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  1. This will be our 9th cruise coming up but 1st with our new baby. He's going to be 16 months at the time of sailing and just have a few questions for those that have sailed with babies before. Did you use a stroller or carrier? Did you do a private or group table in the MDR? Also did you do the early or late dining? Did you have your baby sleep in the bed with you or have a pack n play? (or something similar) Did you use the nighttime baby sitting service? Did you pack new outfits for everyday or do laundry on the ship? Any other advice or tips you would give to someone sailing with a baby for the first time? Thanks! :)
  2. We've done that itinerary before, its a good time. San Juan and GT are two out of my 3 favorite ports (Halifax being the other). Youre right about the service in the atrium and ocean plaza but to be fair I've always viewed them as common areas, the lack of service never really bothered me or stuck out in those areas.
  3. Looking for any feedback on this. We are bringing our 16 month old. Anyone know prices? All I know is we have to sign up on the first day on the lido deck. Thanks!
  4. Kingda Ka is good but Nitro and El Toro are both better imo
  5. Son of a b.... I'm 77. Oh well we'll see what happens
  6. I cant tell if this is a serious or joke post
  7. Ive been to dozens of theme parks and probably rode over 100 roller coasters in my life and ive never seen an age limit. I don't even think that's legal. They do the whole "don't ride if you are pregnant or have heart problems" but that's kinda common knowledge. I'm hoping there's no height or weight restrictions because I'm 6ft5 and over 300 but I went on the sky bike on the Vista with zero problems so we'll see.
  8. That stinks. We are on it next spring. We have Fttf hopefully it helps
  9. Finding strawberry in the machine is like finding gold
  10. My wife left her wedding ring after in the room and it was found by the person cleaning the room. I think when they find something like that most of the time they will do the right thing. I would call for sure, it may take awhile for them to get a hold of the pride but I think they do take that stuff seriously.
  11. We are on the short one after yours, the 5 day out of NYC.
  12. I had no idea you could make an actual poll. I threw one up with some peoples suggestions
  13. Thank you I had no idea...I guess we'll call this thread a test run for what topics to put on the poll lol
  14. Just for clarification I wasn't asking what gets you riled up on board, I'm curious to find out what "hot topic" gets people worked up online :) I may be missing it but I don't remember the bungee cord debate
  15. You can post an actual poll on here? I dunno I gave people the option but its a free world. If people want to put something else who am I to tell them otherwise?
  16. According to the IT worker I talked to he said it would take "years for the other ships to catch up" and this was last April
  17. yeah youre right...the "should I get the drink package question" is def up there
  18. I have the mastercard, you have to go on a separate site to cash the points in. Its pretty tricky to find youre probably better off googling it because I think you cant use the app to get to it. If you do cash in for your sail and sign make sure have the email verification available when you are on board because we had an issue with it not applying once.
  19. Last year we streamed a 4 hour ppv on the Vista. It was amazing no problems at all....awesome but also at the same time depressing when you think about how bad the internet on most of the other ships is.
  20. On here and across other social media platforms; which topic or questions about the topic would you say "gets people going" the most? Faster to the Fun, internet, MDR attire, Cruise directors or John Heald?
  21. NVM sorry I saw in your signature it says the Breeze. We've bought wifi on several ships for different reasons. I talked to an IT on the Vista and put over how good the premium package was and how much better it was than the other ships. He told me that they were going to try and get the better wifi fleet wide but it would take along time. As of right now, he told me that only the newer ships have it so I'm not sure if the Breeze got upgraded yet.
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