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  1. Keep checking your cruise planner on the web site. When the cabin is assigned the number will pop up there. You can then call and ask to be assigned any other cabin available in the category you were assigned. Have a great trip!
  2. We would also recommend RomeCabs. We used them from our hotel to the cruise port. We used a hotel shuttle from the airport to our hotel and to get into Rome for lunch and a little bit of exploring.
  3. Update: Saturday morning, I called to make a payment on our 2020 cruise. I asked the rep to do a price check because I understood that the price I was seeing was incorret, and I could not get an accurate price on the website. The rep asked what I was seeing. I told her. She said that was not what the line was offering but wanted me to take her through the process that provided me the price. I did, and she saw what I had been seeing. The rep consulted with a supervisor who gave me the web-site price and left the extra perk in place that the rep had given me the week before even though the web site only showed two perks with the price. I was willing to give up the third perk for the lower price, but they apologized for the inconvenience and made me a very happy customer!!! Sunday morning, the website was corrected, and the price I received was only available with one perk, but the deposit is still listed as "refundable."
  4. My move-up bid offer was showing on my Cruise Planner with the opportunity to amend the bid, make bids on other categories, or to cancel the bid. After I read this thread, I went to the Cruise planner and found the entire link had disappeared. The cruise is sold out and occurring in 3 weeks, but the bid link had been there even after the cruise disappeared from the Celebrity web site.
  5. It should be on your invoice. It will be abbreviated. For example, ours says the following: 3PERK BEVOBCGRT meaning we have classic beverage, OBC, and gratituties. If the grats are pre-paid there will be an entry for the grat charge and an entry for the grat deduction. Happy sailing to you!
  6. I did an Internet search of New Hampshire on-line cruise agency, and one came up. I am not sure if it is the one the OP referenced, but it had the info mentioned. I also tried the one with city and travel in the name and got the same information. It is very interesting to see 12 different ways to book the same cruise with the amount added to the bottom line for each offer. The non-refundable deposit offers for our 2020 cruise were the best deals with $0 added for perks.
  7. We'll be getting off when you are getting on. We'll keep a light on for ya!
  8. The only option I am seeing on the website is a refundable deposit with two perks. The price is $200 pp less than what we have booked with a refundable deposit & two perks. I was told that what I am seeing on the website is not accurate and offered an extra perk without raising my price. The first time I called, I was offered the NRD with 3 perks for a higher price. I have always handled my own reservations with no problem, but it is becoming very confusing!
  9. Yes, I was told yesterday morning that the lower price was with the non-refundable deposit. I checked the website last night. The deposit was listed as refundable, no risk. I called again and spoke with a different agent. The lower price on the website was not honored, but I was given an extra perk because I only had two. The new promo is three perks. I have given up perks in the past for a good price reduction if the reduction was more than the cost of the perk.
  10. I saw a price reduction of $200 per person on the web site this morning for our 2020 Alaska cruise. I called and was told that the price with two perks that I was seeing on the web site was a "non-refundable deposit price." The cruise is a year away, and I did not want to switch to a non-refundable deposit with the cruise so far out. After reading this thread, I did a mock booking again, and the web site definitely quotes the reduced price I saw this morning with a "refundable deposit." I called again, and the rep said there was no possible price reduction for my booking at this time. He did say I was entitled to a third perk with the current promotion at no extra charge. I accepted the extra perk.
  11. We cruised B2B from Buenos Aires to Maimi in March 2017. Many people added other cruises prior to our sailing with cruises to Antarctica and Brazil scheduled prior to the BA/Valparaiso cruise. Great itineraries and we did see Penguins in March although perhaps not as many as in January. The biggest perk of March for us was being able to add the second cruise to sail through the Panama Canal and back to Miami avoiding a long flight from South America, but the ports were equally fun and exciting on the second leg.
  12. We have a bid in to move from an OV to a FV for our Summit October Canada/New England cruise. I am sure if a human at Celebrity looked at our bid they would laugh because it is more than $1100 per person less than the current rate for the last available FV although it is $100 pp over the minimum bid. The extra space would be wonderful, but we are not holding our breath. We do check prices/category availability every morning for that cruise and other cruises we have booked, but we are expecting to cruise in the OV in October and enjoy it. Safe and happy sails to all,
  13. According to the link, it should be on our sailing in October. I hope the schedule is correct. I copied the wrong post. Here is the correct one: The list of cruises on which the ABT is performing is here: https://www.celebritycruises.com/promo-controller?promo_type_id=51&promotion=lto_51
  14. The Oceanview has fantastic large tortilla chips in the bread section. I know they are not potato chips, but they are thin and crispy.
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