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  1. Do the excursions get refunded same time as the cruises or are they different times ?
  2. I was liking 7 or 8 only thing with 7. Can the deck people see you from above if your on the rail and 8 was afraid of noise. But will there be any ? In cold weather do they still setup lounge chairs. Or can u hear all the poeople up there for Alaska that would be viewing
  3. Can u add some advise? i see in pics that the lower floor your go the more others above can see on your baconly? 7and 8 have the largest balcony’s so I assume 6 5 4 have larger rooms? 8 is fully covered from element but does it also keep sun out which we may need for warmth? and is 8 bad do to so many people standing on pool deck viewing on an alasaakn trip. Not worried about pool don’t think that will be open which deck is best and why. like a lot about 8 for the privacy but worried about the noise above and no sun? So will stay colder during the day if it’s sunny also I hear the rooms are slightly larger on other floors?
  4. Niagara wine I’m in same situation may 9 got the same letter. I call Hal. Answered in 20 seconds (not to busy) Sounds like they just don’t want you calling yes they offer a refund but I paid with gift cards so refunds would be on the original gift cards. They don’t even send new ones How old school are they. And still won’t say they are canceling because they want you to cancel so they can offer you less they really push that u cancel when you speak to them also excursions are gift cards and that is a whole ordeal as the gift cards must match exact amount for each person not total price for excursions I had such trouble with them , they even gave us 200 obc for the trouble, well will lose that also if we start over next year. anyway with Royal now coming out and canceling till past our cruise time it’s time for holland to do the same but there not the airfare I’m in the same boat. Yes they are giving vouchers but you have to use southwest anyways 1 yr from purchase date well if I only can travel once a yr and have to wait till next May. I’m out of the time zone if you bought insurance ( what a joke that is never again) they don’t cover corona as a excuse and can’t get your money back from that so that’s a grand out the door for my party of 8 holland your gonna get a lot of money from the government so pony up and do the right thing already before u lose live long customers
  5. Could not agree more. Get with the program hal heck I don’t even want any cash back just want to chancel and rebook for next year make the announcement already
  6. If I cancel before they cancel it won’t I lose my money as I do not have any info about a even credit. As I am way past final payment
  7. Because I’m still willing to go on the cruise if they set sail since they are not saying anything yet. I assume it’s still a possibility
  8. Yet you don’t worry ever year when so many more die from the flu every single year and even more get it and just get Ill and don’t get a flu shot? if your healthy it’s just like the flu. Everyone has there opinions and will not agree so maybe we leave it at that as this forum is not for this purpose I guess
  9. Sorry but I’m not on the scared to live my life train as u must be. Life hours on. THis is media blown up many past viruses were way worse and we went on with our lives. Even the president is talking about stopping this lockdown madness by easter you are untitled to your opinion as I am also. just asking for an update. And yes planning a vacation for May somewhere else maybe even in the national parks in a cabin if I have to. But can’t lose more money while they hold on to my current money
  10. Ok Hal. It’s been two weeks now since all broke loose your emails state Alaska cruises in May stay tuned while we work on current cruises don’t call us n cant wait till last min to find out we been canceled have to make other plans for different type of vacation Do the right thing already and send info on if Alaska’s or Seattle or what’s doing on with Canada and the laws around there closure I see glacier bay is closed till July ? Does that include cruise ships or just land type tours i understand the let’s be kind and wait but a lot of us suffer from anxiety and need some type of info or update or final decision so we can carry on
  11. Same here with southwest. We are so mad as southwest is acting like there are going such good things for people and offering amp change fees. That may be correct but if you want to cancel your airfare it must be used before one yr of when u bought the. So if you reschedule an Alaska and cruise for the same time next year. You lose your airfare cuz it won’t be good that long.
  12. Please stop canceling. This is media blown out of proportion like always do you ever look up how many people get sick and or worse from flu in the USA every single year please don’t fall into the media trap or political agenda possibly to crumble the country by scaring the nation for no reason pleas live your life. You have a better chance of getting stuck by lighting in a rain storm . Do you run and hide when it’s raining??
  13. Anyone know when Alaska is making these divisions. I’m may 9. And time is running out. I agree it’s a get off the ship type vacation
  14. New to holland first cruise in May alaska if they cancel a port stop does holland at least in the past cuz we can’t predict the future. But do they usually refund you excursions and taxes at the very least? Thanks
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