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  1. AKA, a strong flu. If you are vulnerable, stay home. The rest of us need to live our lives.
  2. And that number of Chinese virus deaths is still lower than the total deaths in the US from the common flu in the past 2 years. Just a little more perspective.
  3. Nope, its a ploy to get people to burn their FCC's. They have a limited window to do so. NCL is jacking up pricing to reduce the real value of said FCC's.
  4. The problem is that is a 2019 mindset when cruising was very popular. We are entering a 2010 redux when cruising isn't so popular and people don't have the money or the will to cruise, unless it is dirt cheap.
  5. Hopefully I will get my refunds in the next 18 months.... For my convenience of course.....
  6. Get a good TA. They offer better amenities and lower prices than any PCC.
  7. I am looking forward to sailing on the Carnival Getaway sometime next year.
  8. Thanks China, with honorable mention to Cuomo.
  9. So they know how much extra to charge you for the numerous 'upcharge' items.
  10. The ships haven't had any new people for almost 2 months and are probably cleaner than most hospitals. What would they need to distance themselves from?
  11. The problem with NCL is 4-5 months from now does not look for them making ANY money. If/when cruises start again, so many ships will be filled with FCC delayed cruisers yet NCL will have all the tremendous costs of operating ships with crew and passengers. I just don't see how NCL avoids some form of bankruptcy.
  12. NCLH is burning about $250 million/month. They are projected to have about 5 months before bankruptcy is imminent. This money will merely allow them to hang on for a bit longer.
  13. Let me help you out. Reducing the number of 'free' specialty meals will then free up more reservations for suckers paying the menu charge. Most people see the menu prices as beyond ridiculous considering the food and service you receive. Therefore, more 'paying' people into the restaurants isn't going to happen. NCL's attempt to gain another nickel and dime won't be very successful here.
  14. Like anyone would actually pay those ridiculous menu prices in the restaurants. Overpriced Arby's at best.
  15. You do realize about 98% of people cruising on NCL don't read these boards right?
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