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  1. Cruise ships are far from Baby Proof or Idiot Proof. From all the How Could this have Happened News and Law Suit noise in these parts in my television world on this topic, lm of the opinion that this could have been avoided if the caregivers were more vigilant about what this little one was doing. Again, ships are not Baby Proof. Does anyone in their right mind really think they are?
  2. We noticed on Summit that they have them in placed in the cabin corridors. I would check wth the cruiseline to determine where they have them placed as it seems this is an expanded item for them, it is not a published life safety item as far as I can tell from our recent Summit cruise in any notificatio document. But in any public environment it is not usually stated where they are. If there is a genuine need/concern: I am not sure if/where they fall under the Good Samaritan 'rules' as they seem to in the US so I'd be very curious to have it on the table what the cruiseline follows for guidelines for distances to equipment so that no one assumes anything about the AED's based on this thread which is anecdotal in nature, IMO for responses about locations, response times by staff, etc.
  3. We enjoyed both and as a result of all that's left, do enjoy Sushi on 5, probably more than Bistro. There are some fantastic options on the menu and we are fans of what is on that menu along with the embarkaation opportunity and the the quiet ambiance for dinner. Of course we do recall when Celebrity had rolls out at the buffet at exactly 5pm at no cost, but in the end we enjoy this similar expanded venue as well on NCL, even if at a cost.
  4. Hcat, finally. Happy Friday. IMG_1493.m4v
  5. Systems furnitue as you recognize it like office cube, in this instance it seems like office cube more than it did before due to finishes I suspect, but the upside is much more drawer space IMO. You will be OK I feel. You might be inclined to think functionality is pretty good too once you utilize. Circulation space inside cabin is pretty good. Came home with pneumonia, still recovering. Still trying to find a now-to get video uploaded of fitness equipment for you but brain is still a bit foggy.
  6. I don’t think the minis are new. Our was very warm, we didn’t use it at all.
  7. From my perspective having utilized it, the furniture is systems type, which is pretty much what was there before, and I’d expect to last just as well as anything before it and in any other of the ships. None of it felt poorly made or flimsy. It seemed quite durable. Doors and draws were quite solid when opened and closed. Nothing felt cheaply or poorly made.
  8. I'd like to mention that all of the partitions appear to be new post revolution. Not saying that as a result they can open, I didn't look at that aspect so I cant comment if anything has changed in that regard, just noting that they appeared fresh and new.
  9. I liked that these were behind a private portion. I thought the entire set up of the Cafe was wonderful with the high communal tables and the perimeter ledge seating.
  10. One of the things I noticed while on board was new signage throughout the ship, there is really no more ‘ you are here’ kind of wayfinding so it took us a little bit to get used make to what direction to take, (on NCL we follow the fish) but the app helps for locations on the deck plans. Some of the signage has these whimsical stick figures that made me smile. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Hello! I wanted to take time about Tuscan since we were on this ship before it was installed pre revolution, and have been in Tuscan on the S Class ships only. This is was a much different experience in terms of location and in terms of menu. We truly enjoyed our dinner here this time, more so than any other time on the SClass ships were we did eventually opt to no longer go. The menu has changed from then until now and we see this as a betterement, it would encourage me to consider if back on S Class. The room is very comfortable, it was very full, we had a stateside reservation for 6:30 that we changed to 8pm, and it was very robust at that dining time. The service was outstanding, we had a waiter who has been with Celebrity for 20 years and will be off in May and will return to Edge under new contract when his vacation is over. Who ever has the benefit of his service will be very fortunate indeed. At meals end the Chef offers everyone a glass of homemade Limoncello, and that was quite a nice touch. We both enjoyed our dinner and do recommend it on board this ship.
  12. Someone had asked about the grill area in the rear of Oceanview Cafe. Yes it is is still there, from what I see there is a square flat top grill and a square grated grill. Chicken, pork and mini-steaks which to me look like mini- ribeye steaks are what are offered buffet style from the few times I have looked. I have seen nothing grilled to order.
  13. From looking at the ship at a distance from the outside, I believe they are gone from all, but I can’t speak to what may be window fashions on the cabins in the suite classes. We liked them too, but are under the overhang from Deck 10 where the impact of sun filtering needs would likely not be as great as the aft cabins. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. This was in the daily delivered last evening! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Prices are nuts. Specials are few and far between we found. Yikes!
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