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  1. Captain Jose, If you're reading this, I just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you for making our voyages with you so much fun. We sure are going to miss you and hope that whatever endeavor awaits you is a huge success. Also, congratulations to Captain Pelle. He's going to have large shoes to fill. Garry
  2. Here's a link to an interview with Captain Carl that was on FaceBook this morning. There's nice camera work on areas of the ship, including the Sunset Veranda. It might be the same one that's on BBC but because I'm in the U.S., I can't get it. Garry
  3. Bob and I will be on the transatlantic cruise and will certainly let everyone know how things are on-board. We're keeping our fingers crossed that everything is better than it sounds. We leave Friday for Miami and will update things when I can get internet. Garry
  4. TakeMeWithYou, since you were on the Quest in February, I'd like to know how things were with White Night? I'll be leaving on the Quest transatlantic cruise next Saturday. Boy am I going to miss Max! Did the music start late on your cruise? Ann, thank you for your reports. I'm glad you're having such a good time even if the entertainment is not up to par. Garry
  5. I also think they messed up when they let the dancers go and will be keeping my fingers crossed that they have a change of heart and bring them back. I'm also disappointed that Max, Ed and Simon are no longer on board. They're going to be hard to replace. Garry
  6. Phil, I'm so glad to see this post. We are also on the above cruise, along with Ruth, Tom and Pat, and Rick and Anne. Karyn, Bill, Joanie and George are also cruising with us. Now that you're aboard, it's going to be like a reunion cruise of our old Owls. Merry Christmas to you! We leave for Denver tomorrow. Garry
  7. Ann, I'm thoroughly enjoying your blog. It brings back wonderful memories of our cruise in August 2015 on the Quest. We loved the itinerary so much that we have booked the cruise again, this time on the Journey in 2019. Garry
  8. There were dolphins all around the ship that day. It was such fun. Garry
  9. We took that cruise and it was one of the best I've ever taken. That was on the Quest with Captain Jose. It was magical. I hope you'll join us on the 2019 one. Garry
  10. We have booked Alaska on RCCL for this summer, and Norway on the Journey for 2019. We have sailed both itineraries 4 times each. They are both quite beautiful and I agree with Captain Johannes. Do Alaska first. Norway is like Alaska but on steriods. Garry
  11. I'm sure it's going to depend on the weather. We just completed the Feb. 19, 2017 cruise and we had beautiful weather that day. The Captain even mentioned that because the weather was so nice, we were going to sail through the other sounds. I hope you will be as lucky as we were! Garry
  12. Phil, thanks for posting the link to that wonderful video. It was a wonderful day. I took way too many pictures! Garry
  13. White Night is supposed to be tomorrow night. I think the weather is going to interfere with it being held outside. Pooh! Garry
  14. And we're looking forward to meeting and sailing with you. :D Garry
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