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  1. I will get this vaccine in my eyeball if it allows me to cruise again. So will my family. And we live in the south, not the northeast or west coast. So not everyone who doesn’t live in those oddly specific regions isn’t stupid. 🙄
  2. Haha I’m totally fine with this. Looks like cruises won’t be full of non compliant people and that’s totally ok with me.
  3. Australia Great Barrier Reef in July. This was supposed to be a South Pacific itinerary, but I just checked, and our whole itinerary has been changed. I wanted GBR anyway, so I’m thrilled with the change. Still not holding my breath we will actually be going on this cruise however.
  4. Splendor June 28, 2021. Our 27th anniversary, July 2 and my dh’s 48th birthday the day after.
  5. It was only 100pp deposit, so we aren’t out too much money. But it’s neither refundable or transferable, so we will just wait and let Carnival cancel to be refunded. Which hopefully will be before final payment is due. LoL
  6. Boo that makes me sad. We lost 3 Mexican cruises and one British Isles cruise this year already. LoL luckily it was a $100pp deposit, so we aren’t gambling with as much money this time. I definitely don’t blame Australia. I’m wary of Americans right now and I live here.
  7. Hopefully Americans will be allowed in on June 27. LoL just booked Splendor for a Premiere Cruise interior spa cabin for 1400 USD with 1,000 AUD OBC and free drinks in the casino. We will definitely be waiting on airfare however. Flying from Atlanta Georgia, so that’s a big commitment.
  8. We just booked on Splendor for 10 days at end of June/first of July. I am crossing everything I have that we can cruise. First time in Australia and it’s our anniversary.
  9. We are on this sailing as well and I hope you are right! I would love an uncrowded ship.
  10. She was able to move both cabins to Deck 8 right beside each other for $34 each. Way better than what we had.
  11. I sent an email to my TA and she’s going to check for us. This is the first time we’ve used a TA, and she has helped us so much. We’ve rescheduled 3 times 😂
  12. We’ve gotten Upsell for our two cabins on the Vista 8/15. I haven’t taken it yet. We have 2 cabins close together on deck 6 near the front, and the Upsell are for deck 8 and deck 11. I’d rather keep our cabins together so I probably won’t take it. It was $34 each cabin.
  13. Room service is our wake up call on port days. And a hangover helper on sea days.
  14. Bring back corned beef hash for breakfast please. I miss it on the buffet, and the stuff in the DR has onions and peppers.
  15. Ours was paid in full, and we’ve transferred twice with no extra money needed.
  16. Free laundry is my favorite Platinum perk. Dh will turn Platinum on our next cruise, so twice as much laundry done will be great.
  17. On the Elation, get the cabins on the new deck. The Grand deck maybe? Awesome cabin, there’s even a couch.
  18. Having to prebook shows in order to get a decent seat is one of the big reasons I won’t sail RCCL.
  19. My TA handled everything, but we only went from 2 interior cabins on an 8 day southern Caribbean, to 2 OV cabins on a 7 day Western Caribbean. That’s a pretty big difference in price if that were the case.
  20. Our original cruise was canceled, so rebooked and got the $600 per cabin OBC, and we already had a lot from price drops, which was carried over to our new bookings. So we ended up with over $1,100 OBC per cabin.
  21. We rebooked for June 7 with our TA. This is literally the first time we have used one, and I’m so happy we did. My friend didn’t and she was on hold for over 2 hours then finally got disconnected. I just told mine what we wanted and she’s taking care of everything. I hope they are able to resume by June, but if not, I’ll start worrying about our September cruise to the British Isles with Princess. I’m optimistically hopeful right now. It’s all we have to look forward too.
  22. True. This would be for 2 cabins tho. I would think they would do separate transactions since we have 2 booking numbers.
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