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  1. Well I am going to hold on to that with lots of hope! did I mention I need a vacation?
  2. Wasn't the Legend the ship that had this odd "undersea" passageway on one of the mid-decks? One thing I liked about the Legend was how much community space it had. I sailed before the last dry-dock and have now booked for 2021 in Europe. I was glad to see they had added Guy's since the last cruise. I also remember they had an indoor pool (it was Alaska so maybe a retractable roof?).
  3. Oh, but there are so many bars on Mardi Gras. Surely we can find one we like. 😃
  4. Besides shore excursions, etc? I have added stuff to my Amazon wish list. I am waitng (not very patiently).
  5. I think I have 600 or more OBC for a cruise that was rebooked with FCC from a covid canceled cruise. That is a lot to use for one cruise (for me). I wonder if anyone has been able to call and talke CCL into dividing that and using some on another booked cruise. I have 3 c ruises booked for 2021. I really just need a vacation.
  6. So it can be two 6 packs and doesn't have to be in a 12 pack box? I am asking because I prefer ginger-ale and not always easy to find in port in case. Also FYI the gingerale on the ship is not 12oz cans. I felt cheated.
  7. So, CCL hasn't taken posession of the ship yet? Don't they need to get to US waters soon so they can fulfill all those CDC requirements before February 6?
  8. I hope you cruise. I love the Breeze. So ready to go on a cruise again. Doesn't really matter where. Just need a vacation.
  9. I sailed on the Sunrise in September and I am not sure where all the negative reviews came from. The ship was fine. The design is a little different and requires some patience but all the amenities you expect are there. I didn't notice overcrowding anymore than any other ship I've been on. The service I received from the room steward, guest serices, dining staff, etc was the same good service I always see with Carnival. No complaints.
  10. Unrelated to OP but a question all the same. I am sailing in May and my cabin mate has already decided not to go. Right now, I have not checked in to the cruise. I was told by CCL agent that changing my booking to a single would incur a penalty. I have read on here that a "no-show" is the way to go. So, this sounds like I need to go ahead and "check-in" this cabin mate initially to avoid any extra fees. I was already paying the full fare for myself and this other person so that is not a loss to me. Am I right in my undestaning? Thanks.
  11. Thanks for these answers. I am cruising in February.
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