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  1. We were on this sailing. Didn’t hear about it until we got off the ship on Sunday. The ship was late leaving Roatan on Thursday. So sad.
  2. I contacted Paradise Beach and they do offer transportation. Might be a good choice. Thanks
  3. West Bay is our plan for Roatan so we are looking to do a day pas on our own. I know it’s going to be crowded and that’s ok. Looking for recommendations for non ship excursion resorts on West Bay that offer day passes.
  4. Thanks Clara. What a great thread. I had seen it but didn’t realize how comprehensive it was.
  5. First night menu is different than the others, right?
  6. Trying to reserve speciality dining. Can someone please share MDR menus? Thanks
  7. Are you planning this excursion through the cruiseline?
  8. Getting off Allure, I know the port is not far from the airport but has anyone done a flight as early as 11am? Is it too stressful?
  9. :mad:We just received notice from a tour operator that our July 5th excursion has been cancelled because Allure will not be stopping in Roatan.
  10. Atlantis said they allow bookings 90 days out.
  11. I booked the Hilton Marina for the day before our cruise because it was close to the port. I did look at the Hilton Beach resort. We will be arriving early the day before the cruise so now I'm having second thought about what we will do all day at Hilton Marina and we're will we go to diner without a car. Thoughts? How much is the taxi from Hilton Beach Resort to the pier?
  12. Kurdos on an excellent review. Loves the detail and pictures. We are sail the Oasis in July and will definitely try 150 Central Park. Was it the best meal you've had at sea? We thoroughly enjoyed Remy's on the Disney Fantasy. What land restaurant would you compare it to? Can't wait to try it. Thanks again for the great review.
  13. We have the Hilton Marina pre cruise and the Embassy Suites post cruise. What should we do about transportation? There are 12 of us so renting a car like I usually do is more complicated this time.
  14. I'm assuming that the wristbands were for the now defunct upgraded buffet. We reserved a cabana for our July cruise but haven't decided who in our group will use it. Has anyone had an experience with the 6 max guests?
  15. No sure if I can. They charged my on-board account. We had 2 cabins and we did sail with me and my DH in one cabin and my DS in the other. They charged my on-board account not my credit card directly.
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