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  1. That is what we folks in Tennessee call putting lipstick on a big ole pig! HA
  2. Jim, are the people of your neighborhood taking precautions such as wearing masks, staying home, school or business closures?
  3. I'm going to be on Reflection soon (not soon enough), Where do I get a Reidel to use in my cabin?
  4. What a cute couple! Your style is exactly what hubby and I will be sporting!
  5. There is also a coffee dispenser on deck 7 in the hideaway that is serviced daily til 6PM. I bring my own flavored creamers.
  6. I looked at the Reflection deck plan and I believe it is larger. We are booked on Reflection #7354 and it looks like this balcony is slanted the same way. I couldn't find anything on the spreadsheet about it. I don't think I am doing it right.
  7. Hubby and I prefer the aft cabins, not a lot of back and forth traffic. We enjoy the quiet.
  8. That's great news! After they announced the surcharge I had started looking at NCL!
  9. There is a spray tanning lady at the salon where I get my hair done. My hairdresser says she is very good. I am going to get a tan next time I have an appointment with Melissa. Is 25$ about right for cost?
  10. awhfy I hope your skin cancer issues are behind you and thanks for the advice.
  11. Thanks for the advice, I'm definitely going to try it. Should I do it a day or two before the cruise? I don't want to be too orange.
  12. Really? Please excuse my ignorance, Pal but I am having a bit of trouble understanding how spray tanning could be a medical issue unless I drank the stuff. I thought I was posting on the fashion and beauty page. Please correct me if I am wrong, otherwise butt out.
  13. After a bout with melanoma I am 3 years cancer free. I know how to properly protect my skin from sun exposure using sunscreen, floppy hats, appropriate clothing, shade. Because I am SO white I am considering a spray tan for an upcoming cruise. Anyone ever done this? Cheers! Lisa
  14. That is good news. Thanks, everyone! I knew that all of my cruise critic friends would know the answer! Cheers! Lisa
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