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  1. This is an excerpt from the Saga Q&A What if I am exempt from receiving the vaccine? Sadly we would not be able to allow you to cruise and would ask that you contact our Cruise Guest Services who will be able to discuss your options with you and arrange a full refund. Will I still be able to travel if I choose not to have the vaccine? We have made the decision not to allow a guest to travel with us if they choose not to receive the vaccine. The majority of our guests fall into the at-risk age bracket and our priority is their safety and wellbeing. Will I nee
  2. I think I know where this confusion arose. I am based in the U.K. and last year I read on this thread about the chance to gain 50 PUP by watching a recorded Apex webinar. I had not received this personally, but someone had posted a link that I used and I completed the activity hoping to receive 5 Captain's Club points in mid January. When I didn't get them I wrote to Captain's Club UK asking them to trace the points I felt I was entitled to. This was their response: The Apex webinar in December was for our US Guests only as mentioned in your previous emails expressing your disappoi
  3. I do hope Celebrity decide to also use Barbados as a Home Port. IMO it would be so much easier than flying into Miami. I have spent many hours I will not get back standing in queues at Immigration there. It works well for P&O and there are several choices of flights that are not much different to flying into Miami. Fingers crossed.🤞
  4. My cruise is 19th April Silhouette. Is that the same cruise? If so there are two options to shift to.
  5. Have you looked into a Lift & Shift to 2022? I am booked on a 19th April cruise that I expect, will not happen, but the L&S option finishes at the end of January. So I have a few weeks to make up my mind. For me it is the best option as the 2022 prices are way higher than my usual budget.
  6. I know you state you are booked through an agent, but it may be worth checking on the Celebrity website, if you haven't already, to see what they offer as a suitable L&S. Did your agent have any options for you? I am considering shifting my April 2021 Lisbon - Southampton cruise on the Silhouette. There is nothing similar in 2021, but when I use the Lift & Shift facility on the Celebrity website I am offered 2 very different cruises to shift to. They depart from different ports, and are on either the Infinity, or Reflection and all the port stops are different too. So not
  7. I am wondering about the possibility of any of the Silhouette European cruises for 2021 happening. So far there is no scheduled Transatlantic crossing to Europe to enable European cruises to happen. But there is a return crossing back to Fort Lauderdale from Southampton in November, so Celebrity need to sort out getting the ship there in the first place.
  8. I for one can't wait to wear something smart casual or evening chic. A whole section of my wardrobe has not been opened for almost a year now and I am missing the opportunity to give the clothes an outing after so long. Hopefully they will still fit when the chance arrives. I have spent far too long in leisure wear.
  9. That is a nice gift. According to the Activity Terms quoted it is applicable to the recipient of the email only. I wonder if they were just sent randomly?? I want one!!
  10. Ooops - thought they were new, sorry to get it wrong.
  11. I have just been looking for a Lift & Shift for my 19th April 2021 cruise, and just realised that in 2022, Easter Sunday is 17th, so need to avoid the school holidays when making a decision. I never cruise in school holidays. Easter is the main moveable holiday, so something to be aware of.
  12. Just a heads up - Europe 2022 and Transatlantic 2022 now available.
  13. I think, I hope, that if the cruise line cancels the sailing they offer a full refund, or 125% FCC.
  14. Thanks it would be nice to think it could be so. I was not thinking about the qualifying cruise being cancelled as they state the points would be removed. Just whether the temporary points would elevate one to the next level on already booked cruises before the qualifying cruise was taken.
  15. I was reading the T&C for this activity. I saw this: "Power Up Points will be converted to Club Points and temporarily added to a participating member’s Club Points balance within 14 days after the month’s end. If the qualifying booking is cancelled, points awarded will be removed." If a booking is made you would receive temporary points. Would they be recognised if they elevated you to the next loyalty level on a cruise taken before the qualifying cruise?
  16. I know I would like to know that fellow passengers had the vaccination. But with cruisers coming from all parts of the globe, what will be the proof required? That could prove tricky.
  17. I expect when the Europe 2022 itineraries are released there will not be a comparative cruise to Lift and Shift to, as this one is the last part of the Transatlantic repositioning. 🤔
  18. Certainly would not be meaningless to me. I have an April 2021 Silhouette cruise booked that is looking less likely now after the cancellation of the transatlantic crossing immediately prior to it. Until the 2022 European itineraries are released I have nothing to Lift and Shift it to. Even if the ports etc. are changing it is better than losing the good price and offers I currently have locked in.
  19. Very difficult to honestly pick my wishlist as I want European destinations - so this only gives me 8 months to choose from and I already have 2 booked in that time that may possibly be cancelled. Never mind, as long as I get my points!!!
  20. Also very annoying to those not in North America - we, in the UK, have not had this offer - or the previous Galapagos webinar offer. So certainly not fair to all Captain's Club members. Those possible 10 Captains Club points would have been welcomed by me, even with the dumbed down benefits. After the Galapagos offer, I wrote to Captains Club UK. This is their response: "In regards to the webinar for the Galapagos sailing, this was in addition to the Galapagos quiz that you had completed. The webinar time slot was scheduled for the early hours of the morning which wouldn't h
  21. The European cruises can only happen if the ships make their Transatlantic crossing first. With only 7 night sailings being permitted from US ports, will they need to sail empty of passengers? Or will they leave from outside the US? I am booked on the Silhouette in April 2021, and the Transatlantic is scheduled to start out from Brazil, but the other ships all start out from Florida ports. I keep my fingers crossed that sailing will be allowed from Brazil.
  22. Unfortunately there are not any European itineraries in 2022 yet. I have an April 2021 European cruise booked and would hate to get to final payment without a L&S option. I have booked at a very good price. The original poster asked specifically if anyone had any idea when European cruises would be available? What is the usual date for this?
  23. I wish they would make a start on releasing 2022 Europe itineraries. There are no cruises to Lift and Shift my 2021 ones to.
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