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  1. Ask the taxi to take you to Karakter Beach Bar. They should know the area. Have fun!! Glad you were able to come up with a plan!
  2. $15-$20 for 1-2 people each way - although that is just an estimate. We haven't used a taxi in SXM in a very long time. We always take the bus as it costs $2pp each way. But the buses are harder to find at Karakter/Mary's Boon area. You would have to walk about out to the main road. The taxi will pick you up and drop you off right there.
  3. This is the view from behind Turquoise Shell Inn area looking towards the airport. Simpson Bay area is about 15/20 minute bus/taxi ride from the Phillipsburg (although I would allow an hour to go back just in case!). From the road side you kind of cut through and there is a beach that runs from the bridge that opens into the bay (Yacht club area) all of the way to the airport. About 2/3 of the way towards the airport is Mary's Boon and Karakter Beach Bar. Both have chairs/food/drinks. Karakter is right at the other end of the runway from Maho/Sunset Beach Bar. As the tides flow so goes the sand and comes the seaweed. Sometimes its worse than others, but we always like it in this area. It's usually a little bit quieter than Maho/Mullet area. Good company, good food and you can still experience the airplanes.
  4. I personally wouldn't spend that much on it. I've done it and also done the ones at Labadee and two in SXM. The three lines are fairly underwhelming for that price, especially if you like to go fast. The lines are aimed more towards being family friendly.
  5. Maybe head to Pinel island and instead of the ferry - kayak over? We always like Simpson Bay Beach - the area of Karakter/Mary's Boon.
  6. Yes you can take the local bus - to Maho from Philipsburg. Depending on when you are there - peak season vs off season traffic can be very different. Also the time of day makes a huge difference. It can take 15-20 minutes or it can take 45-60 minutes. I would allow at least one hour to get back and keep in mind that you will still have to walk back to the ship from where the bus will drop you off, which will take another 15-20 depending on how fast you walk. The buses do not leave right from the port area. They leave from Back street behind the area of Diamonds International.
  7. My husband and I have been on the one at Loterie Farm and Pelican Peak but not done the flying dutchman. Pelican Peak is steep and fun. And it is very convenient to the cruise terminal. It is very walkable. You can prebook on their website where they also have the walking directions. Basically you exit the cruise area and start walking like you are going to go to beach area. Along the way you look for the large blue landing area to your left. I'd very much recommend Pelican Peak! From doing land visits I know you need transportation to and from the Flying Dutchman and that it takes longer. It also is more expensive, although you do get more than ride (I think three in total).
  8. I'd message them on FB to double check. Probably the easiest way to get a hold of them
  9. I think the "they" they speak of is the work crews who have been clearing the sand off the road periodically in the past couple of weeks as the ocean keeps bringing it back. It's quite amazing the difference a few days can make in the amount of sand back on the beach.
  10. Yes they were affected by the hurricanes. The casino has re-opened and so have some of the shops and restaurants. IMO there isn't much there that is worthwhile to do for shopping, better to have lunch, maybe watch JB come in then head back to Philipsburg to shop. Remember you need at least an hour to get back to Philipsburg from Maho.
  11. The majority of the planes do not land until after 12-1230. You can see the schedule of what is arriving/departing at https://www.sxmairport.com/flights-info.php For example today - the first big plane a Jet Blue does not arrive until almost 2pm.
  12. The local buses run from Back Street. Find the court house/Diamond's International area then head back behind the straw market area and turn left. There isn't a designated pick up/drop off spot. You flag them down much like a taxi by a wave. Some will take you to Mullet Bay - just ask. Some will stop at Maho. It is walk able but there are no sidewalks and you are cutting through the golf course from Maho to Mullett. The trick won't be getting there - its finding a bus to bring you back. Price is $3 ish per person I believe.
  13. Yes they run from Back street. Yes you need a bus that says Maho for Toppers.
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