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  1. I just got the same letter for my Odyssey one I should have received in September.
  2. We are sailing on Allure 10/31, 11/8, 11/14 & 11/21. I am looking forward to hearing about your experience onboard. Hopefully you won't experience the issues that others have had this week.
  3. You probably did see it. They let me book an 8 night on the Odyssey with my 2021 tier credit and should not have. They are not exactly known for consistency. 😂
  4. I have been looking and have not been able to find any that will mail. If you know someone in the US you could ship it there and they could mail it to you? Have you checked Shoppers? I thought they were doing rapid antigen tests at some locations for $40
  5. Wow, we were there a few weeks ago on Odyssey and it was no where near that crowded. No social distancing anymore I guess?
  6. Is Ontario not providing testing at no cost if you need it for Travel? They are here n NB.
  7. I am Canadian and recently travelled on the Odyssey and will be sailing on Oct 31 on the Allure. When we sailed on the Odyssey, it was still the three day rule. We flew on Saturday and sailed on Sunday. We could have gotten one test on Thursday that covered both but the province had us get a test Wednesday and Thursday just in case the Thursday test did not get back in time for our Saturday flight. For our October 31 Allure cruise, which is also on a Sunday, we are flying down on Saturday again. This means we need a test no earlier than Wednesday for the flight (3 days) and Friday for the cruise (2 days). We COULD get PCR tests on Wednesday and Friday and hope that the Friday results come in before Sunday, but with the surge in cases here, testing is busier and the results are taking too long to come in. That is too much risk for us so we have made an appoint for Friday at a place in Fredericton that does rapid antigen tests. They are $90pp. It is an added cost for the trip, but worth the piece on mind. If you will be flying down more than 1 day before your cruise, you will need to find somewhere local in Fort Lauderdale. Sorry I do not have any suggestions on that piece - I am sure others will chime in!
  8. No sorry I didn’t 😕 We are on Allure starting 10/31-11/27 so I hope it is the same. It is great for keeping in touch with home.
  9. I paid $8.49 for my 8/22 sailing on the Odyssey
  10. I failed to mention earlier that the messaging "glitch" is active on this ship. We were able to iMessage each other onboard as well as people at home, even when we were were not on paid wifi. We could not send photos, just text.
  11. They delivered paper copies of the next day's compass to the cabin every evening. You could also get paper copies at Guest Services
  12. For the most part it was no problem but I would recommend booking Northstar and iFly as soon as you board as those filled up quickly. The shows were no issue.
  13. Does MCO offer a shuttle service for a fee or would I need to book through a shuttle company?
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