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  1. Does anyone know the specific column to go to at the Port of Miami for the Equinox?
  2. I know suites can dine in Blu, on a space available basis. What , if any, is the current cost for guests in a CS suite?
  3. Nice video. We are on Equinox in two weeks. Sad that Captain McCue is rotating off the ship before then.
  4. Does anyone knoow why Equinox is still in port? She normally leaves at 1530 EDT and it is now 1638.
  5. My DS has, and received, the whole Chauteaubriand dish. I personally think that the steaks in the MDR tend to be slightly overcooked. I usually order Medium Rare and ask for it to be a little more on the rare side. If it is too rare, it can always be sent back but I have never sent a steak back.
  6. I ordered luggage tags for two suites. Placed order online on Thursday morning. Just received the tags, in the mail, today. Quick turnaround!
  7. I would not drink water out of the ice buckets (water that has sat overnight) I know that when they take the ice buckets away to fill, you do not always get the same one back. I am unsure as to how (or if) they sanitize these ice buckets.
  8. You must fill out and turn in the form by about day3 or 4 of the cruise.
  9. We use the generic form of Bonine. It is called meclizine. We buy it at Wal-Mart, over the counter(non-prescription). It comes in a 100 tablet bottle and we each use one -half of a tablet each day before bed. If the seas are rough when we get up in the morning I will take another half of a tablet with breakfast. If you take too much, it will make you drowsy but then there is nothing wrong with a little nap!
  10. I just received the shoreside concierge call for our cruise for the week of April 6, 2019. Ten weeks before the cruise!
  11. That is good news! We enjopy the hot glass shows. Excellent craftsmanship.
  12. So sorry to hear this. We met Jim and Judith on a couple of cruises and greatly enjoyed talking with him. We will miss him.
  13. Is luggage valet service complimentary on the Equinox for the Royal Suite and the Celebrity Suite?
  14. Before you buy vanilla products in Mexico spend a little time researching what you are probably buying. A good source of info is www.vanillaqueen.com
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