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  1. I’m in a bind to book quickly for a July 2019 cruise. I have 20+ cruises under my belt but never Celebrity. I honestly don’t understand the categories. I usually book Veranda but would be interested in Concierge or Infinity Balcony but I don’t understand these categories. I’ve spent a couple of hours researching but would appreciate it if my friends on this board could direct me to the information.
  2. So you wouldn’t suggest staying in Zurich for one night? Flights to Newark out of Basel are at 6am connecting in Zurich. I was thinking of taking the train to Zurich so that we can fly nonstop to Newark. Would love to visit Lucerne but it’s another hour from the airport.
  3. Our return flight to Newark, NJ is from Basel connecting in Munich. We are staying overnight after the cruise but I saw some posters say that it’s not a good airport to fly out of. What are the recommendations to avoid Basel airport?
  4. We were on this sailing. Didn’t hear about it until we got off the ship on Sunday. The ship was late leaving Roatan on Thursday. So sad.
  5. I contacted Paradise Beach and they do offer transportation. Might be a good choice. Thanks
  6. West Bay is our plan for Roatan so we are looking to do a day pas on our own. I know it’s going to be crowded and that’s ok. Looking for recommendations for non ship excursion resorts on West Bay that offer day passes.
  7. Thanks Clara. What a great thread. I had seen it but didn’t realize how comprehensive it was.
  8. First night menu is different than the others, right?
  9. Trying to reserve speciality dining. Can someone please share MDR menus? Thanks
  10. Are you planning this excursion through the cruiseline?
  11. Getting off Allure, I know the port is not far from the airport but has anyone done a flight as early as 11am? Is it too stressful?
  12. :mad:We just received notice from a tour operator that our July 5th excursion has been cancelled because Allure will not be stopping in Roatan.
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