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  1. Well I saw this earlier today too and thought pretty lady but just paid attention to the content and learned what coding is now that I concentrated on your post since I glossed over the info in the barrage of daily and ongoing social media. Every day is an opportunity to learn something more, to me at least. Thanks for getting me to stop and smell the roses.
  2. Maybe the thing to consider is his to manage the air flow on the pool decks. Is it by Louvers or some other method? From my perspective in certain climates it’s necessary for cross breeze and air flow as much as possible. In this world Today we seem to be needing to be protecting ourselves from our own feeble and worst selves, so what can be engineered into the window wall system to allow for the ventilation needs and protection from openings at heights that can create deaths from heights at the same time. Granted that there are many open decks on a ship with less restric
  3. And how do they now cope with what can’t be refuted if they believed all along what they were saying as a coping mechanism. It breaks my heart. And I just wanted to share that part if it. The part that my heart breaks for all of them.
  4. If that’s true and the evidence supports that he knew the window was open it’s so Painfully sad that these family members have been in such a state that the alternate reality has been their truth. I’d pray to never be in their shoes with each segment together and and odds spiritually. Such a tragedy.
  5. Have not been on the boards in a while but news came into my newsfeed on this topic a short while ago. Not sure if anything was posted in the past few hours and potentially removed due to controversy. I’m not looking to start controversy but the findings by the cruise line were substantial and I’m wondering if anyone saw them. I’m not trying to start conflict. I promise! So please tell me if I need to ask to get this post deleted for fear of causing drama. Or if I’m late to the dance and missed something today already that may have been moderated.
  6. The absolute best. I will go where he is, his professionalism and demeanor made our October cruise the best of any over 30 plus years. Thank you for this information!
  7. Does anyone know where or what ship Concierge Patrick Berido from Escape has or will be going to?
  8. A beautiful child is gone, because of regrettable actions of the caregiver at the time. Its a tragedy for that entire family. I think this needs to go away from media, social media, and be resolved outside of the public eye for the childs sake.
  9. I may have to invoke my cancel for any reason now that I’m hearing this....😎
  10. Where may the games be broadcast, if anyone can comment on if big/championship games are broadcast, and what if any are the viewing locations/venues while on board. We are bringing team colors. TIA
  11. I suspect that no matter what you wear you will be recognized as a guest on the ship and not an employee. You might not be recognized as well dressed or best dressed, but to each his own.
  12. Moderno. Its a fill up at the salad bar and then all the Churasscaria goes by the wayside. BUT, the Pineapple is to die for. And so is the lamb.
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