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  1. I think we will get to Southampton from London (and back) via the Waterloo Station train. The ship docks at 5:30am. Can I assume we can disembark beginning around 7am? Wondering what time to book return train tickets. Thanks.
  2. These drinks must be different sizes...
  3. Wow! In February on Liberty, Lava Flow without alcohol was $4.50.
  4. You might want to call - I couldn’t find anything that confirmed actual sofabeds. The family staterooms that sleep six had true, unfolding, mattress-inside-of-them sofabeds. But the balcony cabin had the lay flat sofa back that the room steward put bedding on. My 8 year old was uncomfortable. It would be way too small for more than one teenager or adult, in my opinion.
  5. I’m curious about this too. When we sailed on the Mariner years ago, the sofa bed in the balcony cabins was really just a sofa whose back laid flat and they put a bedding pallet on top of it. Super uncomrtable even for kids - and small. Does Navigator have the same? I thought I saw that it got actual sofabeds, with mattresses that unfold, but I can’t find it anywhere now.
  6. That is a great question...I’m assuming you would no have access to your stateroom from about 9:30am to 1:30pm?
  7. Good point - I am restricted to one airline, so I can’t risk those flights filling up. And the price is so much less from JFK than BNA, that I’m probably going to book two of us on southwest from bna-lga. I have a lot of moving parts. 😂
  8. Crazy! Looked at flights on American for this May. Nashville to London $1436+. JFK to London $673. Even crazier is that Charlotte to London is $1550, but New York THROUGH Charlotte to London is $673. As I said, we should have at least two tickets free with American Airlines miles, so need to stick with that. But may be flying southwest from Nashville to New York. Will mean having to get from La Guardia to JFK. Using miles, you pay A LOT of taxes to fly a partner airline, so need to stick with AA flights. It’s an additional $500+ in carrier fees to use AA miles on British Airways. 😳
  9. I would love to get a rough idea of flight costs, but I’m thinking it may not be apples to apples for this May, since it’s so close. My travel agent advised buying 9-11 months out, and is guessing $1100-1300/ticket. She said if I see less than that to jump on it. I don’t know if i could watch another time of year that would be similarly priced- Christmas, for example? But I’ve no idea if that will be more or less - or a good comparison. Might have to do some research there. Surely someone has out that info out there. We’ll be flying American Airlines, since we’ll have enough miles for two of the four tickets I’ll need.
  10. I hear you on the cost! One thing I found out in booking the kids’ interior cabin - all interior cabins on Anthem are virtual balconies - so you can at least see live picture of what it outside.
  11. Thank you for all the specifics! I’m taking screenshots in case I can’t find the thread a year from now. Did you book independent tours or rccl tours? And how did you find the dinner dress code? I’m trying to keep it to one suitcase plus a carry on and backpack per person! Usually I would wear a nice top with capris or a sundress, but I don’t think it will be warm enough for northern cities in end of May/early June. Thanks again for all the feedback!
  12. This particular cruise on Anthem is 8 nights - and I’m hoping for some kids, teens and young adults, not trying to avoid them. Our UK friend sailing with us is bringing her younger two, but the older one (15?) will not be able to go because of exams. Maybe there will be other American kids on the ship. Schools in the south will be out for summer, like ours. I think quite a few northern schools still in session. But if you want to do the itinerary...it’s only offered once a year. So we didn’t have any choice of dates. It is what it is. Just glad we were able to make it work for us next summer - between high school soccer for one kid and a college age student, we have a narrow window to work with!
  13. We have sailed many times in the Caribbean and have been to Europe a few times, but this is the first time to combine the two. We are sailing May 29 of 2020 on the Anthem out of Southampton England to Oslo, Norway, Bruges, Belgium, Paris/Le Havre, France and Hamburg, hGermany. I haven’t been been able to find any posts except one from 2013 comparing European sailings to Caribbean sailings. We have chosen My Time Dining because it sounds like excursion days will be long, but we might want to eat earlier on sea days (there are three). Anyone know what to expect for dress code in the dining room - both regular and formal nights? I’m assuming a little dressier than Caribbean? Not as warm either, so a different type of clothing altogether, I’m thinking. Late May/June in Northern Europe will be much cooler than any time of year in the Caribbean. So what does everyone do all day on sea days? I’m guessing not lay by the pool! Or does Anthem have covered pools? Are there more non-water activities going on? We’re used to steel drum bands, frozen drinks in hand and sun by the pool. Any guesses as to whether there will be kids/young adults onboard? My kids will be 17 and 30. Friends we’re sailing with have kids more along the ages of 11 and 13. I’m thinking that since Anthem is one of Royal’s larger ships, the demographic may skew a little younger than the smaller ships in Europe? Any tips anyone has are much appreciated. We’ve not been to any of the towns we are visiting, so what to see would be great. If it’s safe, I’d like to go into Paris, but husband interested in Normandy excursion. Thinking to fly in a day ahead of time and spend two days at the end in London. Best bet to book airfare as soon as it comes out? Thanks.
  14. I know the different ships have different eating venues - can anyone tell me if Frappuccinos are available on Liberty? Thanks.
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