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  1. We were on the Quest's Antarctica cruise this past fall. We opted for the $400 unlimited internet package which we shared between the 2 of us and were happy with it, although the band width is not close to what you find on land. The free laundry machine are very large and are often not being used.
  2. On my many days on board Cunard, I have never seen box lunches available. Actually I have never seen them available on any other lines as well. And reading this discussion, I can understand why cruise ships avoid this service.
  3. We often don't know exactly where we are going and when, but we know that we will return to Cunard so we make an open deposit for a future booking and eventually get a modest amount of OBC.
  4. One of my favorite features on the QM2, or the other Queens. We love Bamboo and Coriander, but always have to ask for extra spice in our dishes. Sometimes we are successful. But always the menus are interesting and well-executed.
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  6. Probably just a promotion, an advertisement for Cunard with models looking way to young and beautiful to match up with the typical Cunard customer like me.
  7. Thanks for the info and link. We will probably experience Club Orange on our next HAL cruise.
  8. On the Noordam in April/May, the Pinnacle breakfast was available and was OK, not fabulous, but few things on the sad Noordam were fabulous. Could someone explain what Club Orange is? Have not yet experienced it.
  9. Thanks for highlighting this great feature on Cunard. We especially like Coriander and Bamboo, although we have to ask the chef to ramp up the spice content, and are not always successful in obtaining cooperation. These alternative restos always present a feast and the $20 cover charge is a bargain, especially compared to the charge for the Verandah ($50?) which IMHO is not worth it. We think the alternatives are usually better than the cuisine in the Grills, where we usually travel. Downside: Cunard has a hard time dressing up the dining area in the Lido/Kings Court, which in spite of the table cloths, still looks like a high school cafeteria...Try to not sit next to the milk machine. We are back on the QM2 in September and will look for Coriander or Bamboo for a treat.
  10. As always, Phil has provided good advice and guidance to the questions originally asked. We too have had some experience with the suite butlers and I can speak to my experience. They do a great job on basic stateroom maintenance, but did not provide a lot more than that. Your butler may help you pack if you ask, but it will not be a priority in his busy schedule. Don't expect Downton Abbey.
  11. Hello Everyone: We are Ron and Tom from Oakland California, on this crossing on the QM2, headed eventually to France. Been on lots of QM2 crossings before and wondering if anyone out there will be joining us? Anyway, we will be at the LGBT meet-up at the Commodore Club.
  12. Hello Everyone: We are Ron and Tom from Oakland California, on this crossing on the QM2, headed eventually to France. Been on lots of QM2 crossings before and wondering if anyone out there will be joining us? Anyway, we will be at the LGBT meet-up at the Commodore Club.
  13. The two of us always take 4 bags plus 2 carry-ons on board. We can fit the 4 bags under the bed. There is a lot of room in a Britannia suite to accommodate luggage.
  14. We are on the Journey in November for a crossing. I am a blackjack player and enjoy my time in the casino in the evening, so I'm disappointed with the change at AZ. I will give the electronic machines a try, but it's not the same. I like the conviviality of sitting at a table with fellow players and often make friends. I have even won a blackjack tournament on AZ and have my trophy on my desk! In the past on AZ the casino has attracted a lively group of players. We don't even consider Viking because of the lack of casino. I will see how it goes...maybe I will be pleased with the money I save by not gambling! On the other hand, I may decide that AZ will no longer be right for me. The casinos on Seabourn, Cunard, Oceania, and HAL continue to be active and fun.
  15. This seems tacky to me. Just my opinion.
  16. We were on the Victoria from San Francisco to Sydney, part of their World Cruise, in 2019. It was a good experience overall and got us to Australia without jet lag or stress!
  17. Very clever ideas. Thanks to everyone. I book in advance only the excursions that are extremely special that I have my heart set on and don't want to miss. But now I have some new ideas.
  18. It could be worse...take a look at Cunard which has the same bad service but without an unlimited option. At least on SB we are able to buy unlimited at $400, and for a long cruise, that is a good buy. But still, we go a little crazy having to take our devices into ports to find good wifi just to perform basic functions, like banking and keeping in touch with family and friends at home.
  19. Probably not the kind you would find in a specialty coffee store. The flavor is more like you would find from a machine in an airport lounge. Acceptable but not great.
  20. I remember one CC post where a Cunard cruiser reported wheeling a case of wine on board. I do not doubt that it happened, but I think he was pushing the envelope, just a teensy bit.
  21. There are good vegetarian options on the menu in the dining room each evening. This is something that HAL does very well. We like the pastas and the ethnic dishes, especially Indonesian.
  22. Cunard allows you to be an adult and to take on board whatever you can carry. Be prepared to pay a corkage fee in a restaurant or a bar. Drink with abandon in your stateroom. Bottoms up!
  23. I haven't received any offers in a long time. And I disembarked the Noordam May 19 after lots of blackjack play on board.
  24. Try to find out how long the docking in Nawilliwilli will be. We were there for only 5 hours from the Noordam and thus there was not enough time to do much. I walked from the port into the little shopping/tourist area and there were only a few shops and restaurants, but a lovely beach. With more time, one could take an interesting bus tour or rent a car. Kauai is a spectacularly beautiful island but you have to get away from the port.
  25. IMHO, the changes in the refurbishing a couple of years ago were mostly improvements. As others have written Carinthia is a huge improvement over the Winter Garden which was usually empty. As a result, Carinthia often attracts a good group of folks having a lovely time. And King's Court is vastly improved in traffic flow and design, even though I usually avoid it. I am not a big fan of the center atrium and believe, IMHO, the redesign did not improve. We love this ship and never tire of the crossings.
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