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  1. I thought they were pricey for the length of time we are in port too. The only excursion that has a beach stop available through NCL is the Kon Tkik Beach and Sightseeing tour. Everything else that is comparable says it's "available" for me, but "unavailable" for my family. I'm sure it's because I've been dragging my feet to book something. LOL!
  2. Thanks for the review! We are Gold on Carnival and are sailing NCL in a few weeks for the first time. Granted, it's on the Epic, which is either a "Love it" or "Hate it" in the reviews I've read. It was great to read your opinions between the two lines. We can't wait to experience the differences ourselves 🙂
  3. Welcome back! Very good review! We sailed on the Fantasy over NYE and had a blast! We've loved every Carnival cruise we have taken and it's the only line we've sailed so far. I'm curious....After cruising other lines, what do you think Carnival does better than the rest and what do you think they can improve on? We are doing a Norwegian cruise in 31 days (can't wait to be in warm weather!) and friends of ours are getting married next year on a Royal Caribbean cruise. I'm always interested to hear about other's experiences/opinions :)
  4. I guess I was raised to say “Thank you” when someone gives advice when asked. Especially on a site like this. No worries though. Now future cruisers will know that it is on your boarding passes and tags after reprinting (Thank you, Bernard) and they will also know that it is on your S&S card for use on the ship (i.e. priority tendering, customer service line, debarkation, etc.) I mean, who wants to carry around their boarding pass to prove they’ve purchased it while on board 🤷‍♀️ Enjoy your cruise!
  5. We did a NYE cruise for the first time this past year and LOVED it! Our 20, 15 and 12yr old children wanted an experience instead of gifts, so it was a win-win for us for sure! We are planning to make it an annual trip...with or without the kids. The whole cruise was very relaxed and the ship went all out for NYE! Our first cruise with Royal won't be until next year, but I'm sure they make cruising over the Holidays very special for their guests. I hope she changes her mind 🙂
  6. Thank you! I kind of thought that too, but oh well. It won't stop me from helping others if I can. I hope you have a good cruise, Cruisegoer.
  7. Since you asked how anyone would know that you purchased it, and someone already addressed that it was on your boarding passes and luggage tags, I thought it would be nice for you to know that it is also noted on your Sign & Sail Card once you're on the ship. My bad if that is something that you already knew.
  8. It’ll also be in your Sign and Sail card when you get on the ship
  9. We always buy a bottle (or two) of vodka through the Fun Shop before our cruise. Since lemonade and juice are free, we are all set! Enjoy!
  10. We probably would stay on the ship as well it wasn’t our first time visiting. There aren’t too many options through NCL for this port, but think we’ll take a closer look at them. I don’t want to stress about the ship leaving us behind 😉 Thanks so much!
  11. Thank you for the information! We are on the Epic (assuming she’ll be good to go) and our other stops are Tortola and Great Stirrup Caye. I’m a little hesitant to book an excursion with the events that have unfolded over the last few days though. I sure hope everything gets worked out on the ship. 😞
  12. Are there any more suggestions for such a short time in port? Any input is appreciated 🙂
  13. How did you get there from the pier? Our ship is only there from 7am - 2pm. There are 5 ship scheduled to be in port that day, However, I think we are the first to arrive. If you took a taxi, could you tell me how much it was? Thanks so much!
  14. I have a wonderful list to try on our March 30th cruise now! Thank you!! :)
  15. How fun! We wanted to surprise them with this one, play it off like it wasn’t going to happen because the cruise was sold out. We were going to make towel animals out of beach towels and wrap them up with their boarding passes. However, one of my good friends blew it and said “I’m so excited to dog sit for you guys while you’re on your cruise 🤦‍♀️ Oh well! Lol!
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