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  1. I included that in my "wouldn't travel," honestly. I wouldn't travel at all to do a 2 or 3 day cruise, ever. Let alone on the MV Guinea Pig.
  2. Nope. Not going to travel anywhere for a 2 or 3 day cruise. Still going to likely have other charges. But hey, if you are dying (no pun intended) to be on a cruise ship, then could be a decent test.
  3. Like most here, I am a "no" at the present time, for a number of reasons. 1st and foremost, I am not willing to repeat our experience in March when we were banned by 6 of 7 ports (including our disembarkation port) because of the fear of COVID (no cases and we had been on the ship without outside contact for 9 days). Floating around the Indian Ocean without knowing where, when and if we would disembark can be a drag. 2nd. I have no problem wearing a mask. Wear one without incident even when hiking in the mountains. But I am NOT going to risk encounters with flat earth non-maskers who, like on land, will likely flaunt the system. Oh, they will go with the program to get on the ship (like they do to get into stores on land) but will play their games once they have boarded. Unless the penalties for non-compliance are harsh and unforgiving, I can already see the potential problems. 3rd. I am not willing to pay full price (let alone a premium) just to "sail." Although the appeal of cruising is strong still after 85+ sailings, it is not enough to push me to spend Stupid $$$.
  4. I totally agree. IF people follow the parameters you mentioned. Which they are not. The highest infection rates this month are in states that never had a "lockdown" or had one and opened too early. And most never had a mask mandate, and had very low incidences of mask usage. Which, segueing to cruising, that we will not sail unless the cruise lines institute the following: 1) A required, pre-cruise, negative COVID test 2) Mandatory mask usage in all public areas. Not wear a mask? No need for the crew to fight the pax. They will be finding their home from the next port, on their own. 3) The ability to dine alone with a decent level of distancing.
  5. I understand. I only quoted and commented on your post because you really made it sound like they were locked down and the surge in cases was contemporaneous. They were 6 months apart and the surge only occurred after they opened everything up.
  6. Italy has absolutely NOT been locked down "for months." They only this week imposed some lockdown measures. Up until this point, in Italy, the following have been open all summer: What is open in Italy? All hotels and accommodation facilities have reopened providing that a safety distance of one metre is guaranteed in all common areas. Museums and other places of culture (libraries, archives, archaeological areas and parks and monumental complexes. All restaurants, pubs and bars. All beach activites. In addition, travel has been opened virtually completely to visitors from 26 nations. We have friends who have been to Italy twice in the last 2 months.
  7. HEPA filters. Not much loud singing on planes.
  8. We feel privileged to have sailed with Philip on his last sailing with Azamara (Feb/Mar). With lots of snafus on that sailing (ports were banning us left and right, the disembarkation port was changed twice, sailing cut short) Philip was, as always, doing a yeoman's job. Helping pax modify air/hotel/other reservations, usually sitting with them on the phone in his office. He will be missed, for certain.
  9. Plus Ponant (11 ships) which is right in the middle of this market niche.
  10. ECCruise


    You are gonna need to buy a sailboat, because even if YOU are "ready to sail," the cruise lines are not. Unlike some pax, the cruise lines realize that if they would start now and have any type of outbreak similar to those in March, cruising is over. Forever.
  11. Some examples of those requirements that have been bandied about (mostly by CLIA and the NCL/RCCL consortium). + Much more advanced medical centers including provisions for ICU. + Provisions with ports to accept infected pax if needed. + Pre-screening of all pax and crew + Re-screening during sailing + Reconfiguration and enhancement of all air filtration systems None of this is able to be done in a couple of weeks and I don't see notice of physical changes on the ships occurring now.
  12. Totally agree. Although we sail both, as do others, overall there is a difference in overall demographics. No reason to combine at all.
  13. Wouldn't be surprised. It makes contact tracing seamless. Like many things that may be introduced with a restart (required masks, staggered and enforced check-in times, set dining with small groups, e.g.) all will have to make a decision whether or not to cruise and follow the rules or not cruise at all. Don't see any middle ground.
  14. Gotta agree. We can all talk about "reduced capacity" and "what is the buffet going to be like?" and "will I have to wear a mask at the pool?" but until there is an effective vaccine I think there is zero chance that cruising will return to anything even remotely similar to the past experiences. Yes, there are some who are ready to rush to any ship, anywhere tomorrow (or at least say they are) but we've got a long way to go to recapture millions of cruisers hearts and minds.
  15. This is why we have and will continue to avoid Edge and Apex. Seeing people comment about Eden only reminded me how horrible the Bar at the Edge of the Earth was on the M class ships in 2005. And the music in the Martini Bar that was/is headache inducing. Although we still have a few =X= cruises booked, we are steadily migrating to Azamara (spoiler: If they survive). The overall vibe just fits better with us.
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