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  1. I am having a brain fart. If I book a cruise with my annual Tier offer, can I change it to another cruise as long as it is before the expiry date of the offer? Looking to book to Odyssey in January 2022 and want to book 2 cabins but not sure if we will need the 2nd one.
  2. We actually have 4 because hubby and I are both prime. I doubt that you can combine offers under the same persons name on the same sailing. I think two interiors upgrade to a ocean view not a balcony, but that is when the offers are in different names.
  3. Yeah I was shocked. In 2019 I think it was mid month at least before we saw them.
  4. It’s official. We got the Prime tier offer for this year.
  5. I started just getting $$ offers a few months ago. Now that is all hubby seems to be getting too...
  6. I see yours was Alaska too? I was booked on Ovation 5/28/21. I called and got a rep that said they were not replacing the Alaska offers and I could not even book a non Alaska sailing as a replacement (the code did not bring anything up on the site). We ended up getting disconnected before the call was over and when I called back I got a different guy who said I could rebook but it had to be within 12 months of original sailing and from same port. I booked a cabin on ovation 5/13/22. I just had to pay $17 more because this one goes to Sitka too. He told me it had to be Alaska and could onl
  7. I just called and got Kelly. There is a specific list of sailings but for some reason there was an error and the list of itineraries did not get loaded. She said they are working on loading them now. She says it mostly 3-4 night sailings except for one sailing that is a 5 night out of Galveston.
  8. Does anyone have the offer list for 21OND106? It is not posted on the offer page.
  9. My Ovation Alaska in May has not been cancelled yet so I am not sure
  10. Were the April cruises booked with offers? If so, even if you cancelled the cruise, you should still have the offer available. I would definitely still call.
  11. I just had 2 more cruises cancelled because of the extended suspension. I had a comp 11 night on the Anthem 1/4/21 and a 7 night on the Oasis 2/28/21. Both the replacement offers are only 10% discounts on a sailing, with no comp replacement. Not impressed!
  12. Do you know if the double pts count toward your tier qualification for the next year? Of is it just used for the OBC/Free play amts at the end of the cruise but the pts for the tier qualification are the original amt?
  13. I just tried the res #s for our 2 that just got cancelled but there was nothing 😢
  14. 2 more cancelled for us too. We were booked on the Nov 8 Oasis and Nov 15 Allure cruises. We have an 11 Nighter booked on the Anthem in January and a couple more booked in the Spring. Hopefully the world starts getting back to normal soon...
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