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  1. That will keep you well informed, then. Not a surprise, methinks.
  2. Nope. Was a long time conservative (40+ years) until the current mess abandoned those principles. But to think that the AIER or the AEI or CATO are unbiased sources is madness. I guess I should start quoting ANTIFA or CAP as unbiased sources. Which I wouldn't.
  3. Hmm. This ain't working out too well in Sweden where some were touting the "Swedish Miracle" only a few weeks ago. Death rate 8-10 times their Scandinavian neighbors. More importantly, perhaps, is their vaunted quest for herd immunity has resulted in less than 8% achievement of the goal as of this week. This also doesn't take into account that although the Swedish populace were not required to shelter in place, many took it upon themselves to do so. No one will ever know the true cost if the entire population had taken the "wide open" approach that some are still touting for here.
  4. That citation is almost 3 months old (from beginning of March) The world has changed in those 80 days or so. CDC recommends face covering now. Common sense recommends face covering now. That's enough for me. If I am wrong, I've invested a couple bucks in masks and the 5 seconds it takes to affix it to my face. If the "no mask" cadre is wrong....
  5. Yes. Let's do just like Sweden. Keep everything open, only those who want to stay in do so. No restrictions in place. Oops....
  6. Never sneezed or coughed with both hands occupied like carrying something in the house? Or working on a project with both hands? Sorry. Not saying it is every day but it happens. Really.
  7. OK. Fine. You are still stifling the sneeze. Which is the goal. The mask is to stifle the unexpected sneeze or cough. Or for people who don't properly cover it. Which happens to millions of people every day. That is the point. Why is this so tough?
  8. As I clearly said in the post you actually quoted they were "starting to analyze the data" BTW, for full disclosure, March 8 was well over 2 months ago. Things change as data is analyzed.
  9. It doesn't NEED to help in any other way, for heaven's sake. It only needs to stifle the sneeze or cough of the one wearing it. And might? Your no mask solution means ZERO CHANCE of stopping the sneeze/cough. And do you sell the radar you have equipped yourself with that allows you to "stay clear of anyone that might look sick or has sneezed?" You could sell millions of that device since no one, in the history of man, has ever had someone unexpectedly cough or sneeze near them. Your radar system would eliminate that possibility as you hustle out of their way.
  10. Every week? This is typical FBook BS. Several articles have been written about that. PolitiFact and MediaWise among others. How about one major restatement in over 3 months. And the early recommendation was because of fear of hording and starting to analyze the data. I can't believe in this day and age people either don't get the purpose of a cloth mask or simply continue to pretend to be uninformed. CDC. Today:
  11. I totally agree with you. I was being sarcastic. The evidence is heavily weighted on the side of asymptomatic transmission. Stupid to post a graphic some non-verifiable words on a cell phone. And I am NOT going to search to find the citation. Lazy posting.
  12. I guess I am confused by this whole mask shaming which is going in both directions here and throughout the US (but surprisingly, very little in other countries around the world). So here is my brief take: If you shame someone for wearing a mask, there is absolutely nothing that person can do that can affect your life. None. If you shame someone for not wearing a mask, there IS something that person can do to affect your life. The risk may be extremely low. But that behavior could, again, in a very rare instance, end your life. Big difference.
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