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  1. We’ve sailed on both these ships. The Grand sails out of LA and the Ruby sails out of SF. The Grand is much older but offers a late night in Honolulu. The Ruby leaves at 7pm. We would like to go to a Luau but maybe just a visit to the PC Center to see the dancers and enjoy a meal would be fine. What do those who have taken this think? Any preference on the departure ports?
  2. Does Princess have a round trip from Vancouver BC to Hawaii in the fall of 2022? If so what ship?
  3. When will Celebrity being posting fall cruises to Hawaii from Vancouver BC? Does Princess also sail out of Vancouver BC round trip?
  4. What is the cost of the new card with 15 specialty drinks?
  5. My situation is that my husband doesn't drink coffee or alcohol. I believe if I purchase a package he also needs to purchase one. That's a lot of money to spend when only used by myself. I used to be able to just buy a coffee card and I was set for the cruise. Just wondering what my options are? I'm Platinum so I already get free WIFI. Don't think the Princess Plus would benefit me. Can anyone enlighten me?
  6. What does the coffee package cost? I only want brewed coffee not the fancy drinks.
  7. What do you have to purchase to get fresh brewed coffee in International Cafe? I miss the old coffee cards!
  8. Celebrity has a nice cruise sailing out of Vancouver but I wish it was round trip as I don't enjoy the long flight back. Has anyone done this cruise?
  9. Thanks for your reply. How did these two cruise lines differ? If price was the same which one would you prefer?
  10. Looking for a cruise to Hawaii fall of 2022. We've been there twice. Once we flew over and got on a ship and once we sailed from the coast. We are retired so have lot's of time. I hated the long flight over and back. Much prefer to cruise! What ships have you done? We wouldn't mind trying something different like cruising out of Vancouver BC, but then we'd have to fly back as it's one way. We love Princess from the coast but to me it seems their prices are higher than other options. They are only priced threw April but I don't expect the prices to go down. I'm interested to hear what others are thinking. Thanks!
  11. Just wondering when fall bookings will be available for 2022. I was hoping it would be before the extra perks expire.
  12. To the person or persons that think we don’t enjoy our cruise because of being denied perks that new cruisers get you are very wrong! We enjoy every cruise we take! I’ve just been away from RCCL for a while and was surprised at the way they treat platinum and above past passengers. We sail mostly with Princess and feel we get appreciated more. A few extra dollars matter to us. It means more cruises! The reason we are sailing Royal this time is that we have very good friends that invited us to sail with them and we will enjoy our cruise!!
  13. I guess the last thing I have to say is I feel it’s just plain wrong to treat new cruisers better than your loyal cruisers. Your loyal cruisers have spent a lot of dollars to get to the level they are and should be appreciated!
  14. I definitely understand what you’re saying! I had no idea I had even gotten a discount as it didn’t show. At least on Princess I get 100 hours of free internet! Three days into this cruise on Royal I will become Emerald, big deal!!!
  15. My husband and I are cruising the Allure in January I called to get the onboard spending money they are now offering with the "Great Escape Sale" I was told because I'm Platinum I would need to give up my balcony discount in order to get it. Our friends cruising with us are not Platinum and got it with no problem. What's the point of being Platinum if you're denied benefits given to new passengers! Our friends received $75 and after giving up our $68 discount we received $7 After all the cruising we've done with them I feel it is very unfair!
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