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  1. I called to take advantage of a price drop and casually mentioned I might be traveling solo on the cruise. It is a 9 night cruise out of Barcelona. I have to pay the fare whether my daughter goes or not so that doesn't worry me. The agent told me if I changed at this point (still before final payment due) there would be $800 in penalties. I find this ridiculous and hard to believe. To be safe, I may have to go with the no-show, also. I have booked several solo cruises and cannot believe it would be less expensive to book 2 in the room and then have them "no-show".
  2. I have cruised solo a few times. (Also, emtpy nester and single.) Last cruise was my first reservation at steakhouse made with the understanding that some CC roll call members wanted to be included. Although I left a note reminder at their cabin. They did not show. I ate alone at a table but the table was very close to another couple who were only on their first course and we had nice dinner conversation. I wouldn't hesitate to do this again. I am all for solo dining or anything else. Traveling to NYC in Sept for 3 nights before Sunrise cruise. My first trip there and I am really looking forward to it and the east coast itenirary.
  3. Hello, I am on the Sept 22 sailing. Was lookin forward to sale away but I'll go with the flow. My real concern now is transportation. I am staying at a midown hotel near Empire State. Originally, figured a taxi woul be easiest to get to the pier. I have luggage and do not want to manage it on the subway. Suggestions? What car service may I ask?
  4. So, this may be a silly/naive question but if I take a taxi from my hotel in midtown what do I need to tell the driver (will they know?) to get to the pier for a Carnival cruise? I am solo with luggage and would rather take a taxi than public transport. Thanks,
  5. I am a solo traveler on Carnival Sunrise. Will there be transportation from the port to Halifax proper, or is it walkable? I like exploring on my own and haven't really seen any excursions I want to take.
  6. Thanks for the info on this thread. I am traveling in May 2020 and have always done Caribbean cruises. I didn't know if it was possible to walk off the ship and grab transport on your own as you do in the islands. It is good to know there are some options. I found a good website for the Mediterranean in general for figuring out the transport options called: Mediterranean Cruise Ports Easy.
  7. I like the idea of "Taormina On Your Own" but Carnival lists this excursion as $70 for adult. Now I know about Euro/dollar exchanges but still isn't this a lot of money for transport per person? Am I missing something? Perhaps you paid less?
  8. I recommend PorttoPort Shuttle. Best price and very friendly service.
  9. Thanks for all the useful information on this board. I will be in Boston with Carnival on Sept 27 from 8am til 4pm. I would like options to explore on my own as I am traveling solo. Would like to walk/see the Freedom Trail. I am also interested in seeing Harvard or at least a gift shop selling their apparel. Would like to know how easy and inexpensive it might be to find transportation to get to Harvard for only 1 person (Is it worth my while). Or are there gift shops in the tourist areas around the Freedom trail selling Harvard apparel? I also enjoy historic (old) cemeteries and would like to know if there are any in the area worth visiting. Thanks in advance for any advice or help.
  10. Hello. Enjoyed this thread. I will be in Boston in September on Carnival. We are there until 10pm. Is the MBTA a good option for returning late in the evening? Can you enjoy walking around public areas after dark? I assume the public gardens close at sunset? I am not interested in a baseball game. I would like to just enjoy the city.
  11. Looking forward to trying Alchemy for the first time on the Breeze next week since I have Cheers for the first time.
  12. Love the kiss on the lips. It has some kind of mango puree in it. Very sweet. Very "tropical" to me
  13. I am sailing on Breeze on Feb 9 and already booked my spa pass. I love the T-pool. I love that it is kid-free and the sound of the water prevents conversation. It is so relaxing. I love to lie on the thermal benches staring out to sea and reading my book. Can hardly wait to board. The only thing missing is someone to bring me drinks with little umbrellas. (I know not a good idea probably).
  14. When my daughter was 15 she was in line to get off in port and a few people got between us. When they scanned her card, they did stop her. She said my mom is back there and I waived. I could have been someone she had just met - they were not that particular. Then, she was 15 not a young child.
  15. I really thought I liked mint until I tried my first Mojito. Turns out I like peppermint, as in peppermint mocha, york peppermint patties and Uncle Bob's peppermint candy. Can't stand the taste of fresh mint.
  16. Thanks for the advice about water. I had thought I would order some bottled water with my drink orders to keep on hand. I am accustomed to pre-ordering water but figured Cheers would cover that, too., I usually drink a lot of water while onboard anyway because I use the patch for motion sickness and it makes you thirsty. I didn't mention I also plan to take advantage of the coffee bar. The coffee on Lido is not very good to me. I am looking forward to trying some after dinner drinks and coffee drinks, too.
  17. Thanks for this. I just went and checked. Good to know how much I have.
  18. I didn't even know this was an option.
  19. I am doing Cheers for the first time on my Feb 9 Breeze Cruise. I have never been a big drinker so would like to take this opportunity to try new things. My tastes generally follow - sweet (not dry) wines and fruit cocktails. I am not a fan of Tequila. I have a list of cocktails to try but would also like to know about different spirits and wines to try. I am looking forward to the Alchemy bar, too. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
  20. I am not sure how relevant this is but I had a cruise with a $98 deposit for 2 people. I let it go without every canceling. No further penalties have been seen. Maybe the OP has $198 in deposits? I've also canceled a cruise and applied all but the canceling charge to another cruise.
  21. I am sure someone else may say this better but Carnival does not have a point system. They have a "cruise days" system. You do not get any rewards for paying more whether it is a better cabin, a solo trip (thus essentially paying for two people), or a higher rate because of the season.
  22. Thanks for the reminder. On my upcoming trip, I am doing San Juan on my own and will definitely need a map.
  23. Tried this once. Can't remember which ship (Conquest, maybe). They had no idea what I was talking about. Of course, this was the same ship where they told me I couldn't get Sangria onboard.
  24. I've done the other side when there were multiple ships present. If you have good water shoes and get out to where you don't have to touch and float it's not bad. I've always thought the pool belonged to Margaritaville. I feel like I need to spend money when I'm there. We were there last Christmas and the pool was really to cool for my taste. Awesome pictures of your daughter by the ship's photographer. My cruise is still 38 days away and sitting here at work you have really transported me to the Carribean with your pictures and review. Thanks so much.
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