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  1. Fletcher - yes involves B2Bs. The difficulties in having the time and wanting to do a regional exploration are (a) itinerary - looking for something a bit more than the same old and (b) coverage - being able to link a few cruises B2B (too much seasonal yo-yoing) or at least link within a reasonable time period and include indepth land content between. Unfortunately the year we wanted to do Svalbard on Seabourn Pride they discontinued it. Have found an Azamara Norway for 18 days July 2021. It only does a brief Svalbard cruise around, but will give us a taste to decide if a re-visit is
  2. Totally agree. We are booked for July 2021 (yes, very optimistic!) and needed to find another cruise line to do a longer cruise (we are Australian) and include all the places in the Baltic (and still haven’t got them all) and do Norway and Svalbard. The 7 days Baltic on Seabourn just didn’t cut it, and you can’t combine the cruises to cover the region in any satisfactory way as there’s too much yo-yoing . They’ve forced us to look elsewhere although we would prefer the Seabourn product. They operate smaller ships, so why not include more regional towns than dropping off passengers where the ma
  3. Couldn’t agree more Fletcher. Down under we are in a bit of a bubble and waiting for the cruise season to open up again. It seems the Seabourn marketing branch has gone into hibernation - or perhaps they are too busy trying to accommodate FCCs?Everything we are seeing is dated or “sold out”. One thing we have been remarking on in recent years (pre Covid) is that the itineraries are really starting to stall. Perhaps they are expecting the new Expedition ships to to pick up the itinerary slack. But they really need an injection of imagination. - even a few overnight stays to break it up. We
  4. Thanks all. They are apparently off the ship 30 March at 10am (just over 3 hours time) and to the airport. Miami - San Fran - Sydney. By all accounts Azamara has outdone themselves in organisation. Let’s hope it goes smoothly for everyone on board. By all accounts the Europeans might have more of a challenge. For the Australians - mandatory hotel quarantining for 14 days. Very fortunate!
  5. What a fabulous memory Fletcher. Thanks for sharing. Stay safe and above all, remember: DON’T PANIC!
  6. Thanks very much for the information. Much appreciated. The approach seems to differ around the world, and of course dependent upon infection which thankfully Pursuit is clear. Tonight Australia goes into enforced 14 day hotel stay upon arrival enforced by defence forces. Unfortunately too many people haven't been self quarantining. They will be happy enough to be closer to home. Cheers
  7. Has anyone recent information about potential port restrictions the Pursuit will experience in docking at Miami around 30 March. (Assuming the rules don’t change in the next few days). Usual official and consulate websites have been useless. Given there is no virus on the ship is the government allowing disembarkation generally for ships in Miami? Appreciate any information as we have family on board and it’s going to be a long journey home to Australia ONCE they are released AND are able to get a flight. Is there any mandatory quarantining requirement (Aust. is 14 days
  8. Sadly what this whole sorry business has demonstrated to us how most of the population gets its news and information - facebook, twitter, instagram and sensationalist news channels. If anyone has read Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, hopefully those who are senselessly putting others at risk will receive vital information about the departure of the New Arks from the planet and create a new world somewhere else. Stay safe.
  9. Thanks again Fletcher. We read this live and thoroughly enjoyed it. We are doing South Georgia next year with Seabourn so the recent refresh of this blog was very welcome. Noting your South Pacific sojourn we can highly recommend the Paul Gauguin. We have done the 14 day Marquesas trip 5 times, their Cooks run twice and back from Australia twice. Perhaps we are biased. Enjoy.
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