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  1. lagoon380

    El Cheapo Cruises Thread

    Just booked this one, looking forward to getting back on the Spirit.
  2. lagoon380

    Accommodation for White Bay departure.

    Last time we cruised from White Bay we stayed at the Metro apartments, it's a very short walk to the ferry wharf.
  3. no azipods just props and rudders
  4. I heard it was a prop shaft issue, they seem to have done some sort of repair in Noumea as her speed has improved.
  5. lagoon380

    rough weather

    I got off the Eden on Friday, 8 hours late due to the rough weather, 6 - 8m seas and 50 - 60 knot winds, ship was down to 7 - 10 knots speed. We still had a great time, although only 2 sunny days on the 10 day cruise, worst weather we have had on any of our 9 cruises.
  6. lagoon380

    El Cheapo Cruises Thread

    I have been watching that cruise just in case the price dropped but didn't expect it to drop that much.
  7. lagoon380

    El Cheapo Cruises Thread

    Pacific Eden 22 May 2018 10 nights from $359 inside quad, $410 Oceanview quad
  8. lagoon380

    Pacific Jewel in drydock

    It's not just rust, the areas have no metal left so just plugged up with some type of filler and painted over, it's ugly and in plain sight in public areas, not a good look.
  9. lagoon380

    Pacific Jewel in drydock

    The cabins weren't too bad but what really needs attention is all the corrosion around windows and open deck areas, just painting over it just isn't good enough, really makes the ship look old.
  10. lagoon380

    Pacific Jewel in drydock

    She needs a lot of work, hopefully they do a good job on the refurb.
  11. That's a shame, really enjoyed our 3 day cruise on her recently and really liked the smaller ship.
  12. lagoon380

    El Cheapo Cruises Thread

    Sydney to Adelaide, 06 February 2018,3 Nights, Pacific Eden Just booked this $119 p/p Balcony twin, $150 p/p Balcony triple :D
  13. If your cruise includes The Conflict Islands then I would choose PNG, Conflict Islands has the best snorkeling, far better than New Caledonia. Here's some footage from our last visit there.
  14. It's the best snorkeling spot that you'll find out of any of the islands, swim out to the drop off, lots of life out there.
  15. I think the ranking is from the post cruise survey they email you after your cruise, I know the staff are rated by this, the highest score at the end of the year gets 24 or 48hrs off and if I remember correctly $5000 bonus too.