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  1. I feel sorry for anyone who has had a rough time. I’m not a massive sun worshiper but I do like some warmth on my bones! I would never choose a November or February cruise to Norway though. Brrr!
  2. I’m sure P&O have paid out before. Personally I normally book with Premier Inn and you can cancel them up til the day.
  3. I’m gutted for them too I had a four day cruise cancelled once and we had a few months notice and that was still very disappointing. I would also be rather stressed about phoning my employer and telling them I needed another couple of days off if I was on the delayed one. Nightmare all round.
  4. Oh how disappointing for the weekend cruise people. I’d much rather be ‘stuck’ in Tenerife!
  5. I discovered I couldn't go into my husband's so I logged out and re-signed in as him! Then I could enter all his passport details! Bit of a faff but it worked!
  6. I’ve just seen on Facebook the £25 is an ‘interim’ payment so there could be more compensation coming, at least it’s lovely and warm in Tenerife.
  7. I wondered if you’d miss a port I’d be happy we weren’t missing Lisbon though! Hope the rest of the cruise goes well.
  8. This is typical! My next cruise is the first one where I’ve got a guarantee cabin and I have no idea how I’ll find out my cabin number with this new CP. I’ve booked another one but I know the cabin number for that.
  9. Thanks, I’ll have to try that.
  10. On my old CP I’d added my passport details but not got round to my next of kin. In this new one the passport details are all there but every time I try and enter my next of kin’s phone number it says it’s invalid!! 🙄
  11. Sorry meant to quote Lottie! Don't know how that happened!! We went on that trip in February 2018, we really enjoyed it although it was very very cold at the windmills! Bule skies for us too though. Glad you're having a great time!
  12. Thanks for the fair review. I still haven't been on Aurora yet - we were due to go on a 4 day cruise on her in 2014 and it was cancelled due to the refit taking longer than originally planned. Re Christmas, it's definitely earlier everywhere as my birthday is mid November and until recently there was nothing Christmassy about - now there is and a couple of places locally opened their Santa's grottos on my birthday this year!
  13. Perhaps it's becase it's an overnight in Amsterdam? When we were overnight the MDR was very quiet - lots of people were off the ship!
  14. They are on the group ‘P&0 Britannia chat’ there are quite a few photos but you have have to scroll quite a long way down the page now!
  15. If any of you are on Facebook some pictures have been posted of the new canopies - I’m afraid most people weren’t happy with them.
  16. Ah unfortunate. We must have been lucky!
  17. Re quiet spaces, we found it nice in the library in the day, overlooking the prom deck.
  18. The market cafe looks a lot better. Thanks for posting.
  19. That’s a shame, the beef wellington I had on Britannia and Ventura and it was very good. This was in the MDR on a formal night.
  20. Marco Pierre White’s beef wellington on formal night is lovely!
  21. I had the email a couple of days ago - it’s just for my mini cruise in April, not my longer one in October. Can’t see much as excursions aren’t ready yet. It did state my dining though. My peninsular status is there and correct.
  22. P&O SUE


    Someone I work with went to Barcelona last weekend (not on a cruise) and she said she hardly saw anything!
  23. Quite a lot of people dress up virtually every night so you could if you want to! Although whether they will on Iona remains to be seen.
  24. I find wedge heels are more stable though I find I’m going lower and lower with heels nowadays!
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