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  1. In 17 cruises only booked an inside once . This was done due to being a Sunday standing on Castle island watching a HA ship sail by. We decided to try and book the next cruise HA leaving that Friday doing Canada & bring us home to Boston .Only 1 room remained an INSIDE. I was a little apprehensive. We both had the best most restful sleeping . However after the recent quarantines on cruise ships I'll never book an inside again .
  2. Thanks everyone who gave answers & info .
  3. Hi all I did try hard to find the answer to this easy question. Which deck is set standard seating dining on deck 2 or 3?. Also is late seating still 8pm ?. Any thoughts on table choices for 2 - table 230,224 look good .
  4. Last year we had cabin 1610. Large balcony , nice room placement near elevators. Zero noise from above as the full moon party was moved inside for due to rain . Thank goodness. This year 12/2019 we stayed in 1549 . Window washer equipment was a none issue. Balcony was in total shade due to overhang & noise from above was early in am chairs dragging .
  5. ok ... I can't take it . You eat & drink like a king . Yet you are so slim ! Give up the secret?. Please😁
  6. The daily lists the bar as closed till 5:00pm ?. How was this cocktail obtained ? Speacial powers 😎 I have been a ghost reading all your reviews . Enjoy reading a fun but factually backed up review.
  7. MisterMet!! First your pictures are fabulous actually capturing interesting views . Please keep those great shots coming . Second Hilton Marina is our favorite god views , lovely rooms . Your pictures & review did it justice . Lastly nice review ... will return to Equinox in December ( only 2nd time on this ship) with our friends . It's their first cruise so I'm sure your review will add to the adventure. Thank you for taking the time to post .
  8. Yes have used when booking past 10 cruises . Good prices just review every document . Unfortunately our agent has made many errors on our last 2 bookings online . The good news is they honored ther price mistakes in our favor . The agent before her was a snob . Other 7 agents no problems .
  9. Thank you excellent tip !
  10. Yes on roll call no direct info .Port of call info was for expensive private charter or JVD on our own .
  11. Hello all 😀Ports of call in both St Thomas and Tortola. Would like to visit by group charter catamaran/sail /boat .We are a group of 4 adults. Which location would you recommend booking excursion from ?. Any thoughts on JVD / White bay ?.Do not wish to book with cruise ship and not able to do a private charter.
  12. Totally agree. I miss sun loungers by the pool that are not just occupied by books & hats on them all day .
  13. El Convento is lovely. We stayed at this beautiful historic hotel pre cruise . Nice pool on the rooftop. Easy walking distance to fort & shops in Old San Juan .
  14. Unfortunately I have Meniere's dz. Our last cruise I did have two attacks . The first was when the boat was docked . We went to Blu for breakfast. The humming/ rumble of engine along with the visual stimulation of the chandelier moving was way to much . Had attack that lasted over 4 hours . I missed going on shark tour . My advice to you is be careful when choosing seats. The sea movements did not seem to bother me & fresh air helps.Good luck . Hope you are able to fully enjoy your cruise.
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