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  1. We are sailing next month. Thank you for the info. Much appreciated
  2. Looking for someone who's cruised already that can answer this. Is the Dr. Seuss brunch still going on? Also do they still have the parade? TIA
  3. Looking for someone who's cruised already that can answer this. Is the Dr. Seuss brunch still going on? Also do they still have the parade? TIA
  4. Thanks for the info. Going on next month
  5. Did they add any activities for the kids to do?
  6. Good idea. Im gonna mention this to my FB group
  7. What ship will you be on? I believe that the arcade is still open. If youre talking about the Bahamas, last i saw children who could not get the vaccine could leave the ship they just had to be on a bubble tour.
  8. I tired to sit through this. It was awful, they obviously have an agenda.
  9. Awesome. Thank you. Last time i was at the red frog they did not have football
  10. A third of the exemptions were adults? Where did you get this info from cause thats the first ive heard? Maybe I only saw the news about the children getting exemptions because we were waiting on one for our kid but almost every place I saw said that children were getting the exemptions first.
  11. Can someone explain to me why this is a big deal for Carnival? Its basically the exact same protocols they already had in place is it not? Im sure there were a couple of non vaccinated adults who got exemptions but all I kept seeing was the majority of exemptions were going to kids anyway and this doesn't apply to them.
  12. Im a big Eagles fan and I just looked ahead at our schedule and saw we are playing Dallas on MNF while we are onboard the Magic! This is awesome news. I always felt bad for the bartenders who would get attitude from football fans demanding their team get shown on TV. I remember some Browns fan getting mad cause his game wasnt on....like come on man youre lucky if you can even watch that in Ohio.
  13. I had a couple show up last year but i honestly dont remember how long they took because it took awhile for my cruise to be officially cancelled because we pushed our sailing back. I dont know why they cant shoot you an email letting you know that its on its way?
  14. I saw they do not have a sports bar. If you wanted to watch Monday Night Football on the Magic, where do you think would be the best place?
  15. This is awesome to hear! We are going next month. Thanks for the feedback. Just curious, we have never been on a Dream class ship. Is there something they upgraded or added to the Magic during the drydock we should look for? (aside from the paint job)
  16. Has anyone been issued a refund via gift card recently and if so how long did it take? We cancelled a ship excursion that we paid for on a gift card about a month ago and still haven't gotten our reimbursement. Just wondering when to call?
  17. We had our cruise cancelled 4 times since March 2020. We weighed all of the pros/cons (which i wont get into) and decided that it is worth it for us to cruise next month with our toddler. Its all a new experience to him and we are confident that he will have a blast and we welcome the family vacation time away from home. And you are right, covid restrictions are not going anywhere which is exactly why we decided not to push our cruise back any further.
  18. Yeah adults are getting it but like someone else said; after the kids on board with vaccinated parents get the exemptions, then those with medical issues have been getting them. At least thats what ive read everywhere.
  19. Im really sorry you have to deal with that 😞 I have good friends in Canada and they were telling us about what they had to go through to get the vaccine. That really upsets when in the US we now have to start trying to bride people to take it while our friends to the north have to mix doses 😞
  20. I get all that trust me but i see youre from Jersey same as me. We've been wearing masks since the beginning of all this so tbh it doesnt even bother/phase me anymore. Would i prefer not to have them on? Sure but IMO theres enough places on a cruise ship that i wouldnt need the masks (balcony, pool, lido, eating) that i'll still have a blast.
  21. Good to know. We are probably taking our little one in the splash pad area while in Bimini. Did they change anything in the waterslide area after the dry dock?
  22. Bimini is one of our stops next month. Blows my mind that they do not have a beach bubble tour like the one we are taking in Amber Cove. I read that unless youre taking an excursion theres really not much to do in Bimini? Is there any shopping by the port? Just thinking my wive may want to get off the ship for a bit just to see the island.
  23. Depending on your kids ages, check out Fun Spot Orlando/Kissimmee. We did 9 days in Orlando back in April and i think we went to those parks 6 times. We bought our son a season pass for like $90, he had a blast. Much cheaper than Disney/Universal
  24. Got ours today for our 2yr old on our 9/26 sailing
  25. We just got ours today for our cruise on 9/26. And saw others in a group for their cruises on 9/25&9/24 get theirs in the last few days so it looks like they are starting to do these 45 days out. Probably helps that our cruises are after school starts back up
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