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  1. I was assuming even the suite guests paid even an additional fee for what I saw. How many are there? If there are only a few it must be a blood bath to get one.
  2. I found it secure too. There is also a button on the railing at the bottom of the stairs that opens the gate.
  3. Definitely none of those on Symphony! I assume they were not free 🙂
  4. I am not sure what you are considering cabanas as I have never been on the suite deck on other Oasis class ships, but we hung out on the Suite sun deck on Symphony every day of our sailings in November in March. The bar was always quiet. There are what we were calling cabanas, but I guess they were just special loungers. Right underneath the slides they have 2 solo ones where we were most of the time because of the shade. There are 4-5 bigger ones around the corner that could fit 2. Both were comfy with lots of pillows. I did not take picks but found these online. I did not notice any private areas.
  5. I am having the same issue. I find it works better if you search first then try to switch to CAD then search again. I just keep trying and it works eventually
  6. You can book Next Cruise onboard and get your OBC for booking then call the casino when you get home and apply the certificate you earn.
  7. With Choice you do not get any certificates automatically. You can earn them on a cruise by gambling points on that sailing - ie if you get $100 for every 400 pts which you can use for a cruise booked within 30 days and sailing within a year. If you get to 2400 pts you get a free cruise certificate and would become Prime for the following year. I am not sure if it would make you prime for the rest of this year.
  8. Depending on what level you are you will get a discount. Mine would have been $500 off (Prime). It should say the trade in value on the site
  9. The offers definitely disappear after you use them. This week Hubby and I have used the Summer Sizzle, Tax day one, and the Tier cruise and they are no longer showing on the site under our IDs, You definitely get double pts if you upgrade to a Suite. We upgraded our interior Tier offers on our Nov 2018 and March 2019 sailings to a Crown Loft and received the double pts.
  10. What tier did the email say you were? Everyone who sticks their card in a machine and takes a spin or provides their card and gambles at a table becomes a member. Depending on how may points you earn in a year (April 1 - March 30), it will determine what level you are. If you have more than 2500 pts you are a Prime member which is the lowest one that will gives you free drinks in the casino, an annual free cruise in an interior, 5% fee waived on cash advances, internet discounts etc. I think Signature is 25K pts. I am not sure how many you need for Master. Below is what you get for the different tiers. There is a lower tier called Choice which does not have any freebies like the others but lets you earn points that result in certificates towards dollars off a future cruise. Those certs are on a cruise by cruise Basis.
  11. Looks like they included the extra 6 months again this year when calculating pts. Or they just reused last years letter and forgot to change it... Great news! You've qualified for Prime tier membership in theRoyal Caribbean® Club Royale rewards program. Your new tier status isbased on your gaming over the past 12 months. To assist in tierelevation, we have included an additional 6 months in your accountevaluation. You'll now enjoy incredible benefits for the currentprogram year as you continue to rack up points and climb to highertiers in our Club Royale program. Following this initial renewal period,your earned tier level will be determined annually, based on activitywithin the casino from between April 1 and March 31. Join us onboardand try your hand at any of our action-packed games to enjoy evenbigger and better benefits next year as you continue to tier up.
  12. yeah I just happened to check tonight not sure why. They were definitely not there a few hours ago. I checked around 5PM and they were not there
  13. Tier certs are loaded!! I called and was able to book our two staterooms for the Ovation on July 5th. I am so glad the certs popped before the interiors sold out!
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