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  1. A lot of discussion on booking onboard versus after or even close to sailing. We’re just off the Silhouette where we booked a 14 day Caribbean for January 2020. Received beverage package, prepaid grauitites and $350 OBC. booked a 1C balcony which was upgraded to a 1B due to our elite status. Total fare for two: $5330. Price today: $8000. We we booked on day two of the cruise. By day 8 there had been 3 price increases. We have received similar savings on all our bookings made onboard prior sailing. So much for waiting until the last minute.
  2. Just heard this perk has been eliminated chain wide. Going to need my toes to count the number of such perks eliminated by X.
  3. Just got off the Equionix. There were no daily papers. Pursers desk said it was a company wide cut. Just one of many. We have 17 cruises on X and are 127 points away from Elite Plus. That said we are looking at HAL more and more as a line of choice. The only reason we don’t do HAL more is my DW thinks she has a better availability of gluten free foods.
  4. I have had the need to call Celebrity on a variety of topics over the past few months. Usually the with time is less than 2 minutes. Never experienced what you describe.
  5. We never cruise without insurance. Brother who lives in Colorado fell over a railing in January in Germany. Broke leg, hip, shoulder, hand. Did not have insurance. Cost over $90,000 when all was said and done. Two surgeries and two months in a German rehab center. Biggest expense was getting back to CO. Even on a four day cruise one could have an accident right on the pier. Our Chase MileagePlus card covers all th basic components of travel except for medical and evacuation. We are going on a 12 night cruise to the med in four days. Cost $175 for and unlimited policy for medical treatments and emergencies evacuation.
  6. We also suffer from Caribbean port fatigue. We have been to them all, on cruises and a few at resorts. We do get off for about 30 minutes. Walk around, visit the tee shirt shops then go back aboard. The pool area is not empty but the choice of lounge chairs is yours. Quiet, easy to get a drink. Take a dip now and then. Have a relaxing lunch without all the hysteria.
  7. Can you elaborate on the rough seas comments? Really rough or Caribbean rough?
  8. This new practice does nothing for us. In fact, is a big takeaway. We always get the beverage package so going to a bar with a card accomplishes nothing. Just the opposite. In the Sky Lounge there are delicious snacks, good conversation with fellow passengers and usually music. View out the big windows and more.
  9. Land vacations are too stressful for us. Getting to the resort, taxis, weather issues. What do you do at a resort when it rains? Watch General Hospital in your room? On a cruise ship, whether at sea or at a port, there are tons of stuff to do. Our next cruise is in four days. It was a free cruise so can’t complain but it only has two sea days out of twelve. Would perfer two port days and 10 sea days. At age 70, getting to and from resorts is a hassle. We are fortunately in a position to do two 12 night + cruises a year. More than most, less than many.
  10. Absolutely, positively not worth it. We did it one time. Every day we got a plate of unappealing strawberries or the like. Cabin is exactly the same size as all other balcony cabins. One positive was I think you get two points per night towards CC status.
  11. Even if they do use the three drink card system what is to preventing you from using it in the sky lounge?
  12. We are dedicated Celebrity cruisers having cruised 26 times with them. However, last year we went on a 14 day cruise to Alaska on HAL. Was absolutely fantastic. Went far north that other don’t go. Service was superb, e.g., they serve hot pea soup on deck while cru near the glaciers. Highly recommend HAL if you are serious about going to Alaska.
  13. What would anyone pay $400 for unlimited WiFi? Can’t imagine anyone being so important that they need to be on the phone or computer that much. The first thing we do we we get to cabin is put the phone in airplane mode and put it,in the safe. 12 days later we take it out.
  14. We are in a 1B cabin, 12 nights from Barcelona. We paid $4790. Going rate a few months ago was over $7000. Booked last January while aboard a Caribbean cruise.
  15. We are experienced cruisers but for some reason we are drawing a blank with regard to how much money to take on a 12 night Med cruise. We usually take about $300 US for the cruise ship itself. We are drawing a blank with regard to how much Euros we should take. Should we buy them in the US or wait until we are in Europe? Would appreciate any insight you care to share.
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