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  1. I did receive back a response from On Board guest services and this was their response Greetings, UnfortunatelyHDMI ports are only accessible on our new SH and SP Penthouses on Deck 9. Whileall TV’s around the ship have been upgraded in DD, the hardware used to mountthe TV’s in different locations is physically blocking access to these ports inall other cabins. All of our TV’sdo however support Bluetooth connectivity as well as Miracast on Windows andAndroid devices.
  2. I am aware that after the last dry dock for the Symphony, while the televisions were replaced and upgraded in the non Penthouse cabins, the televisions in the Deck 10 Penthouses were not replaced. Given that fact does anyone know if the present televisions in the Deck 10 Penthouses have HDMI capability? If so has anyone every tried using an Amazon Fire Stick or Roku Streaming Stick? P.S., I did email Crystal's on board guest services department but have not yet heard back hence this post. Thank you
  3. A good friend and her husband will be sailing on the Seabourn Encore next month. Right now they are booked in a Verandah Cabin but are looking to upgrade to a handicapped accessible Owner's Suite 1012. Their concern is that since it is in the very front of the ship, above the bridge, that there will be a great deal of motion in the cabin also the noise when the anchor is lowered and raised is another concern. Any advice and guidance which you can provide, which I can pass along, will be greatly appreciated. Many thanks
  4. Thank you very much for that detailed answer
  5. Keith please accept my sincere apologies. I did not mean to correct you. I thought there may have been a 4th Maitre d' that I did not know of hence my query
  6. What about open dining did you find not satisfactory and instead was stressful? The reason why I ask is the 8-8:30 p.m. is also my preferred dining time?
  7. Keith the Maitre d's that I know of are Remi on The Symphony, Leo on The Serenity with Mario rotating between the 2 ships. Who is the 4th Maitre d'?
  8. The concierge escorts you off the ship when you have arranged for a private transfer upon disembarkation with the concierge. Also, I believe all PS passengers, regardless of the number of cruises, are invited to a Captain's Quarter's reception
  9. Why would airplane mode have to be enabled?
  10. For Cruise V7224 on the Crystal website the last update for Entertainment and Programs is 12/12/16 while on the legacy website it is updated as of 4/27/17
  11. The T&C states that it's for new bookings made after 3/2/17. Please advise
  12. Rob, I am quite familiar with Milestone Cruise Credits but since when are they referred to as Loyalty Points?
  13. I have been on 20+ Crystal Cruises and I have no idea what are "Loyalty Points". Can someone please shed light on what they are. Thanks!
  14. Suite Travels well said. I could not agree with you more. I too need to keep in touch with my office and clients. By the way I also agree with you in regard to Emirates!!!
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