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  1. We were on an aft facing PH on 8th floor last November. We could definitely feel the vibrations but it did not keep us awake or bother us too much. We would do it again.
  2. DeepFreeze: Thank you for your review. We were on the same cruise. We were also on the same excursions as you in La Coruna & Oporto. Overall I agree with everything your said (especially about the grand staircase). I was able to use the new cruise excursion audio system, without too much trouble. Captain and crew were all the best and did everything we asked and then more. It was a fantastic trip with the exception of missing our connecting flight at Gatwick after our Barcelona flight was late. This, of course was not RSSC fault and the airlines put us up at the Gatwick Hilton and paid for all of our meals. We made it home to Florida the next day with no problem.
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