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  1. Anything from Alchemy. Do you like sweet or not sweet/strong?
  2. I am no expert, but I am sure they would try to do Nassau if possible because it was largely spared this storm and that fits the rule about porting out of the country. Will be interesting to see. Key West is much better but the Bahamas need the money.
  3. Would you be against going there alone? Go at a different time and then still go with her when she wants to eat and just sit with her or have a cocktail or wine and a cheese plate or something. If you really want to go but she doesn't, something could work out.
  4. https://www.cruisecritic.com/photos/ships/carnival-breeze-609/redfrog-pub-130328/redfrog-pub--v7467084/
  5. Yeah, dunno. Some of us have family very much potentially in harm's way and are very nervous. Sometimes talking about it, even just virtually, helps. I don't see any issues on this thread honestly.
  6. That could be it, too. Requires a fair amount of trust! 😉
  7. I wonder if they start the process at the beginning when you board and then when you return to Miami at the end you pick it up?
  8. I would never do it either. Just had a good laugh at it today. Plus, I would have to ask them to do some shaving down in some places if you know what I mean. Probably an extra charge for that as well. Reminds me of the Big Bang Theory episode where two of the characters bought a 3D printer and the first thing they wanted to do after they made a whistle was make figurines of themselves. One of them wanted to do just what I said about making some improvements!
  9. Hey good morning Has anyone noticed this in the FAQs? 🙂 3DMe by Carnival Carnival has partnered with Solidiphy, a 3D printing company, to bring you the future of cruise ship memories! Through our patent pending technology, we are able to capture your image in 3D and create a mini replica of you! What better way to remember your awesome cruise than with a 3D statue of you, your family and friends! 3DMe is currently offered at PortMiami. Products: Figurines (1 or 2 people) Mini Heads Bobble Heads For prices, additional information and support, follow this link - https://carnival.solidiphy.com/. Contact Information Email - info@solidiphy.com Phone - 585 413-9290 Address - 205 Humboldt Street, Rochester, NY 14610
  10. Here's a step by step how to do New Mexico style. But good luck finding good chile. Always Amazon! https://www.newmexicanfoodie.com/new-mexican-huevos-rancheros/ Less traditional and not as good directions, but these look better: http://www.madeinnewmexico.com/blog/lets-huevos-rancheros-breakfast/
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