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  1. Can any help me find some hotels for Alaska precruise hotel for one night. That would offer even for a charge shuttle to hotel then next day shuttle to pier 91. Then after from pier 91 to airport. I have search and can't seem to find any. I usually go from Florida or cruises and never have problems but can't seem to find any thing for seattle. Seems I can find some for pier 61 not nothing for 91
  2. Hello. Never sailed on Holland but have a few times on other lines. Does Holland guarantee the lowest price and adjust if it goes lower? Also what if you find a better deal say like at Costco travel with obc will Holland reps match or ???? Thanks
  3. On the oosterdahm to alaska. Current offer is free beverage package. One person I'm my group does not drink adult beverages. Can you get soda on this plan or us there a separate soda plan and this is only for adult beverages
  4. Thanks for the info but the cruise is in three days and the web site is locked out. The daughters wanted to go with the mother for mom's day that's why I was asking
  5. Also. What's a standard tip for this type of service. Thanks.
  6. Hello. Will be on the breeze with three ladies. They will be getting a manicure on the breeze. Is it done one after the other or can they do at same time. Like is there enough room and ladies or it just one usually
  7. Yes but way to many post on here about double charges when u book online so wife don't wanna chance it to save a few bucks
  8. I want to purchase the therma spa for a week and my girls want a manicure Once on board to I go to guest services or the the spa area if there is one on breeze. And I have a bunch of gift cards for room credit on my sail card. Do the charges co.e off of that or does it have to be separate. Cus I can buy more gift cards to cover the cost but don't wanna buy more if I can't use them at the spa purchases What's the coat for thermal in 7 day breeze and what are the hours wondering if you can use on port days or if you get off the ship at port there's not much time to use in early am before port or after at nite. Thanks. Breeze may 11
  9. Hello, I have seen posts here about the third party spa services and double charging and pressure sales pitch for extras. Is this the same way if I prebook a week long thermos spa and pool package? I was thinking about doingthis for my family for the first time but I don't want the double charge issue I am reading about or pressure sales . or is it better to wait till on board to book it and or is the price higher then or lower. Please help cruise is next week.
  10. What kind of table games are on board. Craps? Bj? Miss.stud? Let it ride? What min bets Thanks
  11. Hello. I was thinking of getting off the ship with fttf as soon as possible and taking the Hertz shuttle to the astronut location and renting a car which I would already have reserved and driving to Disney Land My questions are is the shuttle service swift. Or do you wait along time at port to leave waiting to fill up and how large are the shuttles After getting to rental lot how crowded is it and does it take a long time like an hour or less I think there is two ships coming when breeze which is me and a Disney ship And if we miss the shuttle because it to full how long do you wait for the next one at port Thanks
  12. Is it out ? I don't think so but it is one if the best must see for first cruise to Alaska for most people. The Holland America cruise I mentioned is larger cabins for less cost also if that helps. Not sure your age but like I stated they claim to be an older crowd I'm in my 40s but still considering it. If you can go from Vancouver they do go much better route. For me Seattle is only option
  13. Did the jewel last time to Alaska if this is your first time go bliss itenery over joy due to only glascier bay and skagway. This time I'm looking at Holland America which has less boat activities but they go to Sitka . Like most stated you won't have allot if ship time like summer location cruises . Alaska cruises are more about the constant sites over ship activities in my opinion. The slight cost difference in joy and bliss I would pick bliss if you never been. U should start with skagway and glacier Bay or like I said look at Holland America eurodam sitcka and glacier Bay. But I hear the ships are allot more relaxed ( boring)
  14. great thanks but whats the latest I can get off the ship is my question and does customs get worse as time goes or the same
  15. Hi. If I have fttf I was told I can debark the ship in port any time I wish? If I doing self assist I think it's called where I dont give carnival my bags I carry off myself. What is usually the latest time you can get off ship. And is usually the later you disembark the longer the lines are at customs and such. Just trying to figure out a time for my ride to pick me up Thanks
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