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  1. I am looking into possibly booking a cruise on the Pearl. I'm wondering what type of amenities are offered in the suites. Do all the suites have the same amenities? thanks in advance!
  2. Thanks for posting. It made me a little teary as well.
  3. Thanks for all your help Bonnie. Stay safe! Liz
  4. That is an interesting question! For my circumstances, it will be after (if I chose to do it), since I haven't made final payment yet. Hope this helps. Liz
  5. I was told by my TA that you can use the FCC and Lift and Shift together. She said she got this in writing from Azamara as I am hoping to do that. Liz
  6. Thanks Bonnie! Looking forward to them. Liz
  7. I've been looking at cruises leaving later in 2021. I notice that once the Quest arrives in Miami on 11/26, there are no cruises scheduled for her until January. Is she going in for refit? Is she chartered? Both? thanks Liz
  8. A few of the obstructed views on deck 6 actually are not that obstructed. Besides missing the sofa and table (which makes getting around the cabin so much easier!), they are also short one shelf since the tv can not be mounted to the wall.
  9. It's been many years since I have been on the Quest. What time does the gym open and do they have kettle bells? thanks Liz
  10. Double check what will happen with your original booking if you cancel the land portion. We lost the incentives of our original booking and our TA had to fight to keep the price at the amount we were to pay instead of current rates. Essentially, they were treating it as a new booking. I was told this changed just after we did it, but better safe than sorry.
  11. My guess is no, but I would be interested in a more definitive answer!
  12. I was hoping, but that would be my guess as well. thanks!
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