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  1. Just booked today I am sure others must have booked.We are Tony&Jane from Downton, Salisbury about 20 miles from Southampton.We did a similar cruise about 4 years ago and enjoyed it.Will have to see what new protocols will be brought in.
  2. There is a discount on back to back we have done several and not been offered it but last week a Celebrity rep said we got 32£ And it appeared on our booking invoice,can’t remember if it was on each cruise or per person so ask Celebrity you don’t get any on board spend .There is a lot of inconsistency!
  3. We are in U.K and booked direct with Oceania for a cruise on 12 August and cancelled on 24 March got deposit back in our credit card account on 10 April so no complaints from us
  4. Our final payment date is 27 June on the original booking and the email received this morning so that is not a good excuse
  5. We received the same email this morning and I checked our original booking and the cancellation terms were also changed.i rang them and they said ignore everything in it but would not put this in writing to me I will be emailing them to confirm,if I was foolish or ignorant enough to pay and either of us cancelled I would not get my money back and would get a f.c.c which would have meant we had made an UNSECURED loan to Princess which would be convenient for them but not for us.
  6. We did this trip a few years ago,when we arrived in Quito we found that KLM flew direct but it looks that you may be doing that.We hired a private guide that was much cheaper than Celebrity it was just us 2 with him.If you want his details ring us on 01725510533
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