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  1. I worked on Empress and Liberty this summer Mon-Fri 8-4:30 without issue. I was logged into VPN and used Webex and Cisco VOIP calling
  2. The actual hat I ordered and finally received on this is quite nice considering it was as only $9.99
  3. It was a Schrödinger's cat situation. Would it be a nice hat? Would it be a dollar store piece of crap? It was a gamble... Hallelujah!! It was what I ordered and not a piece of junk!
  4. Perfect - thanks for the prompt response!!
  5. We are boarding Liberty in the AM. I know you are allowed 2 750ml bottles of wine per cabin. Does that mean we can bring boxed wine as well if it is close to the 1500ml per stateroom? Anyone have any experience bringing boxes a bit larger than 1500? Seems like the boxes at target are bigger
  6. We are on your sailing and I am staying on for the sailing on the 1st as well. I am looking forward to seeing your take on the cruise!
  7. Boarding Liberty on Sunday and decided to try the hat again. Fingers crossed I get what I ordered this time. I will be sure to report back 🙂
  8. I am boarding 8/25 with DH. He gets off on 9/1 and I am staying on for a B2B. I am really looking forward to it! I have been on Liberty but not since being Diamond so have not been in its lounge. I have been in the Freedom Diamond Lounge but it did not have a grab & go. Is this still only during the regular Diamond happy hours? Thank you again for the great review!
  9. I worked all last week without little issue 8-4:30 Mon-Fri. Like you I used Web Ex and voice calls and my boss said my phone actually sounded better than it did when I was at home. I was having problems on Friday, but I think that was more about an update my laptop was trying to do vs a wifi problem.
  10. Enjoy your cruises! I am just waiting to disembark Empress now. I have tag 2 but it has not yet been called. Apparently they are having issues and it is slow going. They had started with suites and #1 but stopped and now no one is getting off. Hopefully it picks up again soon so we can get off and you can board 🙂
  11. So Louis never gave me my card back so I had to go back to guest services to get it. He told me he was glad I came back tonight as he had just talked to his manager and told me I could keep the hat and still get my refund. I let him know I returned it hours ago so he told me I could keep the bag and gave it back 🤣🤣
  12. After 35-40 minutes he still did not show up so I took the bag to guest services and explained the situation. Louis was great and did offer me some hats from the store as a replacement but I declined and asked for a refund. He says he put it on the account as an OBC and I returned the bag. This was a whole lot of wasted time over a $10 hat.
  13. And did I mention that I have only received 1/2 of the promised OBC for the Cuba cancellation? I think DH is happy I am solo this cruise and he is at home so he doesn’t have to listen to me rant. 🤣😂🤣
  14. I will be replying to the twitter msg for sure. The supervisor has been paged and I will be refunding the bag and asking for a refund. They should have not even offered me the bag if it is marketing material
  15. As I suspected. I will be asking for a refund. Thanks all!!
  16. The supervisor was just here. They don’t have the hat. He offered me a refund or a tote bag instead. I told him I would have to see the bag first. He brought back this. I told him I would have to msg hubby and think about it. This bag has crown and anchor logo in the corner. Please tell me this is not a bag they give away for free...
  17. I happened to swing by GS and they were not that busy so I stopped by. The GS rep was a little shocked too. They are sending whoever delivers the amenities to come check out what I got and to see if they have the actual hat I ordered. I know it seems like a lot of fuss for $10, but that I is like $50 Canadian. Just kidding, but I do expect to get what I paid for no matter the price. On a side note, the Empress seems like a lovely little ship! I have not been on anything smaller than Freedom class with RCL so it is quite a change!
  18. Twitter responded pretty much immediately. They are looking into it.
  19. No they are super busy dealing with OBC questions because of the Cuba cancellations. I will give it a few days and if I don’t hear back from the email I will try GS. I honestly laughed out loud when I saw it. I might post it on twitter too
  20. Just boarded Empress and had preordered a dry fast logo ball cap in blue. Photo is below of what I ordered according to website. Obvious logo in front, side vents and grey trim on bill rim. Pretty nice looking for $10 I thought and hubby had lost his last RCL hat so I ordered it for him. Well this is what I got. A cheap cotton hat that I could buy at a dollar store with no logo, no trim, no vents and most definitely not dry fast. I have emailed Gifts and Gear asking about how to get a refund. This hat is not worth $10.
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