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  1. I’ve got that too. I haven’t clicked on the link yet to answer. I agree with most people that poor old Paul hasn’t got much charisma.
  2. I’m sorry to those that like it I but I don’t want a park on a ship! I want to see the sea! All I need is the sea 😊
  3. Morning all, Kalos I watched Jane MacDonald last week but haven’t watched yesterday’s yet as I was singing along with Gary! 😉 That Princess ship she’s been on is in Southampton this year so I was very interested, I agree with zap and Sarah, a naming ceremony isn’t normally anything we’d see anyway! I think with Britannia we just saw the Queen smash the bottle! Would have been nice to have an inside tour but hey ho!
  4. I was going to say I could see he was standing in front of the ship when it panned out.
  5. I think the light show must have been round Gary. They might have fireworks etc for the maiden?
  6. It was exclusive don’t forget 😉 Even though I saw people on Facebook posting links 😡
  7. It was fine, only 30 minutes! Would have liked to see inside though
  8. Me too, could be tempted by a seacation if they extend into October!
  9. I didn’t but I did when she came in this morning tooting her horn! My friend and I were messaging each other as we watched it, she said she felt tearful.
  10. Have you seen the Iona thread? Was really great watching her come in this morning on a web cam! Ive just put the link on and as my new tv gets you tube I have it counting down on there! Probably crash at 9pm! 😉
  11. I like them both but Azura is my favourite because it was our first cruise. We have also done more cruises on Azura ( just co-incidence just right itinerary and time) It was also poor weather on Ventura the first time and that made the indoor pool area really crowded.
  12. Good to know 👍 I’ve been on a train in the Netherlands, they are so efficient. I would have probably just done the P&O coach but it’s a silly price.
  13. I have the first week of October off work and if they extend the staycations then I think I’ll book! Have other plans now on my other leave.
  14. I, too, have wanted to go for years! Thank you, I hope I can arrange it, be at least 2023 I would think now!
  15. Have you moved it? We’re going to the Med (hopefully) June 2022 on Britannia.
  16. I agree with this, I think most people are being careful still. My hope is that they are targeting the areas of known infections hard with extra testing and extra vaccines, let’s hope this works, it seemed to for the SA variant. I saw the BBC medical expect saying we should keep an eye on the number of hospital admissions rather than the number of cases. That was a good point I thought as many cases could be mild due to the vaccine. I just want to have my mum and dad round without them freezing outdoors and to have my grandson indoors if the weather isn’t good. I’m
  17. Oh no Kalos, sorry to hear your problems, that head pain must have been worrying. So pleased you’ve book a cruise , something to look forward to! Watching Iona come in this morning has got me really excited for cruising again. Glad you and Mrs K are feeling better now.
  18. At least we’re members so we don’t lose money . Yes now pouring down 🙄 I’m glad your grandson has recovered, it’s so worrying when they’re so young.
  19. Morning all, an hour ago the weather was miserable and John was not keen to go on our NT visit. The weather said sunshine and showers so I would have risked it. We went to Bluewater yesterday though so he didn’t get his little jobs doing he wanted to do. It was raining so hard I thought perhaps we shouldn’t go. Then I came to this site and got involved in watching Iona come in and saw Andy has posted so I’ve cheered up! It’s actually quite bright here now but the NT property is about 50 minutes away and we’ve missed our slot now anyway! John has agreed he’ll come on a local walk with m
  20. Andy, as others have said, nice to hear from you. Was so pleased to see your photo on the Iona thread. So good to be talking cruise ships again. Hope you and Michelle are keeping well and hope you’ll be posting again x
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