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  1. I recently spoke with a crew member I know from PI. She told me many of her colleagues are being recalled. She hasn't received the call yet, but it sounds like NCL is gearing up for some cruises around the first of the year. I doubt NCL would go thru all this expense and trouble without some pretty strong evidence they will be able to board passengers.
  2. You can't squeeze blood from a turnip. NCL is currently a turnip and probably will be a dried up old turnip in a year or less.
  3. Since we are approaching 1 year with no cruises, all certs should be automatically extended 1 year. Anything else is greed.
  4. This is all a pipe dream. No new ships will be ordered or delivered for several years, if ever. NCL is broke and teetering on bankruptcy. They have milked every last dollar they can from their 'loyal' customers with the phony FCC's and delayed refunds. For your convenience of course. Their only remaining option is to start selling ships.
  5. Always have been, always will be. Humans, not sheep.
  6. You mean like the common flu vaccine we have that is very ineffective year to year?
  7. Footloose cast version 1 on the Joy were phenomenal. Also saw version 2 and it was quite a let down.
  8. You have just been NCL'd. For your convenience of course......
  9. Shhhh, NCL doesn't want anyone looking behind the curtain.....
  10. Anyone with any common sense knows that NCL has inflated their prices right now to soak up all the FCC's in circulation. If they can get some ignorant people to book at these ridiculous prices, even better. The majority of people booking cruises now, that may or may not actually sail, are using their Monopoly money, aka, Future Cruise Credits.
  11. I love how they give you a FCC but it has to be used within 1 year. NCL probably won't even be sailing any ships within 1 year from now.
  12. Honesty and veracity are not NCL's strong suits.
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