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  1. We were on the sailing after you. I totally agree with the sea day brunch and cucina. Somehow we got passed over and my wife had to talk to the desk at the sea day brunch because we waited almost a half hour before someone came to get our order. Cucina was good but it has changed, the portions seemed smaller and we also got the gnocchi and we were convinved it was something else because whatever came out to our table was not the gnocchi that we were thinking of. They were like 3 small yellow circles, my wife thought it may have been pancetta? Did you have a passport because we did and it made the debark process super easy. We had a stroller so we had to wait like 10 mins for the elevator but after that i think it took less than 60 seconds. Our most favorite part of the ship was the staff (aside from the medical staff) they are always amazing. Also loved the new smoke free casino and the arcade seemed better than other ones we've been it. Worst part was by far the gym. WAY WAY WAY to small for the size of the ship. We sailed nowhere near full capacity and I felt uncomfortable with how crowded it was.
  2. Me to. My wife did win alittle though. Thats how it always goes. Both of us can never win on the same cruise 🤷‍♂️
  3. Yes. I play fun21 but I lost alot of money really fast so that wasn't in the cards....pun intended
  4. Just got back. As far as the pools and buffets its business as usual. We stuck to the aft pool mostly because we much less crowded and our little one enjoyed splashing around in the little wading area.
  5. Ah ok youre still in good shape. Id maybe give it until a month out and if you havent heard id call.
  6. Totally your call but bringing a one year old isn't all that bad. All they need is a exemption letter which shouldn't be a problem. They do not have to get tested like our son did. Camp Ocean may not be open yet, i may be wrong but i dont think they take one year olds anyway so that wouldnt make much of a difference. Our 2 year old had an absolute blast for whats its worth 🙂
  7. For people that are traveling with minors that have to be tested, i want to share the experience we had with our son getting tested for our cruise on the Magic last week. One thing for sure is having a printed out exemption form makes the process so much easier. I think you can still get onboard if you did not print it out but it will slow up the process. When you get to the port, if you are waiting in line, a worker will come pull you out of line and take you to the front since you have a kid (dont get excited because even though you skip the line to get inside you still have more waiting to do). We had an issue with the birthday being incorrect on my wives covid test so she got taken off to the side and they had to call the CDC to verify that she was tested. While she was waiting, she overheard a worker say that they expected to turn away at least 300 people at the port so please make sure all your paperwork is correct. Our issue was minor and correctable but many others weren't so lucky. So i took our 2 year old to the back, filled out the test paperwork and he got tested. Super quick, super easy and the doctor who did the test was very friendly. Our son cried for like 20 seconds but was smiling and waving on the way out. I had to fill out more paperwork afterwards and then waited about 15 mins in a secluded area. That gave time for my wives issue to get taken care of. His test came back negative and then we were GTG. That process was great HOWEVER the next covid test was were we ran into some problems. The day before we debarked we had to meet in the comedy club for our sons last test. You get a number and you sit spaced out from our familes. Once we got called we went behind a curtain and the woman (who was a Carnival worker not a 3rd party medical professional like at the port) She swabbed ONE of my sons nostrils about 3 or 4 times and said 'OK...hes good". Which lead me to say "Are you sure...you only swabbed the one nostril a couple of times. When i gave him the test at home it was 15 secs for each nostril" She reiterated "Nope....hes fine!" Im not a medical professional (neither was she) so i took her word for it. Well...20 mins later we are on the lido getting lunch and our names get called over the loud speaker so we call the number we were told to call and we are told "There was an issue with your sons test. It was not administered properly. You have to come down to the medical center and he needs to get retested" Now up until this point we were having a great trip but this almost ruined it for me. Normally im the calm one when there is a problem and my wife tends to get more worked up than I do but this got me very upset because it could have been easily avoided. When we got down to the medical center, the head of the staff retested our son and this time he left no doubt, he got the swab way up in there which lead to him screaming bloody murder. I was very nice to the worker but wanted to let him know that someone on his staff made a mistake that should not have been made and i dont think there was any way this guy could have cared less. Hes response was basically "Ok....well its straighten out now" No sorry for the inconvenience or nothing. I tried talking to someone else about what happened and they were accepting zero responsibility for the mistake. Basically acting like it was a test error and not user error which it clearly was. I understand they have to deal with hundreds of people and some are not so nice but alittle empathy in this situation would have went a long way.
  8. If you're 45 days out that would put you in 2021 still right? I wouldnt worry until you get under a month honestly, then maybe call. But yeah like the other poster said, you cant apply for exemptions for 2022 yet. I have a Feb cruise and we arent able to
  9. I doubt it. The staff is very limited, its mostly slots...maybe 8 tables total and not all of them were filled so not much staff at all. They already bought all the extra machines, it would probably cost more to get rid of them then to keep it going. Plus not many people knew it was there, word needs to get out.
  10. The Magic tbh after 30 seconds he was fine its just tough to watch him go through that
  11. We got it 40 days out. You have to put it for it one the website but as far as i know most kids got it. By Jan theres a chance that kids 5 and up could be vaccinated so if your child is younger than that then theres no way they wont make the exemption list.
  12. The covid protocol is probably going to stay in place for the whole year. At least 5 and up should be vaccinated soon.
  13. We just sailed Mon 9/26. We did our sons PCR test at 1030am Fri at labcorp and got the results by 6pm Sat. The test when you get to the port is a breeze but we had an issue with the testing before we left the ship. The covid test before leaving the ship is done the day before you debark by "trained" Carnival staff. When we took my son to get tested, the women only swabbed one nostril, maybe 5 times max. Now im not an expert but i did have to administer our sons first test and i was instructions to swab both nostrils for 15 seconds each. I asked this women "are you sure you dont need to do both nostrils" she said that he was fine.....expect for 20 mins later we all get called over the loudspeaker on the ship. Turns out they messed his test up, so now our 2 year old had to go get tested for a 4th time in 7 days. Normally the staff is fantastic but the medical staff was very unapologetic about messing up our sons test when it could have been easily avoided. Sorry i unloaded a bit...just make sure that they swab both nostrils when they test your little ones on board 🙂
  14. I dont know who in their right mind would want to go back to the old way. I dont miss standing shoulder to shoulder with sweaty strangers for 25 mins out on the deck when i could sit at a half empty table in the MDR and get the same info. I honestly dont know why this thread is turning into a 'thing" but i guess thats just the way it goes. I thought the process was 100x better on our cruise last week than it used to be.
  15. I would go with the middle plan if you just have to check messages. I agree with what one of the other posters said about it depending on what ship you are on. We had premium on Magic last week and it was spotty but we were using it for streaming however my music app would not open at all in the gym and anything i tried to stream music wise in there was a mess. Was fine in the stateroom though. If you are going to be on the Vista the internet is going to be fantastic.
  16. Just got back and i loved the smoke free casino. Its small but it was pretty empty most of the cruise. Drink service was very fast. They had blackjack, poker and one roulette table which is what i was at mostly. They also had a decent amount of slots. Not sure if the smoke was more or less in the main casino but i will say once your down in the smokefree casino you can tell the difference when you walk through the one on deck 5. This was my first time on the Magic and i remember looking at the floor plans and saying to myself (man who needs all the conference room space on deck 4, that's such a waste) i had no idea that they made it into a casino until i was on board.
  17. I was on the same cruise. I agree with pretty much all of your review. The staff (minus medical) were amazing. We had the best room steward ever. Also agree about the buffet, i dont know why so many people were complaining. Its pretty much the same its always been. My wife heard one of the staff members say they were at 2600 which if true probably would have put us closer to 65%. It def wasnt crowded but it wasnt empty either. I actually expected there to be less people. Only was crowded in certain areas. Loved the new smoke free casino on deck 4, we are going back in Feb and i hope that sticks around. Not sure if you went to the gym but that was my least favorite part of the ship. If it wasnt the smallest of any ship ive been on, it sure was close. To small for the Magics capacity for sure. Also for some reason the wifi was terrible in the gym, i only had issues with it in there for some reason. I went once at like 10am and it felt like i was on top of people. We also had a room right under the loudest part of the galley. I did bring it to the attention of guest services and they admitted it was a loud room and offered us $100 pixels credit which was very nice of them. Other than that the cruise was fantastic. What did you think about the ports?
  18. The menus are QR codes now. You may be able to get a paper version but most ppl scan it with their phone
  19. I think it was like 6-10pm. It seemed like the lugheads were there earlier in the day.
  20. Yeah we are on the Magic in a Cove again next year but on the opposite end of the ship. We would have moved but our room steward was absolutely amazing plus it just would have been alot to pack and unpack again with a toddler
  21. I lumped that in with the non MDR food options. My son LOVED it. To much flop for my taste 🤪
  22. It's actually a better pin imo. It says welcome back and it's bigger
  23. You get gold pins. Just got our two days ago
  24. Just got back from our first post covid sailing yesterday and also our first sailing with our toddler. I wanted to share some of my experiences however I have been watching a ton of Barstool Sports Dave Portnoy; one bite Pizza reviews so I'd like to do my review in that style (basically quick take, first impressions) this may make zero sense to some but.....alright Frankie let's go. Embarkation (6.8) - Had an issue with my wives birthday not being right on the covid paperwork but it eventually got taken care of. My wife was having an awful day (long story) so I'm going to give the staff alittle bit of a pass here. Alot of chaos which is understandable but our son's covid test went smooth which was the important part. Room - (6.4) Lots of flop on the undercarriage for this one Frankie. We had a cove balcony which we were excited about but we were right underneath the section of the galley that sounds like a construction zone, 22 hours a day. It got so loud in the middle of the night that I honestly thought something may be wrong with the ship. MDR- (8.4) I had my expectations set to medium after seeing others complain about long wait times but I was actually surprised. Food was good, wait times were about what I expected and the staff was great as always. Cucina- (8.2) Expectations may have been alittle high for this. Food was really good, portions definitely got smaller which wasn't a big deal because they used to be insane but they definitely should not call it family style anymore. Our son loved the meatballs! Lots of zest on the sauce Frankie. They run a tight ship so you aren't getting extras like in the MDR. Nice staff but they seemed to have a hard job understanding us. Buffet/Lido food options - (7.2) Buffet was what it was. Not nearly as bad as some of the horror stories I've read. Guys/Iguana/Pizza solid as always. Amber cove/Playa Bachata Bubble Tour - (8.8) Very solid deal, had a whole section of the beach to ourselves with an open bar. Felt safe the whole time. Lunch was nothing to write home about, if it was alittle better this would be in the 9's which is reserved for places like John's of Bleeker. Bimini/Stingray Bubble Tour (8.3) - Island is gorgeous and the staff on the tour were amazing. The boat ride to honeymoon harbor to see the stingrays was fun. Only downside is I definitely think it's alittle overprice at almost $100 per adult at around 2 hours. Gym - (3.5) This may not apply to some however I do like to go to the gym afew times per cruise so I don't feel like a massive piece of crap. This may be the smallest gym on any ship I've ever been on. It's definitely way to small for a ship the size of the Magic. Social distancing is impossible if you go in the morning. Also for some reason it seemed to be the worst spot on the ship for the internet. Several lugheads dropping very heavy weights even though there are several signs. Not the ships fault, just don't book a stateroom under the gym. Lots of flop on this one Internet- (5.3) You already know....moving on Frankie Room staff (10) Rookie score but honestly it can't get any better than Ketut. He made our little guy feel so special. He played cars with him in the hallway and our son eventually would run out of our room screaming "MY FRIEND!!!" Towards Ketut. Honestly; Ketut, Pizza and the glass elevators were the best part for our son. Service Staff - (9.3) Excursion staff was amazing, Guest services staff was very helpful. When I asked them if the noise above our room is normal he replied "I'm not going to lie, there are a couple of rooms that get bad noises from the galley and you have one of them" He did give us $100 in Pixels credit which I told him he did not have to do but he said "you paid for your cruise I want you to enjoy it". The staff by the pool had eyes on our toddler and other little ones constantly and were very strict with the ruled which was fine and also expected. Medical staff - (.8) I'm almost positive the staff doing the covid tests at the port where not Carnival employees. The staff doing the tests on board DEFINITELY were. Our little guy had to get tested the day before we left. The women gave his one nostril a couple of swirls and said "Ok...he's good" I replied "are you sure....shouldn't you do both?" And she ensured me that he was good. Well...20 mins later we get called on the ship loudspeaker which scared us because we thought our son had Covid, instead we were told there was an error with our test....so we had to take our son down to the head of the medical staff so he could give our son his 4th covid test in a week. He definitely made sure to get the swab all the way up there because our son was screaming bloody murder. The part that really upset is that nobody seemed to care they messed up and when I brought it up to the staff that this could have been avoided the response I got was "its ok you won't get charged". They definitely did not care that our son had to go through that. I will say, the other medical person that was doing testing seemed much better than the one we had. Debarkation - (9.2) An absolute breeze. We did self disembark and even with waiting for an elevator the entire process took about 10 mins. Entertainment/Cruise Director- (NA) With the baby we didn't do any shows so only the time we saw the cruise director was when we debarked. We did take turns at the casino and if you are a non smoker I highly recommend checking out the non smoking casino on deck 4. Small but much less crowded. Overall score - (7.1) Had a great time, a bad day at sea is better than a good day at work. Our little guy had an absolute blast aside from the 4th covid test. Hopefully he won't have to go through that next time. We will definitely learn not to book under the galley next time also.
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