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  1. We are changing our booking to a different date and ship. Do we get to keep our on board credit? Also I am platinum and get $50 per person benefit for booking a balcony. If we can’t keep our ship board credit from the first cruise are we entitled to what’s being offered on the sailing we are moving to?
  2. I have a similar situation I just moved a booked cruise to a different ship and a different date It shows the transfer being done at that time I'm I wrong to think I have 60 days in which to transfer to my TA This is not the reason that I transfered but had been thinking all along I should do this I did not know about the 60 day limit
  3. knutsonl

    Cyber Sale

    We are sailing with friends on Dec 8th 2019 which is a year out We moved a previous booked cruise to this date The cyber sale was in effect so the friend was able to get $100 for booking her balcony cabin They didn't give it to me because I'm platinum and get $50 per person benefit for booking a balcony. It seems they are treating their loyal customers worse instead of appreciating their loyalty. Does this make sense?
  4. knutsonl

    Platinum Benefits

    I’m not sure what the ruby benefits are on Princess. I’m Platinum and getting close to being Elite. I get enough free minutes to last me the entire week on a 7 day.
  5. What are the benefits of being platinum? Do you get any advantage with internet? I’m used to Princess where it’s a big advantage. It’s been a while since I sailed with RCCL’s.
  6. knutsonl

    Carnival Live

    We board the Breeze in three days. I just heard about Carnival Live. I don’t know what it’s all about and where and when it is held. Would someone please enlighten me? Thanks
  7. knutsonl

    Breeze St Thomas

    Does the Breeze dock at Havensite? If we have a tour leaving at 12 what time is that ship time?
  8. knutsonl

    Early Dinning Breeze

    Would that be the Sapphire Dinning Room? I really hope you are right. Our cabin is located closer to the front of the ship so this would definitely be great news for us. Maybe someone else will confirm this. We cruise 11/17 out of port canaveral. Thanks!
  9. knutsonl

    Early Dinning Breeze

    Which dinning room is used for early Dinning on the Breeze?
  10. Which is preferred for balcony cabin and why? Bed by the balcony or closer to bathroom. My understanding is they alternate.
  11. Please bed placement Harmony 11194:)
  12. knutsonl

    Check in time for Breezethat day

    When I called Carnival they told me 9am eastern time. Has anyone actually went on at 12am?
  13. knutsonl

    Check in time for Breezethat day

    We are cruising out of Port Canaveral.
  14. knutsonl

    Check in time for Breezethat day

    What time of day can you get online to choose a time?
  15. Our 90 day window for checking in will be here soon. We have booked our hotel and transfer to the ship as a package deal. They will be dropping us off around 11:00am at the port. Husband has medical issues and I would like to get checked in as soon as possible. What is the earliest I can go on line and choose a check in time?