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  1. It is my understanding that Platinum and above can check in two days before Gold and below. That could easily explain the difference in check-in dates.
  2. Try Lyft. They can be vastly different, and I have to switch back an forth all the time. They calculate surges differently I guess. One time Lyft will be cheaper, and the next time Uber. By a lot.
  3. Old info but might still apply: https://carnival-news.com/2018/09/05/series-of-limited-edition-logo-items-from-carnival-cruise-lines-redfrog-pub-brewery-and-pig-anchor-smokehouse-brewhouse-now-available-exclusively-on-carnival-vista-and-carnival-horizon/
  4. I would think so. They do make exceptions. "Waivers from the PVSA can be requested in case of national-defense interest." Defense against a virus?
  5. Because your TA has many, many to deal with, and you only have your personal issue, this would have sadly been an instance where it could have worked out better for people not having a TA. I am sure you would have been willing to wait longer on the phone, where a TA might not have that luxury due to volume of things they have to scramble to fix now. Or, you might have been able to do more on line. Sorry, that sux. But, as someone else said, give it a bit of time and it may still get worked out. If not, your TA may need to compensate you somehow. Not sure if that will happen, but it is a thought.
  6. Possibly try a different browser? Who knows!
  7. I think it's anyone. Because this is a concern with Coronavirus as one of the main underlying health concerns with this virus.
  8. OK, thanks. Saw your other post. I don't have FB so it's good you are watching!
  9. 1) keep a screen shot. 2) the rate you booked determines how this works Do you have a PVP? If so, email them. Carnival is crazy right now, understandably.
  10. Actually Baltimore really did shut down their cruise port today. No rumor. Confirmed. But current cruise incoming ships can disembark. And, yes, some stores in some areas are running out of TP also.
  11. Have not heard anything about forms for any specific health issues. Yet.
  12. At my work we now have to disclose all travel, business or personal, inside or outside US.
  13. This was my original answer in this very thread (and this means in the same cabin): All pax over 21 must purchase.
  14. I know it's a lot to look through this particular thread to find answers, but please choose the proper thread for your question: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2740728-carnival-cancellations-thread-please-read/
  15. Click on the guy's name I guess to go to his thread.
  16. I know. You are right that anyone regardless could have it and be communicable. But you are missing the underlying finer point. It's much easier for a cruise line to deal with an outbreak where most of the passengers have mild symptoms. The burden is far greater when passengers develop critical symptoms and are not near full medical facilities. So, let's just agree to put this to bed for today. Tomorrow is another day. And the advice may full well change soon. Soon it may be more widespread restrictions or no cruises at all. Just hope it doesn't come to that.
  17. No. They could have it when they get on but they don't know it yet. Then, they can get really sick after getting on. Not arguing for or against the restrictions, just that this is one possible thing that could very likely happen. Has it been shown that those over 70 are more likely to become infected? Actually, I'm sorry I phrased it that way because we don't know with certainty. Just that over 70 are getting sick more so are tested more and have more confirmed cases as of now.
  18. I'm not sure about that. Having to care for sick people does put a strain on the cruise ships. And if those over 70 are getting it at a higher rate and get muck sicker, that could pose a problem. It really sucks. I'm not young any more. There have been a few times where it is reversed. Some older people have immunity to things because they had it or something that looks very similar to the body before, where as younger people have not developed an immunity.
  19. Even tho I'm not Greg, I have one tip. There is no sure fire way. But if you look on other search engines, you can find very similar descriptions and get a pretty educated guess. Once or twice I even figured out through a picture. It's kind of a fun game honestly.
  20. There was a sign on the Vista for these two types of lines, but the times we had MDR dinner on that ship, neither line was long enough for it to matter.
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