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  1. I just checked, and it says destination for Zaandam is San Antonio. Can anyone confirm?
  2. Cruise Critic needs an angry button. Other cruise lines covered this weekend, why not NCL?
  3. You would be correct. We leave tomorrow. We wanted to cancel. Since we are not willing to lose so much money, we accept the risk.
  4. Most, if not all, of the other cruise lines are allowing passengers that are booked this weekend to cancel for a 100% cruise credit. NCL is not. They really did drop the ball on this one. The cruise lines I checked are Royal Caribbean, Carnival, and Princess.
  5. I already stated most trip insurances DO NOT cover this situation, including "cancel for no reason" insurance. Most have a clause excluding epidemics and pandemics.
  6. No, we're on the Pearl. Ignore the cheerleaders. They aren't in our situation, and therefore, don't understand our concerns. Our biggest concern is being quarantined. We also are in the higher risk category, age-wise, and minor health concerns.
  7. We feel your pain. We leave tomorrow, also. We would have rebooked if we had been given that option.
  8. Most insurance policies don't cover epidemics, pandemics, even if you have cancel for no reason.
  9. We sail tomorrow, also. We have talked about cancelling, but only if we get our money back, whether a full refund or FCC. Sounds like we won't, so, yeah, I also hope NCL doesn't live to regret this. We are already talking about cancelling our Dec. South America cruise with them, because of the way this is being handled.
  10. There's been several cruise lines that have been denied. MSC, Carnival, Holland America, Costa, Fred Olson, just to name a few.
  11. We leave on a cruise Sunday, and pretty much are doing the same. We also have a limited supply of hand sanitizer. I wanted more, but every place is sold out in our area. I'm also bringing some Woolite, in case of a quarantine.
  12. We have two presumptive cases in the Tampa area. Very little testing so far though.
  13. Someone (this is from that site which shall not be named) who is currently aboard the Seaside said all excursions were cancelled, and they were finally cleared about 45 minutes ago.
  14. No, it was a Carnival brand ship, the Carnival Fascination. It went to Barbados, and the person was tested there for COVID-19. Came back negative, was the common flu.
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