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  1. It would make up for not receiving the points for watching the Galapagos seminar.
  2. I received the email at 12:02 and registered but did not receive the promised confirmation email.
  3. We brought over-the-door hooks from Target and put them on the framework around the desk area. We found one with 3 hooks, and it worked great to catch bags, jackets, etc., after the elimination of the wall hooks. Happy sails to you!
  4. I noticed that all the Sweet Sixteen verandas were blocked on the May, 2022, Alaska cruises were opened. I checked a favorite European TA site which lists available staterooms by category. I found that all the Sweet Sixteens were available. Then I went back to Celebrity's site and worked through a reservation until the category page came up. Then I clicked on the blue letters in the top right corner of the page that say "lookup stateroom." Then I typed in the number of the stateroom I wanted. The stateroom popped up with a price.
  5. I am using Edge. When I sign in, it does not acknowledge that I have done so. I go to "already booked," and click on cruise planner. It will bring up my name and status, but says I have no cruises booked. I wait a couple of minutes, and magically my booked cruises appear. In trying to do a mock booking, most of the cruises I am following do not offer me Elevate and Indulge and ask if I want to pre-pay grats. It is impossible to check pricing accurately.
  6. We only use Celebrity's site as a guide. The price is usually different when we call or book through a TA. Additional discounts are sometimes found by the Celebrity reps when we call. We are currently following pricing for 10 cruises on the Celebrity site including two cruises that were just released last week. I have noticed that Celebrity is using "new math," and I have noticed that only one of the 10 cruises offers me "Elevate and Indulge." I am even asked if I want to pre-pay grats. With the exception of two cruises that were only released last week, all of the cruises offered
  7. Vaccines are arriving at local hospitals this morning, and those working in COVID wards are starting to receive injections. It is a start., but it will take a while for it to trickle down to the majority of us. Still staying home and staying safe.
  8. We are on the 5/21 Millie. I cross my fingers every time I check for a cancellation email and/or check on-line to see if the cruise is still available. We booked at a great price with all the perks and have a wonderful cruise tour to Glacier after the cruise. Was the Eclipse 7 nights? If it was longer, did Celebrity lower your price for Millie to make up for the day(s) lost? Hope to see you in May!
  9. We did our submissions last evening. No problems. We selected cruises we already have booked for 2021. They are certainly on our wish list, as we do not expect them to go, as things stand now. Used Microsoft Edge.
  10. Yes, May 2022 Millie has a full slate of Sweet 16's available, but the Celebrity site did not show them until I typed in my desired room. We have not decided if we need to lift and shift yet, but we probably will.
  11. I was looking at Millie, May 20, 2022, and found no Sweet 16's available. I looked on a German site that shows many more available staterooms than Celebrity's site. I found many of my target staterooms were available on the German site. I returned to the Celebrity site, hit the back arrow when the staterooms did not show up, and clicked on the blue letters in the top right corner that invited me to search for a stateroom. A box popped up that allowed me to type in the stateroom I wanted. The stateroom I wanted is available.
  12. I tried to register as soon as I saw it--less than an hour after the email arrived according to the time stamp. It was already full.
  13. Sadly, no. My Gen 3 tells me it cannot support it. Otherwise, the devise works well. I am not ready to replace it. Thanks for the encouragement.
  14. I can no longer access roll calls with Safari. Edge works on my lap top, but I prefer my iPad.
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