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  1. Yes, I was able to move our funds from our cancelled July cruise to our Xmas cruise. I did not get the OBC though since it was not a new cruise.
  2. Well my mom decided she wanted a 7 day cruise. Booked the Breeze for March 21st. Going to Amber Cove, San Juan, St. Thomas, and Grand Turk. Never been to Amber Cove or St. Thomas. Any pointers for St. Thomas? I have never been there. Late planning, and it looks like my daughter has out grown everything 🤣 Our next cruise in July that we are taking our friends on their first ever vacation we are going to go to Fort Charlotte and Pirate Museum. I'm glad my mom finally made a decision, and at least we aren't going on the same ship 3 times this year 😁
  3. We were suppose to go to Universal. My parents promised our daughter this trip for her 10th birthday which is a couple days before Christmas. She didn't get many gifts, and she was fine with that. In January my dad told my mom (which they are both in their upper 50's not old, but some health issues my mom is handicap-able as well) that he didn't think he could handle Universal for a few days. Aubrey said she would like to go on a cruise instead if that meant papa could go. We typically do 1 or 2 a year, but never book this close to sailing. Mostly book 9 months to a year out. My parents are t
  4. My family of 3 has 2 cruises planned for July and Christmas this year on the Sunshine. Same itinerary HMC and Nassau, and same spa cabin. My parents now want to go on a cruise, and have some time off in March. I have never booked this close before. We live in Richmond, VA so Baltimore and Charleston are our closest ports unless their is one out of Norfolk. I have found 3 cruises for that time, and we will be driving to port. -Sunshine- Princess Cay and Nassau -Fantasy- Yucatan and Cozumel -Sunrise - Amber cove and Nassau Any of these better than the other?
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