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  1. We just got off 10 days on the Norwegian Pearl, we were very disappointed....certainly never met our expectations..they seem to be focused on CruiseNext, think they need to focus on meeting the needs of those on the ship now!!!
  2. what is the name and what did you pay???
  3. you know, I was more than happy with my upgrade...I am not sure of the new room number but it will be so much better no matter...I went from inside to Balcony...I am sailing this Sunday, Nov. 25 on the Escape....
  4. should I be getting excited...looks like my upgrade bid is "processing"....
  5. noticed yesterday that the cruise fare sail away rates dropped quite a bit for our departure next week...feeling bummed, who wouldn't love a little extra to spend on board...however, today, I noticed on my upgrade offer that my bids moved from Fair to Good....focus on the positives.....
  6. noticed the OP has not responded to this discussion...
  7. shake my head...I'm confused...shake my head...IDIOTS....
  8. two things one must remember when cruising..1)don't piss off your partner 2) don't piss off NCL staff
  9. have you checked your credit card yet!!!!
  10. according to what others have said, it sounds like you are a winner...Is it the one you wanted!!!
  11. It is always a struggle for us...we are actually joggers, so even those walkers who are 2 or 3 abreast are in our way. We always seem to get in conflict there. we went to Customer service and they posted something in the dailies but never got better...looks like this ship will be no better...
  12. four NCL cruises...I have yet to stop at GSC...just sayin!!!
  13. I agree, imagine the ones that were disembarking on that day...could be quite a financial burden to them with perhaps no reimbursement...
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