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  1. I once met a very wise woman on another line (Azamara) who said that if one conducted a survey of passengers regarding how much they paid for the cruise, one would find that each one had a somewhat different fare. And revealing this information would cause some PAX to have the best cruise of their lives, while others would have the worst. So the best strategy was to avoid the subject altogether. Wise advice.
  2. The Greek Covid curfew will be somewhat relaxed starting Monday, May 3. Curfew hours will begin at 11:00 PM. And outdoor seating will be allowed at "catering establishments." This should be attractive to cruise passengers, both pre- and post-cruise stays, as well as day excursions while on board.
  3. It is my understanding that the new guidelines require that almost all crew members be vaccinated. It might take some time for Cunard to assemble a vaccinated crew. However, I am now a bit more hopeful that my Dec. 3 QM2 crossing will sail.
  4. IMHO the difference between the Verandah and the Penthouse is square footage. It's all about the real estate. With the extra space, the PH has a table and chairs, more complete separation of the bed from the sitting area, and a larger balcony. In the PH you can have a few friends over for cocktails, a little difficult to do in a Verandah. However the price differential is substantial, so if space is not important, then the PH would not be a good buy. Like M. L., I agree that the Seabourn Stewardesses are more than competent, and that I have found butlers on ships to be a bit Lah-Dee-Dah.
  5. Indeed. I did some internet checking for US passengers. One can fly directly to Bridgetown everyday from JFK New York on Jet Blue. But the only other direct option is from Miami which American services only a couple of days per week.
  6. We usually travel Princess Grill and order espresso or a latte after lunch and with breakfast in the Grill restaurant. No problem. So, yes, unless you plan to spend a lot of time in Sir Samuel's, which is a lovely space BTW, the pre-paid coffee package is not a good buy.
  7. Thanks to everyone for the info. Now I won't have to bother to watch.
  8. I finally got around to checking the Seabourn website on these cruises. Cruise only fare for 14-day sailing is around $640 pp per day, so in the ball park. But we would have preferred to wait until later in the season, and unless I'm missing something, it appears that the Ovation stops sailing Aug. 28 and does not start up again until around Oct. 16 when it heads to Singapore. Anyone know where the Ovation will be for September and early October?
  9. I think a good estimate of price would be to look at the Encore cruises currently on sale for summer 2021 in the Med. Looks like around $600 PP per day. In the normal ballpark for Seabourn and a reasonable price considering what you get included.
  10. We read news of these sailings today and are very interested, especially considering that we had to scuttle a trip to Greece that we had planned for October, 2020 that included a sailing on Seabourn. I am a little anxious about booking the first 2 sailings as July will be the initial sailings of many lines and I will want to see how things go. Maybe September?
  11. One of our favorite places in the world is Collioure, France, a couple of hours from BCN. It's a lovely seaside town that was home to the Fauvist painters for a while. Best place to stay is Casa Pairal. The region around Collioure is fun to explore, and there are beautiful towns on the Catalan coast north of BCN.
  12. If you want to book a segment of the 2023 World Cruise on the Sojourn, the segments are available now.
  13. It was a cozy party. Cozy but fun.
  14. As a resident of the US, I would not be eligible. But, my deal breaker is limited seating in dining and drinking venues that would result in waiting lines and resorting to eating and drinking isolated in one's stateroom.
  15. Ir's all about the real estate. The Penthouse is noticeably larger than the Verandah with room for dining (as Jenni wrote) and room to entertain guests. We have friends who entertained a party of 10 in their Penthouse, something you could not easily do in a Verandah.
  16. We do enjoy our wine with dinner, a Guinness in the Pub, and a cocktail before dinner. But we have found that the Cunard drinks package is not a good buy. If it is offered as a promotion, we happily accept.
  17. I am very sorry for all of you with these recent cancellations. We too have experienced multiple cancellations during 2020 and the deep disappointment is still with me. We are booked on the QM2 for a Dec. 3 NY departure, after the still-scheduled Caribbean trip. Sadly I am not optimistic,
  18. While we have enjoyed several very pleasant voyages on HAL, IMHO HAL does not sail any ship that can compare to Cunard's QM2. It's because of the QM2 and its elegant public rooms and spaciousness that we will return to Cunard more frequently than HAL.
  19. My thoughts: I would be willing to wear a mask on board but there are 2 deal breakers for me: We like DIY in most ports, so if all PAX must tour in a cruise-organized group, we would not be interested in any port-intensive cruise. Second, we love the conviviality aboard Seabourn, and if that is discouraged by restricting dining groups, distancing in the bars, etc., traveling on Seabourn would not be the same for us, so we would not be interested. With all such restrictions, I suppose we could live with a short TA, but that's about it. And then there are possible restrictions on embarking
  20. This is of great concern to us and thus we have not booked anything in 2021 or 2022 on Seabourn. The conviviality on Seabourn ships is one of the great attractions for us. Because of the open seating in all dining areas, we love being able to assemble an impromptu group for a dinner or lunch, or make a same-day date with another couple. If that were not possible, I think we would skip Seabourn, except for maybe a short TA.
  21. In fact we have booked a RT TA on the QM2 for December with this very situation in mind. No sun, no outdoors without heavy coats, but we will be quite content to enjoy the splendor of the QM2, as long as the restrictions on board are not too restrictive.
  22. Over the years we have had several cancellations, a couple because we reconsidered or changed our plans, and a few more due to Covid. All were booked through our TA, and he and his company never charged a cancellation fee.
  23. I guess you didn't like HAL, Markham! And I also have to say that I sort of agree. We've sailed HAP a number of times, partially because a family member is a frequent customer. Our last trip was a trans-Pacific that had its pleasant moments, especially the terrific music in BB King's Lounge, but otherwise pretty much as you described. The ship was truly in rundown condition, sort of like a bad motel in a rural area along the Interstate. But for the right itinerary, I would consider HAL again, although we would book a Neptune Suite and that would probably be more expensive tha
  24. Totally agree. And we too had the experience of long lines on HAL to wait for a "freedom table." We switched to a set dining time and the same table each evening.
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