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  1. Aft deck 13 per POST 4/ Riclop. Shortened. Subject to water from above.
  2. It is not just YC in Miami. Miami is a ****hole with arrogant customs officials who are all unionized and have no report. Europeans may be accustomed to public employee malfeasance, but US taxpayers are correct to complain.
  3. Yes, we just can not imagine cramming into an elevator with twelve strangers even if we all wear masks. Ships are just too crowded. We are finding other adventures with less crowded venues. Maybe in another year when there is a proven vaccine and/or herd immunity.
  4. It has been said before, your best option is to dispute the credit card charge.
  5. Having sailed many MSC cruises out of FL, Poesia, Divina, Seaside and finally Meraviglia, we found Merviglia disapointing, mostly for the lack of dance venues. While architecturally remarkable, the Galleria is unique and marvelous, perhaps the most stunning shipside architecture we have experienced, there simply was not a great dance venue going, like on previous MSC cruises. Even the staff agreed. Perhaps it was due to the eastern european music director who was a great musician in his own right, but perhaps uneducated in Caribbean music?
  6. This a good topic, hope others will respond. Personally we have no desire to cruise in the near future, however we miss the opportunity. MSC is lacking in hygiene but still a fun experience. Difficult to dismiss.
  7. Glad you are happy!
  8. Refunds are still slow to non-existant. Please let us know if you have received yours?
  9. Well, having loved MSC and been unrequited when they changed the Club Rules, we would have been Black Card now. But, knowing that MSC is just looking out for nobody but themselves, not even customer loyalty, we are convinced they are still a CARGO line. And I say this hoping they will listen...and invest in their customer relations.
  10. Well, glass boxes or whatever, just can not get excited about cruising again until there is a vaccine or something. Every cruise has close quarters, and if you are older or compromised is it worth the risk of death?
  11. lucky 'brits have more consumer protection.
  12. Seriously? How can you verify this info? Sounds like the time Poesia ran aground years ago. Is this storm related?
  13. Does anyone know if the ships sailed away, or could they ride out Arthur with engines at anchor?
  14. Yes, you can show up anytime, but be prepared to wait in line.
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