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  1. We did a 22 day cruise on Viking Sea December 2019-January 2020, in 3052. If we are ever able to cruise Viking again we would definitely not go for that location. The noise every night, through to 1 or 2am from Torshavn really bothered us. We are usually easy to please and very tolerant of noise, but this was excessive, and every night!
  2. The article I saw said: "The ban applies to ships weighing more than 25,000 tons or longer than 180 metres or with other characteristics that would make them too polluting or overwhelming for Venice's environment." The figures I have seen for the Azamara ships are 181 metres long and 30277 GT tonnage. Unfortunately, looks like the limit is set at a point to definitely exclude ships of Azamara's size!
  3. We had three B2B2B cruises on Journey booked for August/September. Today we received emails to both of us (my husband and myself) for all three cruises, advising of the cancellations and explaining our options. We booked through a travel agent, but having been in contact with her today I find that she has not yet been notified of the cancellation of our cruises.
  4. As I understand it Azamara have already cancelled these cruises - according to the 6 October COVID update on their website. All three ships are scheduled to restart operations in Europe in March (Quest), April (Journey) and May (Pursuit). So Azamara will not be in Australia/New Zealand in December 2020 to February 2021. We had an Australian cruise booked over Christmas, but cancelled it months ago, when it became clear that we would not be able to leave NZ for a very long time, nor would Australia let cruise ships resume any time soon. It does not look very likely that NZ will let
  5. You are put in a hotel room. Yes, the $ includes meals. I would just love to book more cruises - particularly on Azamara, which is our preferred line, but until we know when we will be able to leave and return home unhindered by travel restrictions I am not even looking at itineraries!
  6. We have a B2B2B booked for August/September 2021 - we booked it back in August 2019. We have cancelled cruises we had booked for November 2020, plus another over Christmas. We did not consider lift & shift, nor do we expect to be able to do our B2B2B next year, even if it does operate. The issue for us is not just whether the cruise will operate, but whether we can travel. In NZ the borders are closed, with no suggestion they will be opened any time soon. The suggestions are it will be years before international travel becomes available for us again. Even the bubbles with Australia o
  7. We have done both a drive by and an expedition to Antarctica. Christmas 2015 we did a drive by on HAL’s Zaandam and enjoyed it very much. The onboard lectures were truly excellent as well as what we saw off the ship. Then at the end of December 2018 we did an expedition trip on Hurtigruten’s Fram which went to the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and Antarctica. An amazing experience and South Georgia was easily the highlight. The wildlife was beyond imagination. I am a penguin lover, and the penguins were certainly in abundance! I know most people say don’t bother with
  8. Here in NZ we are near the end of day 5 of a 4 week (minimum) lockdown. Domestic travel is banned. Just about everything is closed. We are allowed to go to the supermarket (which is opening reduced hours) but they are only letting a handful of people in at a time. Our local pharmacy is also open a few hours 6 days a week, but we can’t enter – you get served at the door. If you want to see the doctor you have to ring for a phone or video consultation. I had a specialist appointment cancelled as even medical specialists are closed. We are allowed to go for a walk, but we can only walk locally, h
  9. We spent a long half day in Yokohama at the end of a cruise a couple of years ago, before catching trains to Narita Airport. We could have filled longer. We left our luggage in a locker at the cruise terminal and wandered around the town of Yokohama. We were pleasantly surprised at how much of interest we found, and we enjoyed it very much. Visited a couple of temples, went up one of the highrise buildings for the views, walked around the waterfront and along walkways in the town. The cherry blossom was just coming out into bloom. It was a good choice for the time we had available,
  10. Hi geospyder - yes we do like Azamara! But wish they would get some new ships! We were very taken with the Viking ship we were on recently! We will travel with many different cruise lines if the itinerary and timing is right. But prefer smaller ships. We are lucky to have done so much travel and are continuing to do as much as possible while we have the health and the funds. You never know what is around the corner! Enjoy your trip down under. Rotorua is a good base to explore quite an area of the North Island - we just spent a week there in November. Around Wanaka there is some great sc
  11. We recently disembarked our first Viking cruise (21 days). We have done 8 Azamara cruises, plus many other cruises with other lines. There is no doubt the Viking ships are well ahead of the Azamara ships. Many features of the new Viking ships are lovely - nice cabins including lovely bathrooms and lots of different public spaces to spend time in. We enjoyed the ship very much. We found the Viking food somewhat unexciting - to the extent we even complained about a meal we had in Manfredi's speciality restaurant (we usually go with the flow, and rarely are pushed to complain!). We like
  12. We are currently on Viking Sea, having just left Belem yesterday, and been to Parintins, Santarem & Manaus in the last week as well. On board they have told us several times that we will need Brazilian Real, but I have not found this to be the case! We are from New Zealand, so we don't usually have USD anyway; I got Brazilian Real before leaving home. We have not spent much money, but here are our specific experiences: Santarem - bought 2 magnets at a stall on the pier - she gave me a price in USD, I asked for a price in Real and she happily took Real, but would have taken USD.
  13. We are still waiting for any communication from Azamara about the Journey cruise we have booked for September 2021 which has changed from a 7 day Barcelona to Civitavecchia, to an 11 day Barcelona to Athens. We booked it as the last segment of a B2B2B. The new 11 day itinerary is really of no interest to us as it has no new territory. Our travelling companion (who lives in Australia - we live in NZ) has had notification of a minor timing change to the 2nd cruise of the 3, but still nothing about the major changes to the last cruise of the three. We have had nothing about either. As
  14. The response we got from the Australia/New Zealand Azamara office was that they have not been advised of any changes to the itinerary of the 18 September departure of Azamara Journey. They will query it! Great communication within Azamara! So we still await further info.
  15. Not just changes for October 2021. The itinerary for the 18 Sept 2021 from Barcelona was a 7 night cruise, but has been changed to 11 nights. The ports of Mahon, Ajaccio & Portoferraio have been dropped. Trapani, Valletta, Siracusa, Heraklion, Santorini have been added. Finishing in Piraeus instead of Civitavecchia. We are booked on a B2B2B with this as the 3rd cruise. The later end date does not suit our business commitments at home and all the additions are repeats for us. But we know this was a danger of booking this far ahead - we booked it while aboard Pursuit in August. At
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