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  1. OK..thanx! How do we get to Hobby? We have and don't plant to rent a car.
  2. We are doing the 12 day Panama Canal cruise May 21, leaving out of Port Canaveral, FL and ending up in the Port of Galveston. Have to fly back home to Tampa. Looking at catching a one way direct flight from Houston back to Tampa. Anyone that has done a cruise in/out of Galveston how did you get to the Port from Houston? Its not close, maybe 1 hr ride. Looking for shuttle recommendations etc... Cheers!
  3. So we are ending our Panama Canal in Galveston. Have to fly back from to Tampa. I see there are a few different airports in Houston . We would rather take a non-stop from Houston to Tampa. I think IAH has more direct than the other airport. My question is how do we get from the Galveston Port (Carnival) to Houston? I really don't want to rent a car..is there shuttles organized by Carnival or third party vendors that will run us to Houston. It looks to be at least 60 minutes (probably more) as we get back into Port on a Friday morning. Recommendations? Cheers!
  4. Thanx we'll use it to help us to figure out somet hings to do when we hit the port.
  5. This is the only ABC Island we have not been to and have heard some say it has some of the best snorkeling in the entire Caribbean. Looking for some recommendations for some beach snorkeling. I have my own equipment and very experienced/strong swimmer. My wife doesn't snorkel so need to find a place we can take a bus/taxi, etc...with a place for her to sit for a few hours in a chair and that sells drinks and maybe snacks while I do some snorkeling. Thanx for the help!
  6. miss_rach

    Bonaire must do

    If we rent a golf cart can we bring it and park it at the water taxi for a few hours to catch it over to Klien Bonaire? I've been told if I want to snorkel its the best place out of all three (ABC) Islands to do it at.
  7. With the Island being sort of small thinking about seeing if a golf cart can be rented? If so where and who do I need to talk to about renting one? Is that the best way to see the Island?
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