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  1. Unless someone else in this thread has already addressed the point it is worth noting this time frame only applies to Mixed Doses. If you have both shots from the same manufacturer of an approved vaccine you are considered fully vaccinated. I am just off the phone with Royal and have confirmed the same with the customer service rep and resolutions. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/what-vaccines-are-accepted
  2. In a time of possible life and death acute need I don't care what they use or how it impacts my future travel/leisure/vacation. Just my opinion.
  3. Can anyone confirm the availability of freestyle soda machines on Quantum/Oasis class ships while in Europe? I thought I read somewhere that the licensing is different and therefore not available. TIA.
  4. I have a 14 & 16 y/o who have done 8+ cruises with Royal and we haven't done anything less than 10 nights for years and most on smaller ships. We've done 10, 12 and 14 night itineraries and honestly all they really want is other teens to hang with and never have they wanted it to end. We have done some of the newer/modernized ships and some of the features of the are amazing but we are people who'd rather cruise twice instead of nice. We almost always book interiors for the same reasons you state. Enjoy whatever you decide/book then adjust in the future based on your experience/enjoyment.
  5. Can anyone confirm if Sanjay Kumar will still be on Adventure for the Oct 7th re-positioning sailing? TIA.
  6. Thank you everyone who acted and let Royal know they got this one wrong. Now lets cruise!
  7. If you are displeased with the situation you can; I've done all 3. Email Michael Bailey mbayley@rccl.com Tweet your disappointment and DM @RoyalCaribbean Post on their Facebook and send via message https://www.facebook.com/royalcaribbean/
  8. If you want to express how you feel about this change to the top of the decision making group. Michael Bailey mbayley@rccl.com
  9. You can try too if you'd like, maybe if more people speak up. Michael Bailey mbayley@rccl.com
  10. So I wrote Mr. Bailey. I said "I booked these (4) BW rooms while on board in April and the cost of the rooms and what was included was a major factor when the decision was made and to make matters worse, I booked Non Refundable Deposit so if I wish to cancel I have to pay a fee or if I wish to change rooms I get repriced to today's rate and then there is the availability issue. The most significant insult is the offer of $50 USD on board credit (X 4 = $200). Seriously, I paid more for the room because of what was included and now I'm offered 50 bucks for th
  11. I have a B2B on Harmony Aug 2020, 2 connecting BW rooms. Booked specifically for the perks, JR's and soda pkg was an excellent feature for my teens. Also booked NRD so now I am expected to be ok with $200 OBC? I'd at minimum expect to be able to change room/category without the fee. Perhaps I'll wait to see how much push back Royal gets from others in similar circumstance.
  12. Does anyone know how long Sanjay Kumar is going to be on Adventure? He was on Brilliance but transferred on July 28th to Adventure.
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