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  1. PirateWife


    Azamara today referred to the cancelation of cruises as an inconvenience. Like others we booked 2021 cruises on our last cruise carefully booking between obligations. Azamara took my deposit money less than one month ago. Now the transatlantic cruise is cancelled and I find out on Facebook, not from Azamara or my TA. My TA had not been notified by Azamara when I called her and she was told by Azamara that notifications would be sent out tomorrow. Azamara can do better than this.
  2. There are tables and chairs pool side at the Pool Bar and at The Patio that are not low and easy to get in and out of.
  3. Just returned from a cruise and noticed some changes from previous cruises. Daily fruit baskets in your room are not provided unless asked for. This is stated on a sheet of instructions given out at embarkation but, according to the customer service rep, 100% of the passengers did not read it, including me. Laundry coupons are no longer provided. Complimentary laundry is loaded to your account if you are an LCV member Explorer or higher. The ship's WiFi instructions to create an account do not work on all cell phones and will require a visit to the ship's IT expert. According to the IT expert, this is a problem with the program.
  4. I laugh. Yes, you can have a mixed drink or beer. The only time we ate at the Chef's Table, the overseer was horribly rude because I was not drinking the wine she was pairing with the various courses. I am allergic to white wine and do not drink a lot of red wine. She was not going to accept that. Finally, another diner told her to stop insisting I drink the wine. We haven't eaten at the Chef's Table again.
  5. I think what you are saying is that you have OBC that you have received from booking bonus and promotions. Certainly you can combine it with your onboard OBC. I like using the pre-cruise OBC to book excursions before sailing.
  6. Have done several trans-oceanics cruises and they are my husband's favorites. There are multiple trivia games--last cruise had 15 teams of 8 people each in the Progressive Trivia, lectures, demonstrations, classes--bridge, painting, and the like, music, exercise classes, tours of ship. There are plenty of things to do. There are no water slides, climbing walls or zip lines.
  7. I have never known of a Cabin Crawl on an Azamara Cruise. Cabins are not very large and halls are not meant for large groups. One of the funniest places to meet people is in the Self-Laundry room. About 6 people can fit in there but there are always more that join. While you are waiting for your washer or dryer to get done, you strike up conversations with others and have some good laughs. It is also the place to get info about what is going on that isn't published in the daily newsletter.
  8. There are robes and slippers in the staterooms.
  9. I know you can get all the water, juice coffee, and tea you can drink. Not sure about the sparkling water. I don't buy the upgraded package and have never been thirsty.
  10. I have tried for 5 years and numerous cruises to get on the mailing list. No luck. I just have to constantly check to see what specials and new cruises are available and any changes. Not a good system.
  11. When we sailed on the Pursuit there was not a clock or binoculars. The clocks that Azamara had on their ships were impossible for the average intelligence passenger to set. I think we could get binoculars on the ship. We were told passengers kept taking them. White Night out on the deck is awesome but noisy. Sorry you didn't get to experience it.
  12. My husband and I have done multiple Azamara cruises and I don't think there is an average passenger. There are those that stay in their room and come out for meals and those that join in in everything. Some are social and some stick to their small group. Most are happy to be cruising. We have traveled with lots of solo travelers that particularly like the community table at dinner in Discoveries. Average age is probably 50-80 but we are seeing more young couples lately. Roll calls are more active if someone is on the cruise that likes posting stuff but the lack of activity may be due more to not having private tour guides for Antarctica.
  13. The last Azamara cruise we took, we were able to book an Azamara shore excursion on the day we disembarked. Our suitcases were stored on the bus and, after a tour of places we would have not been able to go to otherwise, the bus returned to the port and we got a transportation from the port to our hotel.
  14. If I haven't said it before, again, make sure you download the Azamara app before sailing. The Pursuit used this and in the future the two other ships will be using the app to show passengers their onboard charges, scheduled activities, restaurant menus, and much more. It doesn't show how many minutes are left on your wi-fi account. This was only available by going to Customer Service when the IT person was available. It doesn't allow you to book activities. You can use it without using wi-fi minutes but this is not clear in the info available. This means everyone walks around with their cell phone or tablet on--often while walking around and not looking where they are going. I was told that there are problems with the app by the IT expert.
  15. Thank you. That was the info I needed.
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