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  1. I started looking at the Windstar excursions. It looks like you can do the same snorkeling trip from two different stops. Is this one: Tahaa: Coral Garden Drift Snorkeling (Strenuous) 3 hours - Approximate Tour Departure 8:15 AM • $0.00 $135.00 Ride by covered motorized boat to the west coast of Tahaa to discover the beauty of the island. You'll leave the boat and walk across an uninhabited motu(islet) off the coast. Start your snorkeling experience from the other side of the motu, and your guide will lead you as the current will carry you through the shallow lagoon on t
  2. We will be doing the 11 day Windstar Star Breeze Tahiti & the Tuamotu Islands cruise this October. My wife and I are experienced snorkelers and, in fact, are PADI certified scuba divers. However, we gave up scuba several years ago as our age, the hassle of dealing with the equipment, and the ever rising costs seemed to make the cost benefit ratio tilt back to snorkeling. Anyway, the descriptions that I have read about the ship's snorkel excursions always talk about the importance of wearing water shoes. Aren't people wearing fins when snorkeling? I can swim a lot longer with fins than
  3. I'm not an epidemiologist, but I do have some experience with infectious diseases having practiced pediatrics for 39 years. If you are asking when the cruise companies and/or the politicians say it will be OK to cruise, then my guess is as good as anyone else's. If you are asking when I will cruise again, it will be when I am immune to this virus, either by a vaccine or from getting the disease and surviving. Now, that may change if there are good treatments discovered or if the virus miraculously disappears with warm weather or something, but I am not hopeful for either of those scenari
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