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    FOD Meetings On Holland America

    On our last HAL cruise, our small LGBT meet-up included two gay male couples, one lesbian couple, and one male-female couple . The last 2 might have been BI, not sure. But anyway they were cool people on an around-the-world adventure and we were happy to have met them. We continued to hang out with them (music trivia, etc.) throughout the cruise,
  2. King's Court buffet is also open for dinner. And then there is room service, if you can all jam into a room together. The Maitre'd may be able to accommodate your group at the second seating in the Britannia, as there are usually some empty tables for that less-popular seating. We love the specialty dining in the King's Court, and our favorites are the Indian dinner and the Pan-Asian dinner. However note that the chef has never been willing to respond to our requests for extra spicy food. And try as they might to dress up the King's Court area at night, it still seems like a cafeteria. Try not to sit next to the milk machine and avoid the food fights.
  3. tv24

    Flexibility of dining time

    You can try, but as others have suggested, the early seating is in high demand. And there is no flexibility to seat between the seatings. So good luck.
  4. I think Big Mike summed it up. Your butler will arrange for some nibbles for your family and you can share you bar set-up that you get with your QG suite. Otherwise you will have to pay for the booze and drinks. Free shoe shines, big deal. We had one butler who impressed us with his ability to deliver basic continental breakfast items quickly at our request. We had another butler who was worthless, less able than a cabin steward in Britannia Class.
  5. Not sure of the exact time, but it will be very early if you dare eat there.
  6. tv24

    Elite Drink Package

    The Elite package is indeed expensive, but...We love to drink wine with dinner and a glass after dinner is nice as well. The limited selection in the Signature package was not suited to us wine snobs so we splurged on Elite and will do so again on the Noordam in April. Nice to have access to cocktails and coffee drinks as well. We love our lattes.
  7. tv24

    Using my complementary 2 hour internet

    Good to know as we are boarding a 2-segment cruise next week.
  8. tv24

    Using my complementary 2 hour internet

    Make sure you log off when your are finished. Make sure you log off when your are finished. Make sure you log off when your are finished. Oh, and did I remind you to log off when you are finished?
  9. tv24

    TA with Cunard experience

    Perhaps when you are on your next Cunard trip, you can have this conversation with your fellow passengers. This is how we chose our TA. We met some fellow PAX in the Commodore Club who raved about their TA. We hired him and now we rave about him. Perhaps you can raise this question at a Cruise Critic Meet and Greet.
  10. Hi Cliff: Just responded to another thread where you posted.. We will see you on board! We will be returning from a long adventure Down Under.
  11. Good Evening to All: We are Tom and Ron from Oakland, California and are on this Pacific crossing. We have sailed HAL a number of times and are looking forward this this leisurely route back to North America after our Australian adventure.
  12. tv24

    FOD Meetings On Holland America

    Cliff: Pretty amazing, we will be on the same crossing, coming back to North America after a couple of months Down Under. We will look for you on board, especially at any LGBT meet-ups. We are Tom and Ron from Oakland, California, sailed a few times on HAL. Happy travel planning.
  13. tv24

    FOD Meetings On Holland America

    We've had similar experience to Robert and Dennis. For longer cruises, some folks do show up. And there can be some flexibility in scheduled time. On the other hand, for a week-long cruise, none of the many LGBT folks on board showed up other than us. I think lots of PAX were traveling in groups of family members or friends.
  14. tv24

    New York

    I've never taken the ferry from Red Hook to Manhattan, but lots of Cruise Critic folks recommend it, just like Majortom. I think it is your best option for a quick and inexpensive trip into Manhattan, and it will deliver you close to the 9/11 memorial site. Should be a fun ride as well with some great views of the skyline.
  15. tv24

    Holland America Internet Packages

    Thanks for the info. Useful in our planning.
  16. Anybody else want to join this roll call?
  17. tv24

    Komodo Dragons shore trip

    We took the short trip a few years ago. It was indeed extremely hot and humid. In fact, I was so drenched with sweat that a fellow passenger checked in with me to make sure I was OK. But it was worth it to see and photograph the amazing dragons. The guides do an excellent job to keep you safe. The shopping option is worthless so skip it.
  18. tv24

    QM2 Princess Grill Dining Room

    Cruiseluvva: We actually had a similar experience a number of years ago, but with French wine and not champagne. The wine steward was very curious about the various aspects of the unusual wine and he came back to us several ties with questions. He also was very pleased to open a different wine.
  19. tv24

    QM2 Princess Grill Dining Room

    Yes, and I think Stella has it right.
  20. Roscoe: I hope you make it. You seem to thoroughly enjoy Cunard so it would be fun to sail with you. I will cross a few fingers as well. Best of luck! Tom
  21. Thanks, Roscoe! Will you be on the Victoria crossing of the Pacific next month?
  22. We board Feb. 6, so these menus are useful. Thanks! But ultimately disappointing and probably not worth the cost of the upsale. We'll look for the pop-up restaurants in the buffet at night. Enjoyed those on the QM2.
  23. tv24

    On Quest Jan 13 - Feb 3, 2019

    Arzz: You are in for an incredible adventure. We were on the Quest just a few weeks ago and found the whole Antarctica experience to be surreal. Way exceeded our expectations. Say hi to the penguins and whales for us!
  24. tv24


    Some are deterred, I am sure. As an alternative they could include photos of the ships with the staff posing, or just the ships with no people. And there is nothing wrong with using models that look like all of us! I must say that this is not really a concern of mine, only a source of amusement.
  25. Am encouraged that the Noordam limits casino smoking. We are on for 22 days in April and I like to play cards, but hate smoking. So I will avoid on smoking nights.