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  1. Well, MSC surely knows how to move cargo. Now in the passenger business, they seem to be crowding more and more people on bigger ships. Makes it harder to present a seven course menu, especially to 5400 guests like on Seaside, where the menu has been greatly curtailed compared to our first MSC cruise on Poesia.
  2. Well for the extra $1000/person/week in YC you should be pleased. Basically, MSC is cramming cattle on a cargo ship and selling vacations at a discount. Perhaps YC is the way to go?
  3. We are hoping to find nice coral formations to snorkel from shore. Does anyone know about this?
  4. Well, it is confusing. We booked Fantastica and were given the "All In" package promo, but were refused the vouchers expected with Fantastica.
  5. That would be a huge leap of faith. Once when we disembarked Divina in Miami, our luggage tagged the night before, was no where to be found until the terminal was quite empty, and it was found in the wrong area, color taqs and all!
  6. that is the photo i saw. much nicer than the trundle "double sofa" on celebrity silhouette.
  7. I have seen a photo of a sofa that pops up to make a bunk bed, however it its up to you and your TA to confirm, assuming you have a TA, get it in writing. Many agree that MSC,s website in confusing and often wrong. Maybe try researching cabin photos, and maybe ask the expert "Skier52"?
  8. Premier Cruise Parking at 250 SE 3rd Ave, MET3 ramp, still does not have enough vans to pick up on busy debarkation mornings. Talked with three couples waiting for over an hour curbside. Better to Uber/Lyft back to the ramp, only $7.
  9. Premier Cruise Parking, yes. Not sure about Whole Foods. Booked direct with the owner, not Global Parking who has disappointed us in the past by overbooking.
  10. Love/Hate MSC. Been burned when they changed the rules, and dropped us as repeat cruisers. Came back after boycotting for four years, trying other so-so mass market lines, two of which burned us as well, and have our next two booked with MSC again. MSC provides an average good value (cheap for a reason), but poor customer service, and no old fashioned loyalty. Sad that so many posters have attacked the OP. After all, this is "Cruise CRITIC", not cruise cheerleader.
  11. OK, just my opinion, but if you want some fun, South Beach is "it"upon arrival. Maybe a few more Uber dollars to the port, but definitely "Miami". After all, the ships don't leave too early like an airplane when you are going home. But if you are driving, that is a different matter, especially regarding park n cruise deals.
  12. So if anyone is interested, the MET3 ramp off-site (covered w/security) has dropped their rates. We booked a week with shuttles for $60.59. Will probably use Uber/Lyft debarking. Just cant swallow $22/day at POM.
  13. I was told today by a Norwegian rep than Sun daily gratuities would increase to $15 effective 01/Apr/19 ??????
  14. What is the difference in the respective daily service charges? Also, do you pay a gratuity for every "open bar" order?
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