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  1. Hey Snuffie, Can you post some pics of the port ? I would love to see a birds eye view. Thanks in advance! Cheers! Lisa
  2. You should come on down! the weather is cool and breezy, The leaves are turning colors and the springs and creeks are filling up. We have horse and hiking trails and a swimming hole with a swing about a half mile down the road.
  3. How about Amber Cove in Puerto Plata DR?
  4. That's what I thought but when I looked at the itinerary while I was doing the lift and shift, lo and behold there it was. Definitely Celebrity, 3/21/22 aboard Millennium. Thanks for the tip on the catamaran. I had one booked in Barbados but we're we're not going there post lift and shift.
  5. So we lifted and shifted and are now are booked on a slightly different itinerary. The first port of call is Amber Cove in Puerto Plata. Any chance that we will be able to leave the ship without an escort? From what I can tell, it's enclosed and/or private. I know any input would be speculative, but any ideas?
  6. I think you would know the rules and decide to comply with them BEFORE you pay final payment. I would not pay all of that money without first being amenable to them. Also, if you don't agree with the rules, why would you want FCC? I mean, either you're in or you're out. Am I right?
  7. All good ideas, jelayne. When cruising does resume, there will be some changes. We as passengers are just going to think outside the box and roll with it. I for one will try my best to be compliant and will be grateful just to be there.
  8. Linda, I always love your posts. Sorry you didn't get to see Greenland. Lisa
  9. I would be happy to just sit by the pool for awhile. I bet Edge still has that new cruise ship smell!
  10. I love having a new view every morning and unpacking once. Also coffee, croissants and fruit delivered every morning to eat in bed! We live in middle Tennessee and road trip to Florida. Last time we went to the keys, next time Kennedy Space Center. SO much to love!
  11. I called my TA and lift & shifted from a 10 night Caribbean on Reflection in April 2021 to a slightly different itinerary on Millennium in March 2022. It seems like we have to wait FOREVER! Has anyone been on Millennium post revolution? I'd love to know what people think of the changes that were made. Our cabin is one of the new ones on the Resort deck. (1008). I know it is smaller than other balcony cabins but there was not much left to choose from. Cheers! Lisa
  12. When we lift & shifted from Reflection in 2021 to Millennium in 2022, we booked one of the cabins on deck 10 that was added during her revolution. They started out as aqua cabins then changed to 2C verandah cabins. We are in #2008. Has anyone stayed in one of these cabins? If so, are there any differences between them and a regular verandah?
  13. Well, Hubby and I sat down and had "the talk". You all know the one...The pros and cons of Lift & Shift. I said "If Reflection sails in April, I will be aboard, vaccine or no vaccine". He said " I don't want to be quarantined at sea" . I said "It will make the cruise longer". He was not amused. He said "I don't want to wear a mask everywhere". I said "neither do I". So I called the TA, she made the switch, helped us pick a cabin on Millennium for a 10 night Ultimate Caribbean in March of 2022. Whew! Glad that's over with. I gotta admit it still stings a little but I believe it has r
  14. Also, they are rolling out a new way of doing the muster drills on passenger's devices and stateroom tv's. Both positive signs! Right?
  15. Well, I did not see anything that would be a deal breaker for us. Even the mask situation seems reasonable. I don't know about everyone, but I am feeling hopeful.
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