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  1. Or rent a car and do exactly that. Europcar is a 1 minute walk from the shuttle drop off. Maximize your day.
  2. That would be one long walk. At least 45 minutes (we've done it a few times, no longer do so). The only way to effectively do it is take the free shuttle to the shuttle station near the Hotel Traghetto (about 15 minutes with waits) Then either take the 2 or 3 Euro shuttle to the train station (10 minutes or so if they leave right away) or walk (20 minutes or so). That cuts the travel time down to 25 or 35 minutes. And then you need to do it in reverse when you return. Not alot to see in Rome for a couple of hours, honestly. Needs lots more time.
  3. Will love to hear your response if they announce that the live music has been cut back to only recordings, the lectures have been cancelled if they are not revenue generating and the prices of most interesting mains in the MDR are $25 per person, the drink package only includes beverages up to $5 including gratuity, etc. etc. etc. We find most of the onboard activities beyond boring after you've seen the same thing more than 5 times so yes, we do enjoy spending a quiet afternoon in our cabin watching a recent movie.
  4. Note to all those who said, basically, "if you don't like the change, deal with it. Find another cruise line." Just because it doesn't affect you doesn't mean that it is not important to other pax. This is why we stand up and voice our opinion. But yes, I agree. Just because they reversed a stupid decision does not earn kudos in our mind.
  5. We will be on Reflection twice in the next 6 months. Both before being Revolutionized. Thankfully.
  6. That was my first thought. When you board in Oz, you stay on. No getting off and getting back on. We've boarded a couple of times in Auckland but don't recall the rules there. Best to check for sure before making plans.
  7. ECCruise

    TA Balcony Deal

    The ones we see are for veranda guarantees. Maybe some other agency has different? For a specific cabin (V1, V2, V3) the prices are almost $3000 more than we had booked for. We eventually traded this cruise for another.
  8. I can honestly see all of the points of view here. Yes, the onboard experience at Azamara is truly wonderful. The crew, the staff, the food, all top notch. Worth more than any main stream line certainly. But I cannot see the "we aren't going to fall for the marketing gimmicks" meme. The gimmicks shouldn't be there. So, since we won't fall for them is it OK for someone new to the line to fall for them thinking they are going to get an experience that they are not going to get. $1000 per day for an interior on Azamara? C'mon, that is absolutely ridiculous and no amount of onboard service is going to position that as an acceptable value. And what Cruise Junky is saying has a lot of value. Every single sailing I look at has lots of cabins available. Every day I see Azamara cruisers posting on this venue that are leaving. And although there was a burst of Celebrity cruisers making the jump in the past I don't see that anywhere near as much. As much as we love Azamara, there is simply no way that it is worth 2-3 times what a similar Celebrity sailing is selling for. It really is a mess, frankly, and fueled by money bubbling out of a strong economy. When that fades, as it will, there are a lot of businesses, cruise lines among them, that are going to be doing a Wile E. Coyote.
  9. And one of those options, which many here are doing, is to express their displeasure.
  10. Of course anything can be discussed. But equating the changes that have happened over 40 years with a change that has happened recently (and will affect the enjoyment of a number of pax) seemed out of left field.
  11. I don't think we want to go back 30 years. This thread discusses things where you only have to go back a couple weeks.
  12. This, this a million times this. 🙂
  13. I think my issue with this faux sale is that I spent a big chunk of my career running large auto dealerships. Had our stores tried this distasteful gimmick we would have been hauled in front of every consumer protection agency in the state and been levied with huge fines and cease and desist orders. Not only do the cruise lines get away with it, people say, "oh well, it's just marketing." Another chunk of my career I spent in the marketing business. No, it's not.
  14. Since this ridiculous promotion has started, we have booked 3 other cruises on other lines (which started out by looking at Azamara sailings). Even though we have 4 Azamara sailings booked in the future, we are really tired of the games. Are people really stupid enough to book at these bogus prices?
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