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  1. So, I went back and read the OP's post in this thread and in the other thread he started with the same topic. One thing that I noticed is that he says he booked this cruise in the US but is now in Europe. NOTE, he did not say that he was "LIVING in the US" when booked. My point is, he may have decided to book while in the US for a previous trip (cruise, vacation, business or whatever) so that he could take advantage of the differences in refundable vs non-refundable options that also exist between booking in the US or in the UK. This may have saved quite a bit of money just as booking non-refundable hotels can save and I can understand wanting to do that. So, this all may be the result of finding a way to navigate the system for one's benefit but then complaining when the plan blows up. Just a wild thought I wanted to share. Happy Cruising to All Jed
  2. First to answer 3rdGenCunarder, taxis from port to airport are all metered and as mentioned it is usually $20 or less depending upon traffic. Second, I would just like to add some information so that nobody is too surprised. We returned to Port Everglades on Friday, Dec 20 and there were a total of 7 ships (I believe that was the number) that returned to port that day. We got outside the building and I began the Uber process however, I stopped dead in my tracks. It appeared that since there were so many ships in port, it turned a short ride into surge pricing. The quoted price for Uber from terminal 25 to FLL was about $57 (yes, you are reading that correctly). Needless to say, we walked over to the line for regular taxis, waited our turn (maybe 5-8 minutes) and were in a cab to the airport. The total on the meter was about $17 The bottom line, Uber is more often than not a wonderful option however, those few other times it is not. Hope this helps Jed
  3. Just one reminder---- we got off ship on Fri, Dec 20 and there were 7 ships in Port Everglades that morning. We had no issues with customs, etc (used Celebrity Luggage Valet service). Disembarking was delayed by 10-15 minutes because they had to reposition gangway. That did not cause much of a problem either. One thing that was very eye opening though was the Uber pricing due to high demand. It was about 8 AM and I went to book Uber except the rate they wanted was $57.00 for Uber Comfort (not luxury, or XL). Considering that Uber from airport to the Embassy Suites was $15.40 for the same class of vehicle on Sat Dec 7, we opted to walk to the regular taxi line and were in a cab in 10 minutes as well- the meter was about $17 because we found every red light on the way (we were at Terminal 25). The bottom line is very simple- be prepared to go either way-- cab or Uber and make a decision when you get the pricing By the way, in the past, we have gone through customs, etc and been through security at FLL by 8:30 AM with no issues. Jed
  4. Once again, the only thing I can report on and speak to is our experience which was in a fact a conversation with a supervisor in the terminal who told us that we could drop off bags. She went further to say that the Reflection is the ONLY ship for which they hand out the cards in the terminal. ALL other Celebrity ships (according to her) now have your card keys waiting in your cabin. The bottom line is that we boarded the ship, went to our deck and our cabin. We did in fact see a few crew members in the hallway and none of them said anything to us about this nor did they look at us in any way that would make me suspect that this was not accepted policy. Or, in other words, believe what you wish
  5. Yes, on Reflection. We were on Dec 9-20 and in Concierge Class although that does not matter. The hallway door was closed but we were told we can drop off carry ons which is what we did. Easy boarding as usual, just dropped in cabin and went on our way. We did receive our card keys in terminal and ended up with lunch in the main dining room because the Oceanview was a bit crowded and we did not want to deal with looking for a table Jed
  6. On 12/24/2019 at 11:16 PM, Luvcrusn said: Am I correct in thinking that carry on luggage could not be left in the room before rooms were ready then? You are not correct at least from our experience. We boarded on Dec 9 and were in fact able to drop our carry on items in the cabin before rooms were ready. Spent 3-5 minutes, dropped carry ons, put valuables in safe and then left the room for our steward to finish. This was a very nice change from previous- made it much easier to walk around the ship (and find familiar faces at the important places like the Martini Bar!!!) jed
  7. We used SAS quite a while ago (almost 6 years) - they picked us up at Ft Lauderdale Airport and we were brought to our hotel in Miami (took a cab from Miami hotel to Miami Port) and they were scheduled to pick us up at ship in Miami and take us back to Ft Lauderdale Airport. Unfortunately, we had quite a bit of snow in NY area the day we were to return and flights were cancelled. We ended up having to cancel their pick up early that morning and they were very understanding- no problem with the late cancellation. We ended up staying in Miami when we got off the ship because the best flight change we could make at the time was an early Sunday flight from Miami. The bottom line is that they were very accommodating and I would have no issue using them any time. Hope this helps Jed
  8. Suzy, Thanks for your info however I believe the issue may in fact be operating systems. I posted from a Mac using comic sans which is in fact very simple and straight forward (see screen shot attached actually of your post appearing on a Mac) It appears my friends that we have uncovered yet another little glitch with the "New and Improved" CruiseCritic coding. I appreciate the input but am also very aware of readability issues (that comes from 45 years of work experience) The bottom line, Hopefully the point has come across that I appreciate what Steelers0854 is doing for us and the time he is spending while on vacation Jed
  9. Steeleres0854- thanks for taking us along and for all of the information and photos. Although we are leaving on the Reflection in 3 weeks, we will be on the Summit for the repositioning trip back to Bayonne on May 2 as well. Have not been on the Summit since Dec 2017, before the refit/refurb/update or whatever you want to call it. After seeing your photos and all of the information you are providing, it makes me look forward to this trip very much. Hope the rest of your trip is great. Thanks again for all the info and pics Jed
  10. As a matter of fact, YES! I doubt I am wrong when I state that there are quite a few people like myself that used to cruise on Holland America but for one reason or another began cruising on a different line. After having cruised with other lines for quite some time, we may be interested in getting on a Holland America ship again but, I am also interested in seeing what loyal customers think about the product offering so that I can weigh what I see written and decide if I want to see for myself or not.We have not been on a Holland America ship since 2001 and I am now looking at their product again. The bottom line is indeed very simple, as others have said. If you're not interested in the topic, just skip the thread. Or, perhaps let people know why you are (or are not) pleased with the product. Thanks for your understanding why this may be important to others Jed
  11. OK, for what its worth, here is my thinking. We are boarding the Reflection in early December and although I am confident we will enjoy ourselves, we will most likely not be happy with some changes. Such is life, you can't always have things your way (I learned that a long, long time ago). Now, a large portion of the changes have happened under the guidance of LLP who has been in her position since December of 2014 (I believe that is what her bio states) which means she will be reaching her 5 year mark as the "Big Cheese", "Big Kahuna" CEO or any other title you may wish to bestow. After working for some large corporations for quite a few years, what became apparent to me is that the CEO's take the position and work it for several years to put their mark on it. Then, after they have alienated a portion of the customer base (or employee base in some instances) they take their "Golden Parachute" package and move on to their next mission. My guess might be a Golden Parachute in the not too distant future with a new leader changing things to their liking. Just a thought Jed
  12. Thanks again for all the suggestions. Finally came to my senses and just booked a flight out of JFK instead of Newark. Although it is a bit longer ride, once we are in the car it really does not make much of a difference (especially on a Saturday morning). Just spend 15 or so more minutes getting to the airport as opposed to dealing with an extra 45+ minutes ride once we are off the plane. What ever in the world was I thinking! thanks again Jed
  13. Cruisestitch, have a great trip. I'm just following along-- we board December 9 but this will just make it a bit easier to be able to wait until then. I'll live vicariously through your trip for now. Thanks Jed
  14. Great........ Finally, a use for the small bit of duct tape (a few feet wrapped around a small core) I bring along on every cruise. I can tear a small piece off, double over one end and attach the other. Voila, a Handle! Thanks, my day is now complete 😊 OK, actually, this is good to see. We'll be on the Repo from San Juan to Bayonne and now look forward to Captain Matt. Of course that is along with the refurbished Summit itself. Jed
  15. Thanks Marco, skrufy and John, this is pretty much what I expected but had to ask. This also gave me some time to think this through and have found some alternatives which are probably a wiser choice even if it does mean leaving out of JFK instead of Newark. That gets the nuisance out of the way up front instead of after we land. Thanks again Jed
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