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  1. We chose the FCC, as we are ok with our cash on hand and think the 125% is a more than generous offer...can't wait to cruise again.
  2. It is confusing being that MSC picks up at every stop... pretty sure it will be cancelled as we are cancelling, but figured I'd ask.
  3. We were supposed to be leaving Barcelona on April 3rd 2020 aboard the Grandiosa, when I look at cancelled cruises, I see the Genoa to Genoa Grandiosa cruise on March 28th is cancelled... being that we are one of the stops on that cruise ( on the 5th day ) should we assume that our cruise is indeed cancelled...confused.
  4. In December we had several coffee / hot chocolate beverages each day that were included with our easy package.
  5. I have noticed in some reviews where the Grandiosa has missed some ports due to winds or weather, my question is I thought that MSC takes passengers on at most every port which would lead them to let off at every port...if you get on at a port and they miss it when they come back around, what happens or if you were supposed to board and they don't stop....confused?
  6. We found the service quick at the atrium bar , the marketplace bar and the chocolate bar...didn't find wait times bad anywhere really, but we didn't hang at the pool so that could be another story.
  7. We like to book direct with MSC , then transfer the booking to a T.A.... we receive any bonus that MSC is offering and then upon transfer, we receive any bonus that the T.A. is offering.
  8. we have saile 3x on MSC 2x on the Divina and once on the Seaside, we have also sailed RCCL, CCL, HAL, NCL,Princess, X and even the Big red boat with Premier Cruise Lines... we love MSC for the differences ...the way we look at things is once you've been to a port more than once what changes....all of the major cruise lines are offering the same old thing with the same passenger makeup and the same Americanized private islands....We now cruise MSC not because they are better but because they are different.
  9. With the exception of the buffet and main dining rooms, you will have to pay for any other food venue... definitely more of an international feel and to me more layed back as there will not be someone hawking drinks when out on the decks. We have sailed NCL a few times, but it has been years and now find the MSC is our go to cruise line.
  10. There is a coffee bar on the Divina, or at least there use to be...we haven't sailed her in a few years.. the Piazza del doge and Café Italia were good spots for a cup of Cappucino ...
  11. When we were on the Seaside we were able to get any coffee at venchi with our easy package, that did not have gelato or alcohol in it, there were quite a few delicious coffee concoctions there...
  12. Thanks for all the help, walking isn't a problem for us it's just when I started doing some research Marseille was the port I started with and wanted to be prepared before going forward...e.g.: whether to do ships excursions (not usually for us) or get lost in the local culture and architecture (more our speed) I am sure I will have more questions....thanks for being an awesome community!
  13. We will be taking our first cruise in the Med this Spring and were wondering which of the following ports will require us to take a shuttle into town... Barcelona, Marseille, Genoa, Naples, Messina and Valletta.... also would a taxi be more affordable for a group of 4....thanks in advance!
  14. Thanks for sharing, love the picture across the lagoon of the ship! We had a blast on OC , can't wait to go back ...
  15. We were charged for Heineken on OC because it was in a bottle and not draft...just know they will charge you if you order something that is the same product but served the same way...
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