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  1. We always go through the frig on the first day and put aside anything we will not drink. We then tell our attendant what we would like, he takes away the things we don't and keeps replenishing what we do.
  2. Here's an odd question - is the laundry open on embarkation day? We are doing a B2B and we're thinking of doing a few loads on the in between day. thanks
  3. Several years ago, we had a problem with Choice Air. I'll try to make a long story short - we booked our flights and we needed a connection. After we booked, the airline decided that it was an "illegal flight"- our connection time was too short. So, they rebooked us connected through a different airport. My TA notified us and we decided we didn't want to connect in the Midwest in the middle of winter, so we rebooked again. Turns out flight A and flight B now have different confirmation numbers. Despite all the assurances from Delta and Choice Air that we could check our bags all the way through to Rome, that was not the case. We had to pick them up in JFK, recheck in and go through security again. Needless to say this was extremely stressful. Choice Air was no help and held no responsibility. We were on a Delta flight, operated by someone else with another airlines seats. It was a nightmare and no one wanted to claim responsibility for us...My TA could do nothing on her end after I woke her up at 5 am. But, we decided to give them another try and we got an amazing deal on a business class flight in October. I hope we have better luck. Everything is a crap shoot...
  4. Travels with Lisa


    I'm curious is anyone knows who the DJ will be on the Pursuit in September/October. thanks! Liz
  5. We did our online check in before the new system was in place and we not giving a boarding time nor the option to chose one. Just rechecked our boarding passes and no time is indicated. We sail on the 25th and haven't received anything notification about when to show up.
  6. I'm not new to Azamara but I'm wondering if they have started including stevia packs with the assortment of sweeteners. Several cruise lines are. thanks
  7. The last time we were on the Journey, the entertainment was going through a rather significant change. Besides Eric what can we expect? What is the status of the casino? I don't use it (getting out of bed in the morning is a big enough gamble for me), but it was in flux as well. Will we have a piano player? thanks Liz
  8. We got our cabin yesterday - obstructed view. We'll see how it goes! Am I correct to assume, that it has all the same storage as a regular oceanview - especially concerned about the bathroom. thanks
  9. Does anyone know how much a taxi for 4 to/from the port to the Tropicana will be? Is there a surcharge for traveling after midnight? thanks
  10. Does the fitness center still open at 7? thanks
  11. good morning We will be cruising to Cuba at the end of the month. My husband has read that the custom officials will not allow you to bring Cuban currency back onboard the ship. Has anyone heard this or had experience with it? thanks
  12. Not at all when the lifeboats were down! When they were up, you could see out the window through the plastic window of the boat. It was pretty obstructed. I have not experienced the end obstructed view cabins, but they definitely have better visibility!
  13. I still haven't been assigned a cabin - we are 3 weeks out. We went with a interior guarantee - we could wind up anywhere. I did guarantee OV on a b2b a few years ago - the first leg I was in an obstructed view, the second a balcony. I've never been in an interior, but I think I would probably prefer that to the obstructed view- the layout is odd and they are smallest cabins on the ship.
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