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  1. NCL escorts their guests in groups to The Haven. Once cabins are open to enjoy one is free to go to it. Ditto for port access and disembarkation on last day.
  2. I think there was some pot smoking going on that was observed or smelled or reported. That the person reports to be from a state where marijuana is legal is moot. Pot gets on board all the time and has for years. I don’t think anything here was random. They may have taken lavender oil because they thought it was something else. At this point in my life, and with how messed up the world is, these kinds of stories are time wasters. I have no desire to keep an open mind and I could care less what any of it’s really all about.
  3. If you go to the website they have 4 categories of cruise types for easier selection, and one of those radio buttons is called Family Cruises. Check it out!
  4. I did not like the RS, I will take the CS any day over the RS. On S class.....
  5. Did you say anyhting to the staff?
  6. The thing with low blood sugar is that one can pass out without any assistance. It's such as shame that the distrust has been put into play because of people who work the system for thier own agenda.
  7. I think that they are promoting a Family Friendly experience to attract Families.
  8. No, the issue is lying. The liars are simply justifying why they do what they do.
  9. I don't complain about it, you should learn how to read and interpet better. But the fact remains there is a cost and fear associated with leaving pets behind, just like parents of children feel, and I suspect that some guests find ways to avoid this reality in terms of cost and angst. Kids can sail free and parents sure do captialize on that! I suspect that parents of dog kids are vying for a similar equality in order for them to have their kids tag along too. (Note peepool if you can't comprehend this simple stuff and continue to misread and antagonize me then I am going to do something about it.)
  10. You are off the frigging reservation. What do you think the reasons are that people use... I just gave you a few. I board my dogs. THREE OF THEM. Do you have any idea what THAT costs? I dont think so. So just stop.
  11. What on God's Green Earth are YOU talking about to ME???
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