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  1. We will be on a Panama Canal cruise in January. We are cruising with 4 other couples I'd like to renew our vows and see the basic package Princess offers Just a couple questions - Has anyone done this recently and could you share your experience - Will I be able to invite all our cruise mates? - Can I have a song or 2 of our choice played? - How can I keep this a secret from my wife until just before the event? Thanks, Rick Emerald Princess January 17, 2020
  2. Does anyone know if you can have a song or 2 played during a private ROV’s I’d like to supply a couple songs on a flash drive
  3. This will be our 1st Panama Canal Cruise. We’d like to go in 2020 and do a full transit from Florida to Los Angeles I see 4 options. 1-17 or 3-15 on the Emerald ( new locks ) and 3-27 or 4-6 on the Coral ( old locks ) I really would like to do the old locks but the January 17 Emerald cruise works best date wise. What would you do? Will I be disappointed if I do the new locks and don’t get to experience the old locks? Thanks
  4. So based on the replies we will be going thru customs in San Francisco, as our previous port will have been Victoria SF is not our final, destination, that would be Los Angeles. SF is a port of call. Given that, has anyone got a time estimate to go thru customs?
  5. Duh, I misread your reply, as confirmed by an additional poster Thanks for the info
  6. It does stop in Victoria. That's good news, tho not sure I understand the rationale. Thanks
  7. We're booked on the Pacific Coastal cruise Oct 13 to Oct 18 First US stop is in San Francisco, so I am assuming we will need to clear customs there? Just wondering if anyone has experienced clearing customs in SF and if it takes much time. We would like to book a non-Princess excursion and we need to be off the ship fairly early
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