to watch it after the fact.
  3. We have several fully vaccinated friends who are now infected. Some are not doing well, but not hospitalized yet.
  4. We have done inside, oceanview, balcony Concierge, and Sky Suite. It depends on the cruise length and pricing. We book early, watch the inventory, and watch for price drops. We were once called and offered a $250 pp upgrade to a guarantee suite from our favorite Sweet Sixteen balcony. Not knowing what suite was being offered, we turned it down. Our butler was a ghost on our one cruise in a suite on Century during the ship's last season after being sold. The room was in need of an update, but the balcony was amazing. No special restaurant or retreat, so our experience is not compar
  5. Ture, and we found a great military discount price for Alaska that did not include AI. And of course, there is always the Simply Sale price that does not include AI.
  6. Not only do we fly a couple of days early, we also arrive at the airport with lots of time to spare. We like to get checked in, have a meal, find some water and snacks for the plane. We once had family members who arrived an hour before a flight and missed it because of long TSA lines. They were on standby for three more flights before they finally snagged one. Kudos to the Disney Cruise airport team for finding their luggage from the missed flight and getting them to the cruise ship before we sailed. My sister once got got stuck in a terrible traffic jam in Atlanta and missed a fl
  7. Not noisy, but very handy for an extra restroom. The room is usually booked quickly. We did hear noise from the hall on occasion, but we always do when noisy passengers are passing by.
  8. We love 3112. It has a little extra room in that you enter from the end of the hallway rather than from the side of the hallway, making that end of the hallway part of your room. Our stateroom attendant told us daily that the room was wider than the others on the hall, but I am not sure of that. The rooms on that hall used to be part of the public area and have huge windows. The mid ship elevators are just around the corner, and the aft elevators are at the end of the hall. We were next door to public restrooms which we never heard, but the extra restrooms come in handy. We were vey close to s
  9. The Whitepass train tours out of Skagway are wonderful. We usually take a bus one way and a train the other. As far as the glaciers go, you will be able to see well from your balcony. The captains usually do a complete turn of the ship in the bay, so everyone gets a great view. I have not looked at the offered tours for next year, but we had booked a cruise line tour to get on a small boat and motor around the ice floes and glacier at Hubbard Glacier for cancelled 2020 and 2021 cruises on Millie. The first 8 M-class forward balconies on deck 6 have double-sized balconi
  10. 😉Put your vaccine card in a lanyard, and wear it around your neck for all to see. Sorry, I couldn't resist.
  11. We stayed in 3112 in 2019. In our experience, there was quite a bit of foot traffic in the hall. It is the only passage between the Guest Relations/computers/shorex and 3rd deck midship elevators/stairway unless you are able to go through the convention center. We only heard voices of those who were laughing and/or talking loudly which we always hear in most any location. I did hear water running in a sink next door one time in 2 weeks, but the closeness of the restrooms was a plus for us. We loved the room and location, We have booked it for a B2B in 2022.
  12. Full disclosure: I do not think our price was a "Simply Sail" rate but a military rate promotion. I cannot find the promotion on the website, but it shows up when doing a mock booking. The military discount is larger, and no perks are included. For some, the value of AI is more than the discounted price we received; however, with Elite perks, we are happy with the discount.
  13. We called when we saw a price reduction on our July 15, 2022, Millie Alaska cruise that did nor show the Always Included price when doing a price check on the website. We were able to reprice without the Always Included, with a refundable deposit, a larger military discount that did not show on the website, and pay our own grats. Our Elite benefits provide all the drinks and wi-fi we need. We kept our booked stateroom, and final payment date of April 16, 2022.
  14. We received10 points also and did another pup quiz that I found in my junk mail yesterday. 29 points to E+.
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