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  1. I argued this point with my TA. While the alliance between Carnival Corp and Quest will be sufficient for 99.9% of the itineraries they offer, it might not work for us. Perhaps, Quest will offer that option, but until Seabourn gets the link added to their website, we will be in the dark. Long story short, I was given a "backline" number to call Quest (there are no people to talk to you when you call the "regular" number) and I was told that they couldn't tell me if they offered the nasopharyngeal swab unless I had the billing code. So frustrating!
  2. As of my last Azamara cruise, (touring the Indian Ocean), they were complementary. There are some fitness services you pay for - body composition, personal training and such. The morning stretch class always seems particularly popular. And you need to sign up for spin classes in advance. That is, if these are even happening.
  3. hi Betsey I've never done the yoga class, but my experience has been that all the classes are beginning level as they need to cater to everyone. You could always give it a whirl and leave if it's not what you are looking for. Liz
  4. Thanks! Now to test negative. Safe travels to you!
  5. Thank you! This is the one! My next question, does it have to be within 72 hours or is there some wiggle room? Do they just look at the day the test was given or the day and time?
  6. But it's a self test, not done by a health care provider
  7. Thanks Hank! For some reason, my countless searches did not bring this site up but it may be the one!
  8. We're having a heck of a time finding a testing facility and the concierge service is not available where we live. Any suggestions? We are ready to cancel and are heartbroken. thanks in advance!
  9. hi all Any thoughts on the earliest time I could catch a flight from Rome after disembarking? thanks
  10. For those of you who had the nurse do a home visit for testing, how did it go? thanks! Liz
  11. Has anyone used the visiting test service? thanks in advance Liz
  12. Hi all We are looking into sailing this winter. Is wifi included? Also, we are trying to decide if we should go with the “o life” package or book our own air. Approximately how much is a glass of wine or beer? thanks in advance!
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