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  1. Having been some of the very last pax to disembark Quest in Muscat 17 months (!!) ago, it is so gratifying to see her making her way towards open water! Godspeed.
  2. I am guessing they will do that in Cadiz after the hull is painted.
  3. No one said "constant." And does this mean that I have to return the 50 or so cruises that I took needing internet most days? And the income from said need paying all of those cruises? In full?
  4. I think first they will announce all the replacement cruises for Quest and Journey. Then start to roll out 2023 starting with Onward, which is only scheduled through 11/19/2022, ending in Pireaus.
  5. The difference between the experience in Dubrovnik the first time we visited (2001) and the last time we visited (2019) was night and day. I would hate to see the same thing happen in Kotor.
  6. This is what was sent with the last round of cancellations. No mention of Pursuit. We're excited to resume sailing again starting with Azamara Quest in Greece as planned starting August 28th, 2021. Shortly after Azamara Quest completes her Mediterranean season, she will head to the Caribbean as scheduled for three back-to-back Caribbean sailings, followed by a new selection of 2022 Caribbean sailings. The Azamara Journey will begin her Mediterranean season on October 13, 2021, as expected and will remain there through the Winter with a new selection of sailings to the Canary Islands, Greece and more. We are still finalizing these new itineraries, but we expect them to be available for sale in late July.
  7. They have said that they intend to release Caribbean and some Canary itineraries some time at the end of the month. No details, though.
  8. Royal is using Ravenna and offer a free shuttle from Marco Polo to the pier. They saw the writing on the wall and shifted all sailings from Venice to Ravenna before the announcement. But yes, it is a 2-2 1/2 hour jaunt to Ravenna.
  9. Yes. The price is all in, no deductions. And keeping OBC out of the equation makes sense.
  10. 17 day crossing on Getaway on December 5 from Civitavecchia. CAT MB. Approximate booked price with all perks around $4500.
  11. That is also our "go to" for land tours. Booked 2 last week in the Baltic and Ireland next spring.
  12. That may very well be, but using our sailing (Getaway 17 day crossing) which has gone up over $2500 since we booked it, the price would have drop more than half to make it even approaching a bargain. And since that sailing is fairly well sold, although I see a price drop likely, but not likely to be half.
  13. Have to agree. Although we do have a number of cruises booked (lots of work getting decent pricing) we have added a good deal more land trips. The pros are lower pricing (sometimes a lot), 4 and 5 star hotels usually, seeing portions of countries not accessible to cruisers. The cons, for us, are needing to move every few days rather than unpacking once and sometimes longer coach rides (although often broken up with sightseeing and lunch).
  14. Having done over 30 crossings, I have watched the prices move up steadily over the last 6 or so years. This started before the pandemic and the shutdown. The reason? Crossings became very trendy, largely because of their once lower price. They are a victim of their own success. It is just like the pricing for suites. They became real trendy and prices have doubled and tripled since the time we usually sailed in suites. They are now far beyond what we feel is realistic, like the majority of crossings.
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