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  1. miss_rach

    Bonaire must do

    If we rent a golf cart can we bring it and park it at the water taxi for a few hours to catch it over to Klien Bonaire? I've been told if I want to snorkel its the best place out of all three (ABC) Islands to do it at.
  2. Looking to find a place that has some good fresh sea food and really fresh Conch. Can you all point out a few places where we can find that? Cheers!
  3. Where /who did you rent the golf cart through? I'd rather do it once I get to the port vs up front just in case we decide not to do it.
  4. With the Island being sort of small thinking about seeing if a golf cart can be rented? If so where and who do I need to talk to about renting one? Is that the best way to see the Island?
  5. Wife and I are on Carnival to the ABC's. We plan to do the normal stuff on them but wonder if there is a run distillery on one of the 3 ABS's that we can get to? If a few which are the better ones to get to visit? Cheers!
  6. Just signed up on a Carnival trip down there in 2020 and have never been to Bonaire. I love to snorkel and this is great info as the wife doen'st like to really get in the water that much and this sounds like I can get some snorkeling in for some time and have time to spare to do other things!!
  7. We just returned on Carnival Paradise and in Cozumel scheduled a private tour with Black Hat Cozumel, link up time was 11 AM as the ship didn't dock until 1015. We got off went to the taxi stand looked for the van with Black Hat and found it and introduced ourselves, Eli, he said he just arrived and we were not scheduled until noon (REMEMBER: Cozumel is 1 hr ahead EST) he went and told his boss and got the all clear and off we went. He took us to a tequila tour stop, then to the other side of the Island for a few drink stops and to a beach where we were the only ones on it!! and thanks to Dorian there were 5 ships in port that day!!!! We then went to see the light house on the way back. I asked hi mif he could stop at a place that had fresh conch and he made a few calls and found a great place that had some of the best conch ceviche we've had in a long time. IF you all have done to standard cozumel stuff and want something different contact Black Hat tours on fb and schedule a tour with them!! They are the best and come at a great price!
  8. Going to be in Grand Cayman for the day on a Carnival ship and looking to see where we can find some fresh conch and/or conch fritters? We don't have much planned excpet we have to find some of the local Big Black Dick Rum's, once we find them we can go where ever for the fresh conch. Cheers!
  9. I have to find it while we are there in 2 weeks. Can I purchase it in most bottle shops or do I need to find the distillery or a certian place that sells it? The last 2 times we were there I don't recall seeing it so I'm thinking we need to go to a specific place to get it. Cheers!!
  10. Thinking about going with them when we are in Cozumel. Have been there numerous times and have done most the same things...beach, snorkel, a few of the AI's. Thinking about something different as we are there until 8PM as well. Someone told me to go with Black Hat Tour Guide and Liz Lopez. Thoughts on this company? Same person said $90/PP for 3 hours an additional $25/hr if we wish to do more. What are some recommendations to do different than what I've listed we have done above? Sights, out door things, scenery, tequilla distillery, different places to shop than down town, some good local food, etc.... We want to do either 3 or 4hrs max.... Thanx for any help!
  11. We are thinking about doing one of these and will look at them all ....cheers!
  12. Looking for places to find once we get done with the beach and shopping where we can get some fresh conch (either fritters or even better Ceviche) Any recommendations either around the port or else where? Cheers!
  13. This will be our third trip /stop at the Island on our upcoming cruise. Rather than doing the normal stuff on the Island for the hours we are there we are thinking about getting someone to take us out to tour the crystal Caves. Does anyone know of a good tour guide that I can get in touch with about getting us out to see the caves. Cheers!
  14. Good info on how to get in contact with them! Cheers! We'll be there 2 Sept, on Carnival Paradise
  15. On the Vista and get into port 7/17/2018 I can't seem to figure out if we dock down in the SE in La Romana or up on the N-NW part of the Island at Amber Cove. I seen an article that says Port of Amber Cove Amber Cove is an $85 million port in the Dominican Republic developed for cruise passengers by Carnival Corporation. Just trying to figure out where we port as there is a big difference in port locations and what we plan to do. Cheers!
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